ABBL Digun Loan

AB Bank Limited introduces a SME loan scheme, namely ABBL Digun Loan, which is such a loan facility of maximum BDT 1,00,00,000 for double amount of loan against value of the savings instrument to meet any type of business requirement.

Double amount of loan against value of the savings instrument (ABBL FDR, DDS) to meet any type of business requirement.

Through EMI/ Lump sum.

Deposit Instrument will not be released before adjustment of the loan.

Loan Amount
From BDT 10,00,000 to BDT 5,00,00,000.

Maximum three years.

Security and/or Collateral
- Hypothecation of stock and/ or receivables.
- Lien of savings instrument (ABBL FDR, DDS) covering minimum 50% of loan size.
- PG of the spouse of the borrower.
- One 3rd party guarantee.

For detail, please contact any branch of ABBL near to you during working hours.

Click to download SME Loan Application Form here.

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About AB Bank Limited

Introducing Bangladesh to its very first private sector bank; AB Bank Limited was incorporated in 31st December, 1981. Arab Bangladesh Bank as formerly known started its effective operation from 12th April, 1982 with the mission to be the best performing bank of the country. With an ambition to secure its place as the leading service provider, creating lasting value for its clientele, shareholder, and employees and particularly for the community it operates in, AB has formulated a golden heritage and an envious legacy that may not be imitated by many. The bank opened its very first branch at Karwan Bazar on 12th April 1982 and now has a successful footprint of 100 branches including one overseas branch in Mumbai, India and 263 ATMs spread across the country as on 31st December 2014; it has associated 6 subsidiary companies including one exchange company in UK, Off-shore Banking Unit and Custodial services with its core banking activities. The Bank opened its Representative Office at Yangon, Myanmar and at London, UK for extending its foreign operations.

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