Mudaraba Special Savings (Pension) Account (MSSA)

Mudaraba Special Savings (Pension) Account of 5 year or 10 years term may be opened for monthly deposits of any amounts. After maturity of the account, the account holder will be paid his deposited amount with profit earned at a time or on installment basis. The parents or legal guardians shall be allowed to open this account jointly with a minor.

Monthly Deposits
- BDT 100.00
- BDT 200.00
- BDT 300.00
- BDT 400.00
- BDT 500.00
- BDT 600.00
- BDT 700.00
- BDT 800.00
- BDT 900.00
- BDT 1000.00
- and Multiple of thousand up to BDT 20,000.00.

Required Documents
- Complete account opening form.
- 2 copies passport size photographs of account holder duly attested by introducer.
- 1 copy photograph of nominee duly attested by the account holder.
- Identification proof like National ID Card/ Passport/ Chairman certificate.
- 1 set photocopy of National ID Card/ Passport/ Chairman certificate.
- Signature of Introducer.
- Minimum deposit of BDT 100.00.

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About Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited

Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited is a Joint Venture Public Limited Company engaged in commercial banking business based on Islamic Shari'ah with 63.09% foreign shareholding having largest branch network of total 294 Branches among the private sector Banks in Bangladesh. It was established on the 13th March 1983 as the first Islamic Bank in the South East Asia. The mission of the bank is to establish Islamic Banking through the introduction of a welfare oriented banking system and also ensure equity and justice in the field of all economic activities, achieve balanced growth and equitable development in through diversified investment operations particularly in the priority sectors and less developed areas of the country. To encourage socio-economic upliftment and financial services to the loss-income community particularly in the rural areas.


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