Rupali Bank Branch Listings

There are total 570 branches of Rupali Bank Limited situated in 64 districts in Bangladesh. You may browse the branches by districts or pick your nearby branch directly from the list below. Following table of all Rupali Bank branches will help you to have any particular branch address with location, telephone number, routing number, SWIFT code and other related information. Clicking any district names will provide you another list of branches in that particular district and so on any branch names will show you total branch information directly. We have arranged the list firstly by district names and secondly by branch names alphabetically.

Branches by Districts

All Branches by Names

Branch NameDistrictAddress
Bagerhat Bagerhat Bagerhat Sadar, Bagerhat
Baraikhali Bagerhat Baraikhali, Bagerhat
Betaga Bazar Bagerhat Betaga Bazar, Bagerhat
Fakirhat Bagerhat Fakirhat, Bagerhat
Kachua Bazar Bagerhat Kachua Bazar, Bagerhat
Mansa Bazar Bagerhat Mansa Bazar, Bagerhat
Mollahat Bagerhat Mollahat, Bagerhat
Mongla Port Bagerhat Mongla Port, Bagerhat
Nager Bazar Bagerhat Nager Bazar, Bagerhat
Bandarban Bandarban Bandarban Sadar, Bandarban
Amtali Barguna Amtali, Barguna
Barguna Barguna Barguna Sadar, Barguna
Betagi Barguna Betagi, Barguna
Patharghata Barguna Patharghata, Barguna
Agarpur Barishal Agarpur, Babuganj, Barisal
Bakerganj Barishal Bakerganj, Barisal
Bazar Road Barishal Bazar Road, Barisal
Bhawanipur Barishal Bhawanipur, Barisal
Central Bus Terminal Barishal Central Bus Terminal, Barisal
Hemayetuddin Road Barishal Hemayetuddin Road, Barisal
Kawria Bazar Barishal Kawria Bazar, Hizla, Barisal
Mehendiganj Barishal Mehendiganj, Barisal
Muladi Port Barishal Mina Medical Hall, Holding No 90, Modhya Bazar, Muladi, Barisal
Rahmatpur Barishal Rahmatpur, Barisal
Sadar Road Barishal Sadar Road, Barisal
Sagardi Bazar Barishal Sagardi Bazar, Barisal
Shikarpur Barishal Shikarpur, Uzirpur, Barisal
Bangla Bazar Bhola Bangla Bazar, Bhola
Bhola Bhola Bhola Sadar, Bhola
Doulatkhan Bhola Doulatkhan, Bhola
Ilisha Junction Bazar Bhola Seam Plaza, Paranganj Bazar,Sadar, Bhola
Jinnahgarh Bhola Jinnahgarh, Bhola
Kunjerhat Bhola Kunjer Hat, Borhanuddin, Bhola
Kutba Bhola Kutba, Borhanuddin, Bhola
Lalmohan Bhola Lalmohan, Bhola
Mahajanpatty Bhola Mahajanpatty, Sadar, Bhola
Tazumuddin Bhola Tazumuddin, Bhola
Altafnagar Bogura Altafnagar, Bogra
Bhairpukur Bogura Bhairpukur, Shibganj, Bogra
Bogra Contonment Bogura Bogra Contonment, Bogra
Bogra Ladies Bogura Bogra Sadar, Bogra
Bus Stand Bogura Bus Stand, Bogra
Colony Bazar Bogura Colony Bazar, Bogra
Dhunat Bogura Dhunat, Bogra
Dhupchanchia Bogura Dhupchanchia, Bogra
Gabtali Bogura Gabtali, Bogra
Golabari Bogura Golabari, Bogra
Goshaibari Bogura Goshaibari, Bogra
Hatfulbari Bogura Hatfulbari, Bogra
Jahangirabad Cantonment Bogura Jahangirabad Cantonment, Bogra
Kahaloo Bogura Kahaloo, Bogra
Kichak Bogura Kichak, Shibganj, Bogra
Mahasthan Bogura Mahasthan, Bogra
Mokamtola Bogura Mokamtola, Shibganj, Bogra
Namajgarh Bogura Namajgarh, Shantahar Road, Bogra
Shahekpara Bogura Shahekpara, Bogra
Shibganj Bogura Shibganj, Bogra
Sukhanpukur Bogura Sukhanpukur, Gabtali, Bogra
Thana Road Bogura Thana Road, Bogra
TMSS Bogura Thengamara Mohila Sabuj Sangha, Bogra
Ashuganj Brahmanbaria Ashuganj, Brahmanbaria
Brahmanbaria Brahmanbaria Brahmanbaria Sadar, Brahmanbaria
Nabinagar Brahmanbaria Nabinagar, Brahmanbaria
Zakir Ahmed College Brahmanbaria Barrister Zakir Ahmed College, Laur Fatehpur, Nabinagar, Brahmanbaria
Baburhat Bazar Chandpur Baburhat Bazar, Puran Bazar, Chandpur
Birampur Bazar Chandpur Birampur Bazar, Faridganj Chandpur
Chitoshi Bazar Chandpur Chitoshi Bazar, Chandpur
Daulatganj Bazar Chandpur Daulatganj Bazar, Chandpur
Hajiganj Chandpur Hajiganj, Chandpur
Kachua Chandpur Kachua, Chandpur
Natun Bazar Chandpur Natun Bazar, Chandpur
Nazirpara Chandpur Nazirpara, Chandpur
Rampur Bazar Chandpur Rampura Bazar, Chandpur
Shahtali Bazar Chandpur Shahtali Bazar, Chandpur
Sosayerchar Chandpur Sosayerchar, Faridganj, Chandpur
Baliadanga Chapai Nawabganj Baliadanga, Chapai Nawabganj
Bholahat Chapai Nawabganj Bholahat, Chapai Nawabganj
Chapai Nawabganj Chapai Nawabganj Chapai Nawabganj Sadar, Chapai Nawabganj
Namasankarbati Chapai Nawabganj Namasankarbati, Chapai Nawabganj
Rohanpur Chapai Nawabganj Rohanpur, Chapai Nawabganj
Abu Torab Bazar Chattogram KDS Bhaban, Abu Torab Bazar, Mirsarai, Chittagong
Agrabad Chattogram Agrabad, Chittagong
Amir Market Chattogram Amir Market, Rangunia Hwy, Noapara, Chittagong
Anwara Chattogram Anwara, Chittagong
Bakshirhat Chattogram Bakshirhat, Chittagong
Bibirhat Chattogram Bibirhat, Fatikchhari, Chittagong
Chaitanyagali Chattogram Chaitanyagali, Chittagong
Chaktai Chattogram Chaktai, Chittagong
Chandgaon Chattogram Chandgaon, Chittagong
Chawkbazar Chattogram Chawk Bazar, Chittagong
Chittagong Ladies Chattogram Chittagong Sadar, Chittagong
Chittagong New Market Chattogram 34 DM Market, HSS Road, Kotwali, Chittagong
Commercial Area Chattogram Commercial Area, Chittagong
Dewan Bazar Chattogram Dewan Bazar, Chittagong
Dhanialapara Chattogram Dhanialapara, Chittagong 4000
Enayetpur Chattogram Enayetpur, Chittagong
Gomdandi Chattogram Gomdandi, Boalkhali, Chittagong
Gorchi Chattogram Gorchi, Rawzan, Chittagong
Iqbal Road Chattogram Iqbal Road, Chittagong
Jahan Building Chattogram Jahan Building, Agrabad Commercial Area, Chittagong
Jubilee Road Chattogram Jubilee Road, Chittagong
Kalurghat Chattogram Kalurghat, Chittagong
Keranihat Chattogram Keranihat, Satkania, Chittagong
Khans Hat Chattogram Khan's Hat, Chandanaish, Chittagong
Khatunganj Chattogram 254 Sonamiah Market, Khatunganj,Chittagong
Korbaniganj Chattogram Korbanigang, Terribazar, Chittagong
Lichubagan Bazar Chattogram Lichubagan Bazar, Chittagong 4000
Madhya Bazar Chattogram Madhya Bazar, Chandina, Comilla
Nazirhat Chattogram Farid & Talukdar Building, Nazirhat, Fatikchhari, Chittagong
Nuralibari Chattogram Nuralibari, Hathazari, Chittagong
Omar Ali Market Chattogram Omar Ali Market, Ashraf Ali Road, Chittagong 4000
OR Nizam Road Chattogram OR Nizam Road, 15 Bagh Monirampur, Chittagong
Pahartali Chattogram Pahartali, Chittagong
Panchlaish Chattogram Panchlaish, Chittagong
Patherhat Chattogram Pather Hat, Chittagong
Patiya Chattogram Patiya, Chittagong
Raozan Chattogram Raozan, Chittagong
Rupali Sadan Chattogram Rupali Sadan, Chittagong
Sadarghat Chattogram Sadarghat, Chittagong
Sagarika Road Chattogram Sagarika Road, Chittagong
Saltgola Chattogram Hazi Nur Hossain Plaza, Ishan Mistry Hat, Salt Gola, Bandar, Chittagong
Shakpura Chowmuhani Chattogram Shakpura Chowmuhani, Boalkhali, Chittagong
Shantirhat Chattogram Mir Market, Mahajanhat, Mirsarai, Chitagong
Station Road Chattogram Station Road, Chittagong
Strand Road Chattogram Strand Road, Chittagong
Terri Bazar Chattogram Terri Bazar, Chittagong
Urkirchar Chattogram Urkirchar, Raozan, Chittagong
Alamdanga Chuadanga Alamdanga, Chuadanga
Chuadanga Chuadanga Chuadanga Sadar, Chuadanga
Damurhuda Chuadanga Damurhuda, Chuadanga
Mominpur Chuadanga Mominpur, Chuadanga
Bazarghata Cox's Bazar Bazarghata, Cox's Bazar
Cheringa Cox's Bazar Cheringa, Cox's Bazar
Court Bazar Cox's Bazar Court Bazar, Cox's Bazar
Eidgah Cox's Bazar Eidgah, Cox's Bazar
Ramu Cox's Bazar Ramu, Cox's Bazar
Rupali Sadan Cox's Bazar Rupali Sadan, Cox's Bazar
Bagmara Bazar Cumilla Bagmara Bazar, Comilla
Barera Bazar Cumilla Barera Bazar, Chandina, Comilla
Bipulasar Cumilla Bipulasar, Laksam, Comilla
Buschi Bazar Cumilla Buschi Bazar, Comilla
Chowara Bazar Cumilla Chowara Bazar, Comilla
Comilla Cantonment Cumilla Comilla Cantonment, Comilla
Companiganj Cumilla Companiganj, Muradnagar, Comilla
Gangchar Timber Market Cumilla Gangchar Timber Market, Comilla
Gazirhat Cumilla Gazirhat, Comilla
Mahamaya Bazar Cumilla Mahamaya Bazar, Comilla
Mainamati Bazar Cumilla Mainamati Bazar, Comilla
Manoharganj Cumilla Manoharganj, Comilla
Manoharpur Cumilla Manoharpur, Comilla
Mudaffarganj Cumilla Mudaffarganj, Comilla
Rajganj Cumilla Rajganj, Comilla Sadar, Comilla
Adabor Dhaka Holding No. 19, B/2-C&19, B/2-D, Ring Road, Adabor, Mohammadpur, Dhaka 1207
Badamtali Dhaka 1 PK Ray Lane, Islampur Road, Kotwali, Dhaka 1100
Bandura Dhaka Tokyo Mension, Hasnabad, Nawabganj, Dhaka 1321
Bangabandhu Avenue Dhaka 37 Bangabandhu Avenue, Ramna, Dhaka 1000
Bangshal Road Dhaka 169 Bangshal Road, Dhaka 1000
Chawkbazar Dhaka 336-337 Chawkbazar, Lalbagh, Dhaka 1211
Chowdhurypara Dhaka 579/C Khilgoan, Dhaka 1219
Dhaka Cantonment Dhaka 30/10-A Dhaka Cantonment, Dhaka 1206
Dhaka Ladies Dhaka Balaka Bhaban, 3 Mirpur Road, Dhaka 1205
Dhaka New Market Dhaka 307-310 New Market, Dhaka 1205
Dhanmondi Dhaka House No. 40/2, Road 14/A, Satmasjid Road, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka 1209
Fakirapool Bazar Dhaka 119/C Fakirapool, Dhaka 1000
Farmgate Dhaka Shajeeda Mansion, Green Road, Dhaka 1215
Foreign Exchange Dhaka Foreign Exchange, Dhaka
Gabtali Hat Dhaka Almas Mansion, 282/1 1st Colony, Majar Road, Mirpur 1, Dhaka 1218
Gandaria Dhaka 87 Keshab Banerjee Road, Sutrapur, Dhaka 1204
Gulshan Dhaka 34 Gulshan, Road 46, Gulshan 2, Dhaka 1212
Hatirpool Dhaka House No. 13/1, 34 Bir Uttam C R Datta Road, Sahabag, Dhaka 1205
Hatkhola Dhaka 7 Hatkhola Road, TikaTuli, Dhaka 1203
Hazaribagh Dhaka 59 Monessor Road, Zigatala, Dhaka 1209
Head Office Dhaka 34 Dilkusha Commercial Area, Dhaka 1000
Imamganj Dhaka 46 Imamganj, Posta, Lalbagh, Dhaka 1211
Indira Road Dhaka 27 Indira Road, Firmgate, Tejgoan, Dhaka 1215
Islampur Road Dhaka Mabud Mansion, 105 Islampur Road, Dhaka 1100
Johnson Road Dhaka 51 North Brooke Hall Road, Sutrapur, Dhaka 1100
Kaptan Bazar Dhaka 21 Kaptan Bazar, Dhaka 1203
Kushura Dhaka Kushura Abbas Ali High School, Tepo Bari, Dhamrai, Dhaka 1350
Local Office Dhaka Rupali Bhaban, 34 Dilkusha Commercial Area, Dhaka 1000
Mahmud Mansion Dhaka Mahmud Mansion, 27 Mirpur Road, Dhaka 1205
Malibagh Dhaka 477 DIT Road, Malibagh, Dhaka 1217
Mirpur Dhaka Foiz Mension, 6/A Block B, Section 1, Mirpur, Dhaka 1216
Mitford Road Dhaka 94 Chawk Mughaltuly, Lalbagh, Dhaka
Moghbazar Dhaka 115 Shahid Tajuddin Sarani, Dhaka 1215
Mohakhali Dhaka Bibir Plaza, 103 Mohakhali R/A, Dhaka 1213
Mohammadpur Dhaka 54C Asad Avenue, Mohammadpur, Dhaka 1207
Mohammadpur Ladies Dhaka Khudeza Hermat Trust, 2 Commercial Plot, Mohammadpur Housing, Dhaka 1207
Motijheel Dhaka Motijheel, Dhaka 1000
Moulvibazar Dhaka 16 Mokim Katra, Moulvibazar, Lalbagh, Dhaka 1100
Mugdapara Dhaka 45/1-H North Mugdapara, Dhaka 1214
Muksudpur Dhaka Muksudpur, Dohar, Dhaka 1330
Nawabganj Dhaka 44 Nawabganj Road, Posta, Lalbagh, Dhaka 1211
Nawabpur Road Dhaka Imperial Super Market,104-106 Nawabpur Road, Dhaka 1203
Naya Paltan Dhaka 69 Naya Paltan, Dhaka 1000
Nayatola Dhaka Hazi Tower, 395 Modhubagh, Moghbazer, Dhaka 1217
New Elephant Road Dhaka 238 New Elephant Road, Dhaka 1205
Nikunja Dhaka Nikunja, Khilkhet, Dhaka
North South Road Dhaka Kamru Mansion, 137 Hazi Osman Gani Road, Dhaka 1000
Pallabi Dhaka Plot 34, Main Road 3, Block D, Section 11, Pallabi, Dhaka 1216
Patuatuly Dhaka 41 Patuatuly Road, Kotwali, Dhaka 1100
Postagola Dhaka 38 DIT Shilpa Area, Postagola, Dhaka 1204
Purana Paltan Dhaka Purana Paltan, Dhaka
Rajarbagh Dhaka 872 Outer Circular Road, South Shahjahanpur, Dhaka 1217
Ramna Dhaka Ramna, Dhaka
Rampura Dhaka 5/1 West Rampura, DIT Road, Dhaka 1219
Rathkhola Dhaka 36 Nawabpur Road, Sutrapur, Dhaka 1100
Rokeya Sarani Dhaka Rokeya Sarani, Dhaka
Rupali Sadan Dhaka Rupali Sadan, Motijheel, Dhaka
Sadarghat Dhaka 77 Patuatuli Road, Kotwali, Dhaka 1100
Savar Dhaka Bilash Cinema Hall, B/22 Bazar Road, Savar, Dhaka 1343
Savar Cantonment Dhaka Bhai Bhai Super Market, Dendabor, Savar Cantonment, Dhaka 1343
Shikaripara Dhaka Shikari Para, Nawabganj, Dhaka 1320
Shyambazar Dhaka 5 Farashganj Road, Lalkuti Shyambazar, Sutrapur, Dhaka 1100
Shyamoli Dhaka Shyamoli Sinema Hall Bhaban, 1 Khilji Road, Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, Mohammadpur, Dhaka 1207
TCB Bhaban Dhaka T.C.B. Bhaban, Karwan Bazar, Dhaka
Totail Dhaka Old Totail, Daudpur, Nawabganj, Dhaka 1322
Urdu Road Dhaka 39 Urdu Road, Lalbagh, Dhaka 1100
Uttara Model Town Dhaka Nawab Habibullah Ideal High School Bhaban, Plot No. 2, Shahjalal Avenue, Sector 4, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka
Uttarkhan Dhaka Trim Tower, 169/A-1 Helal Market, Uttar Khan, Uttara, Dhaka 1230
Yousuf Market Dhaka 30/5 Zindabahar 1st Lane, Nayabazar, Dhaka 1100
Zinzira Dhaka Chunkutia, Modhhapara, Shuvadda, South Keraniganj, Dhaka 1310
Biral Dinajpur Biral, Dinajpur
Birampur Dinajpur Birampur, Dinajpur
Birganj Dinajpur Birganj, Dinajpur
Chehelgazi Dinajpur Chehel Gazi, Dinajpur
Dawoodpur Dinajpur Dawoodpur, Dinajpur
Dinajpur Ladies Dinajpur Dinajpur Sadar, Dinajpur
HSTU Dinajpur Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science & Technology University, Dinajpur 5200
Kabirajhat Dinajpur Kabirajhat, Dinajpur
Maldapatty Dinajpur Maldapatty, Dinajpur
Nimtala Dinajpur Nimtala, Dinajpur
Ranirbandar Dinajpur Ranirbandar, Dinajpur
Shikderhat Dinajpur Shikderhat, Dinajpur
Alfadanga Faridpur Alfadanga, Faridpur
Badarpur Faridpur Badarpur, Faridpur
Baitul Mukaddam Mosque Faridpur Shariyat Ullah Bazar Road, Kotwali, Faridpur
Boalmari Bazar Faridpur Gunbaha, Boalmari Bazar, Faridpur
Char Hajiganj Faridpur Char Hajiganj, Faridpur
Faridpur Faridpur Faridpur Sadar, Faridpur
Amiruddin Munshirhat Feni Amiruddin Munshirhat, Feni
Darbesherhat Feni Darbesher Hat, Daganbhuiyan, Feni
Dhalia Bazar Feni Dhalia Bazar, Feni
Fazilpur Feni Fazilpur, Feni
Feni Feni Feni Sadar, Feni
Islampur Road Feni Islampur Road, Feni
Krishna Mazumderhat Feni Krishna Mazumderhat, Feni
Kutirhat Feni Kutirhat, Sonagazi, Feni
Motiganj Feni Motiganj, Sonagazi, Feni 3931
New Ranirhat Feni New Ranir Hat, Kazirbag, Feni
Sarishadi Bazar Feni Sarishadi Bazar, Feni
Badiakhali Gaibandha Badiakhali, Gaibandha
Dhaperhat Gaibandha Dhaperhat, Gaibandha
Gaibandha Gaibandha Gaibandha Sadar, Gaibandha
Bashair Bazar Gazipur Bashair Bazar, Kaliganj, Gazipur
Joydebpur Gazipur Hossain Shoping Complex, Joydebpur, Gagipur 1700
Tongi Gazipur Jalil Market, Bata Gate, Monnunagar, Tongi, Gajipur 1710
Ghagar Bazar Gopalganj Kotalipara, Gopalganj
Gopalganj Gopalganj Gopalganj Sadar, Gopalganj
Joynagar Gopalganj Joynagar, Gopalganj
Rahuthar Bazar Gopalganj Rahuthar Bazar, Muksudpur, Gopalganj
Ramdia Gopalganj Ramdia, Kashiani, Gopalganj
Tungipara Gopalganj Tungipara, Gopalganj
Aushkandi Habiganj Aushkandi, Nabiganj, Habiganj
Enayetganj Habiganj Enayetganj, Nabiganj, Habiganj
Habiganj Habiganj Habiganj Sadar, Habiganj
Madhabpur Habiganj Madhabpur, Habiganj
Aram Nagar Jamalpur Aram Nagar, Sarishabari, Jamalpur
Boira Bazar Jamalpur Boira Bazar, Sarishabari, Jamalpur
Dharmakura Bazar Jamalpur Dharmakura Bazar, Jamalpur
Dhurmut Bazar Jamalpur Dhurmut Bazar, Jamalpur
Jamalpur Jamalpur Jamalpur Sadar, Jamalpur
Jamuna Sar Karkhana Jamalpur Jamuna Sar Karkhana, Jamalpur
Koyra Bazar Jamalpur Koyra Bazar, Madarganj, Jamalpur
Melandah Jamalpur Melandah, Jamalpur
Sarishabari Jamalpur Sarishabari, Jamalpur
Baghanchra Jessore Bagh Anchra Bazar, Sharsha, Jessore
Chaulia Bus Stand Jessore Chaulia Bus Stand, Jessore
Khajura Jessore Khajura, Jessore
Mistrikhana Road Jessore Mistrikhana Road, Jessore
Monirampur Jessore Monirampur, Jessore
Navaron Jessore Navaron, Jessore
Pajia Bazar Jessore Pajia Bazar, Jessore
Raipur Bazar Jessore Raipur Bazar, Jessore
SMR Road Jessore H M M Road, Jessore
Jhalakati Jhalakati Jhalakati Sadar, Jhalakati
Kathalia Jhalakati Newmarket, Kathalia Bus Stand, Jhalakati 8400
Putiakhali Bandar Jhalakati Putiakhali Bandar, Jhalakati
Hat Khalishpur Jhenaidah Hat Khalishpur, Jhinaidah
Jhenaidah Jhenaidah Jhenaidah Sadar, Jhenaidah
Kaliganj Jhenaidah Rafa Plaza, Modhuganj Bazar Road, Kaliganj, Jhenaidah
Kotchandpur Jhenaidah Kotchandpur, Jhenaidah
Safderpur Jhenaidah Safderpur, Kotchandpur, Jhenaidah
Shailkupa Jhenaidah Madina Super Market, Thana Road, Shailkupa, Jhenaidah
Akkelpur Joypurhat Akkelpur, Joypurhat
Gopinathpur Joypurhat Gopinathpur, Joypurhat
Joypurhat Joypurhat Joypurhat Sadar, Joypurhat
Khetlal Joypurhat Khetlal, Joypurhat
Molamgarihat Joypurhat Molamgarihat, Joypurhat
Sonamukhi Joypurhat Sonamukhi, Akkelpur, Joypurhat
Ramgarh Khagrachhari Chapai Market, 365 Main Road, Ramgarh, Khagrachari
Bara Bazar Khulna Bara Bazar, Khulna
Batiaghata Khulna Batiaghata, Khulna
Chalna Bazar Khulna Chalna Bazar, Khulna
Daulatpur Khulna Daulatpur, Khulna
Garaikhali Hat Khulna Garaikhali Hat, Khulna
IWTA Khulna I.W.T.A. Terminal, Khulna
KDA New Market Khulna KDA New Market, Khulna
Khalishpur Khulna Khalishpur, Khulna
Natun Bazar Khulna Natun Bazar, Khulna
Paikgachha Khulna Paikgachha, Khulna
Phultala Khulna Phultala, Khulna
Rajapur Khulna Rajapur, Khulna
Rupali Sadan Khulna Khulna K D Ghose Road, Khulna
Shams Building Khulna Shams Building, Khulna
Bajitpur Kishoreganj AB Siddique Tower, Holding No. 457, Haji Elias Road, Bajitpur, Kishoreganj
Bhairab Bazar Kishoreganj Bhairab Bazar, Kishoreganj
Kishoreganj Kishoreganj Kishoreganj Sadar, Kishoreganj
Nilganj Kishoreganj Nilganj, Kishoreganj Sadar, Kishoreganj
Patuavanga Kishoreganj Patuavanga, Pakundia, Kishoreganj
Kurigram Kurigram Kurigram Sadar, Kurigram
Bheramara Kushtia Bheramara, Kushtia
Hossainabad Kushtia Hossainabad, Kushtia
Kurmarkhali Kushtia Kurmarkhali, Kustia
Kushtia Kushtia Kushtia Sadar, Kushtia
Moshan Kushtia Shelaidah, Kumarkhali, Kushtia
Swastipur Kushtia Swastipur, Kushtia Sadar, Kushtia
Balua Chowmuhani Lakshmipur Balua Chowmuhani, Ramganj, Lakshmipur
Bibirhat Lakshmipur Bibirhat, Ramgati, Lakshmipur
Dalta Bazar Lakshmipur Dalta Bazar, Lakshmipur
Dattapara Lakshmipur Dattapara,Lakshmipur
Karaiya Bazar Lakshmipur Karaiya Bazar, Lakshmipur
Lakshmipur Lakshmipur Lakshmipur Sadar, Lakshmipur
Mandari Bazar Lakshmipur Mandari Bazar, Lakshmipur
Poddar Bazar Lakshmipur Poddar Bazar, Lakshmipur
Ramgati Bazar Lakshmipur Ramgati Bazar, Lakshmipur
Sonapur Lakshmipur Sonapur, Ramganj, Lakshmipur
Aditmari Lalmonirhat Aditmari, Lalmonirhat
Barakhata Lalmonirhat Barakhata, Lalmonirhat
Chamtahat Lalmonirhat Chamtahat, Kaliganj, Lalmonirhat
Lalmonirhat Lalmonirhat Lalmonirhat Sadar, Lalmonirhat
Patgram Lalmonirhat Patgram, Lalmonirhat
Madaripur Madaripur Madaripur Sadar, Madaripur
Shibchar Madaripur Paurasabha Bhavan, Shibchar, Madaripur
Magura Magura Magura Sadar, Magura
Baira Bazar Manikganj Baira Bazar, Baira, Manikganj
Daulatpur Bazar Manikganj Daulatpur Bazar, Manikganj
Dhankura Manikganj Bibijan Halima Rashid Super Market, Kamta Golra Bus Stand, Saturia, Manikganj
Ghior Manikganj Ghior, Manikganj
Jhitka Bazar Manikganj Jhitka, Harirampur, Manikganj 1831
Manikganj Manikganj Bazar Road, Manikganj 1800
Saturia Manikganj Saturia Bazar, Manikganj 1800
Majibnagar Meherpur Majib Nagar, Meherpur
Meherpur Meherpur Meherpur Sadar, Meherpur
Azimganj Moulvibazar Azimganj, Moulvibazar
Chandnighat Moulvibazar Chandnighat, Moulvibazar
Chowmohana Moulvibazar Chowmohana, Moulvibazar
Gobindapur Bazar Moulvibazar Gobindapur Bazar, Moulvibazar
Kalar Bazar Moulvibazar Kalar Bazar, Moulvibazar
Keramatnagar Moulvibazar Keramatnagar, Moulvibazar
Kulaura Moulvibazar Kulaura, Moulvibazar
Market Moulvibazar Market, Moulvibazar
Natun Bazar Moulvibazar Natun Bazar, Sreemangal, Moulvibazar
Shamrar Bazar Moulvibazar Shamrar Bazar, Moulvibazar
Sherpur Bazar Moulvibazar Sherpur Bazar, Moulvibazar
Sreemangal Moulvibazar Sreemangal, Moulvibazar
Tengrabazar Moulvibazar Tengra Bazar, Rajnagar, Moulvibazar
Binodpur Munshiganj Binodpur, Munshiganj
Louhajong Munshiganj Lohajang, Munshiganj
Mirkadim Munshiganj Mirkadim, Munshiganj
Munshiganj Munshiganj Munshiganj Sadar, Munshiganj
Nawapara Munshiganj Amin Complex, Nawapara Bazar, Nawapara, Louhajang, Munshiganj
Balipara Mymensingh Balipara, Trishal, Mymensingh
Chhoto Bazar Mymensingh Chhoto Bazar, Mymensingh
CK Ghosh Mymensingh C K Ghosh, Mymensingh
Dapunia Bazar Mymensingh Dapunia Bazar, Mymensingh
Dhara Bazar Mymensingh Dhara Bazar, Mymensingh
Fatemanagar Mymensingh Fatema Nagar, Mymensingh
Fulbaria Mymensingh Fulbaria, Mymensingh
Gafargaon Mymensingh Motalab Plaza, Gafargaon, Mymensingh
Ishwarganj Mymensingh Ishwarganj, Mymensingh
Khagdahar Bazar Mymensingh Khagdahar Bazar, Mymensingh
Mallikbari Mymensingh Mallikbari, Mymensingh
Muktagachha Mymensingh Muktagachha, Mymensingh
Nandail Mymensingh Hazi Kais Uddin Market, Nandail, Mymensingh
Porabari Mymensingh Porabari Bazar, Khagatipara, Trishal, Mymensingh
Rayerbazar Mymensingh Rayer Bazar, Atharabari, Ishwarganj, Mymensingh
Thana Ghat Mymensingh 43 Thana Ghat Congress, Jubilee Road, Mymensingh
Trishal Mymensingh Trishal, Mymensingh
Badalgachhi Naogaon Badalgachhi, Noagoan
Hospital Road Naogaon Hospital Road, Noagoan
Niamatpur Naogaon Niamatpur, Noagaon
Sadar Road Naogaon Sadar Road, Naogaon
Lohagara Narail Lohagara, Narail
Narail Narail Narail Sadar, Narail
Araihazar Narayanganj Bhuiyan Plaza, Araihazar, Narayanganj
Bangabandhu Road Narayanganj 6 SS Road, Chamber Road, Narayanganj 1400
Banglabazar Narayanganj Banglabaar, Fatulla, Narayanganj 1420
Bhulta Narayanganj Vulta, Rupganj, Narayanganj
Fatulla Narayanganj Fatullah Bazar, Narayanganj 1421
Kanainagar Narayanganj Kanai Nagar, Narayanganj
Netaiganj Narayanganj Shah Suja Road, Netaiganj, Narayanganj
SK Road Narayanganj Shaista Khan Road, Narayanganj
Tanbazar Narayanganj 27 S.M. Malleh Road, Tanbazar, Narayangonj 1400
Baburhat Narsingdi Baburhat, Madhabdi, Narsingdi 1604
Narsingdi Narsingdi Narsingdi Sadar, Narsingdi
Palash Narsingdi Mujib Market, Holding No. 25, Sar Karkhana Road, Ghorashal, Palash, Narsingdi
Abdulpur Natore Abdulpur, Natore
Kadirabad Cantonment Natore Kadirabad Cantonment, Dayarampur, Natore
Naldangarhat Natore Naldangarhat, Natore
Natore Natore Natore Sadar, Natore
Nichabazar Natore Nicha Bazar, Natore
Singra Natore Singra, Natore
Tamaltala Bazar Natore Tamaltala Bazar, Bagatipara, Natore
Kendua Netrokona Kendua, Netrokona
Netrokona Netrokona Netrokona Sadar, Netrokona
Rayal Bare Netrokona Rayal Bare, Netrokona
Shyamganj Netrokona Shyamganj, Netrokona
Baraibari Nilphamari Baraibari, Nilphamari
Dalia Nilphamari Tista barrage, Dalia, Nilphamari
Dimla Nilphamari Dimla, Nilphamari
Kishoriganj Nilphamari Kishoriganj, Nilphamari
Nilphamari Nilphamari Nilphamari Sadar, Nilphamari
Saidpur Nilphamari Saidpur, Nilphamari
Amishapara Noakhali Amishapara, Sonaimuri, Noakhali
Bangla Bazar Noakhali Bangla Bazar, Companiganj, Noakhali
Banglabazar Noakhali Bangla Bazar, Begumganj, Noakhali
Basurhat Noakhali Basurhat, Companiganj, Noakhali
Chatkhil Noakhali Chatkhil, Noakhali
Chowmuhani Noakhali Chowmuhani, Noakhali
Deliyai Bazar Noakhali Deliyai Bazar, Chatkhil, Noakhali 3708
Eklashpur Noakhali Eklashpur, Begumganj, Noakhali
Golabaria Noakhali Golabaria, Chowmuhani, Begumganj, Noakhali
Kabirhat Noakhali Kabirhat, Noakhali
Karambox Bazar Noakhali Karambox Bazar, Noakhali 3820
Karihati Bazar Noakhali Karihati Bazar, Chatkhil, Noakhali
Maijdee Court Noakhali Maijdee Court, Noakhali
Miarhat Noakhali Bijbag, Miarhat, Senbag, Noakhali
Palla Bazar Noakhali Palla Bazar, Chatkhil, Noakhali
Pourasava Market Noakhali Pourashava Market, Noakhali
Rajganj Bazar Noakhali Rajganj Bazar, Begumganj, Noakhali
Talmohammad Hat Noakhali Tal Mohammad Hat, Companiganj, Noakhali
Ataikula Pabna Mokarrom Market, Ataikula Bazar, Santia, Pabna
Autapara Pabna Autapara, Ishwardi, Pabna
Banagram Pabna Banagram, Pabna
Banawari Nagar Pabna Banawari Nagar, Faridpur, Pabna 6650
Bera Pabna Bera, Pabna
Debottar Pabna Debottar, Pabna
Dogachi Pabna Dogachi, Pabna
Gopalpur Pabna Gopalpur, Pabna
Ishwardi Pabna Ishwardi, Pabna
Ishwardi EPZ Pabna Jahanara Super Market, EPZ Gate, Pakshi, Iswardi, Pabna
Mathurahat Pabna Mathurahat, Pabna
Nakalia Pabna Nakalia, Pabna
Pabna Pabna Pabna Sadar, Pabna
Pabna Cadet College Pabna Pabna Cadet College, Pabna
Santhia Pabna Santhia, Pabna
Shibpur Pabna Shibpur, Pabna
Maidandighi Panchagarh Maidandighi, Panchagarh
Panchagarh Panchagarh Panchagarh Sadar, Panchagarh
Alipur Patuakhali Alipur, Patuakhali
Baherchar Patuakhali Baherchar, Patuakhali
Dibuyapur Patuakhali Dibuyapur, Patuakhali
Galachipa Patuakhali Thana Road, Galachipa, Patuakhali
Kalisuri Bandar Patuakhali Kalisuri Bandar, Patuakhali
Khepupara Patuakhali Khepupara, Patuakhali
Krishi College Patuakhali Patuakhali Science and Technology University, Patuakhali
New Town Patuakhali New Town, Patuakhali
Patuakhali Patuakhali Patuakhali Sadar, Patuakhali
Banaripara Pirojpur Banaripara, Pirojpur
Bhandaria Pirojpur Bhandaria, Pirojpur
Hularhat Pirojpur Hularhat, Pirojpur
Inderhat Pirojpur Inderhat, Pirojpur
Kawkhali Pirojpur Kawkhali, Pirojpur
Kawrikhara Pirojpur Kawrikhara, Swarupkathi, Pirojpur
Mathbaria Pirojpur Mathbaria, Pirojpur
Pirojpur Pirojpur Pirojpur Sadar, Pirojpur
Swarupkati Pirojpur Swarupkati, Pirojpur
Zianagar Pirojpur Zianagar, Pirojpur
Bhanibaha Bazar Rajbari Bhanibaha Bazar, Rajbari
Goalanda Textile Mill Rajbari Goalanda Textile Mill, Rajbari
Pangsha Rajbari New Datta Market, Pangsha, Rajbari
Pourasava Market Rajbari Pourashava Market, Rajbari
Rajbari Rajbari Rajbari Sadar, Rajbari
Kakanhat Rajshahi Kakanhat, Rajshahi
Kazi Nazrul Islam Road Rajshahi Kazi Nazrul Islam Road, Rajshai
Lakshmipur Rajshahi Lakshmipur, Rajshahi
Rajshahi Cantonment Rajshahi Rajshahi Cantonment, Rajshahi
RUET Rajshahi RUET, Rajshahi
Shaheb Bazar Rajshahi Shaheb Bazar, Rajshahi
Tanore Rajshahi Tanore, Rajshahi
Banarupa Rangamati Banarupa, Rangamati
Rangamati Rangamati Rangamati Sadar, Rangamati
Tabalchhari Bazar Rangamati Tabalchari Bazar, Rangamati
Anandanagar Rangpur Anandanagar, Rangpur
Bhendabari Rangpur Bhendabari, Rangpur
Central Road Rangpur Central Road, Rangpur
GL Roy Road Rangpur G L Roy Road, Rangpur
Haragach Rangpur Haragach, Rangpur
Mahiganj Rangpur Mahiganj, Rangpur 5400
Railway Crossing Rangpur Railway Crossing, Rangpur
Rangpur Ladies Rangpur Rangpur Sadar, Rangpur
RK Road Rangpur R K Road, Rangpur
Taraganj Rangpur Taraganj, Rangpur
Tetultala Rangpur Tetultala, Rangpur
Budhata Bazar Satkhira Budhata, Assasuni, Satkhira
Jhaudanga Satkhira Jhaudanga, Satkhira
Kalaroa Satkhira Kalaroa, Satkhira
Nalta Mubaraknagar Satkhira Nalta Mubaraknagar, Satkhira
Nawbenky Satkhira Nawbenky, Shyamnagar, Satkhira
Satkhira Satkhira Satkhira Sadar, Satkhira
Goshairhat Shariatpur Goshairhat, Shariatpur
Shariatpur Shariatpur Shariatpur Sadar, Shariatpur
Sherpur Sherpur Sherpur Town, Sherpur
Belkuchi Sirajganj Belkuchi, Sirajganj
Betil Sirajganj Bonik Market, Betil, Enayetpur, Sirajganj
Bhagabatihat Sirajganj Bhagabatihat, Sirajganj
Boalia Sirajganj Boalia, Sirajganj
Dariapur Bazar Sirajganj Dariapur Bazar, Sirajganj
Shiyalkol Sirajganj Shiyalkol, Sirajganj
Sirajganj Sirajganj Sirajganj Sadar, Sirajganj
Bhober Bazar Sunamganj Bhober Bazar, Jagannathpur, Sunamganj
Chhatak Sunamganj Chhatak, Sunamganj
Dular Bazar Sunamganj Dular Bazar, Chattak, Sunamganj
Jagannathpur Sunamganj Jagannathpur, Sunamganj
Kenbari Bazar Sunamganj Kenbari Bazar, Sunamganj
Sunamganj Sunamganj Sunamganj Sadar, Sunamganj
Syedpur Sunamganj Syedpur, Jagannathpur, Sunamganj
Agricultural University Sylhet Agricultural University Campus, Sylhet 3100
Babur Bazar Sylhet Babur Bazar, Zakiganj, Sylhet 3190
Bandar Bazar Sylhet Bandar Bazar, Sylhet
Charkhai Bazar Sylhet Charkhai Bazar, Beanibazar, Sylhet
Dattarail Sylhet Dattarail, Sylhet
Dayamir Sylhet Dayamir, Sylhet
Habra Bazar Sylhet Habra Bazar, Sylhet
Islampur Sylhet Islampur,Shahporan, Sylhet
Kalarai Bazar Sylhet Kalarai Bazar, Osmaninagar Road, Balaganj, Sylhet
Kaliganj Sylhet Kaliganj, Zakiganj, Sylhet
Kanaighat Sylhet Kanaighat, Sylhet
Kazir Bazar Sylhet Kazir Bazar, Sylhet
Khadimpur Sylhet Khadimpur, Balaganj, Sylhet
Khalomukh Sylhet Khalomukh, South Surma, Sylhet
Kurar Bazar Sylhet Kurar Bazar, Bianibazar, Sylhet
Kurua Sylhet Kurua, Osmaninagar, Sylhet
Laldighir Par Sylhet Laldighir Par, Sylhet Sadar, Sylhet
Madar Bazar Sylhet Madar Bazar, Sylhet 3120
Madina Market Sylhet Madina Market, Sylhet
Mirabazar Sylhet Mirabazar, Sylhet
Rakhalganj Bazar Sylhet Rakhalganj Bazar, Dakshin Surma, Sylhet
Razaganj Sylhet Razaganj, Kanaighat, Sylhet 3163
Rekabi Bazar Sylhet Rekabi Bazar, Sylhet
Station Road Sylhet Station Road, Sylhet
Sultanpur Sylhet Sultanpur, Balaganj, Sylhet
Sylhet Ladies Sylhet Sylhet Sadar, Sylhet
Taltala Sylhet Taltala, Sylhet
Balla Bazar Tangail Balla Bazar, Kalihati, Tangail
Basail Tangail Suvechcha Plaza, Main Road, Basail, Tangail
Elasin Tangail Elasin, Delduar, Tangail
Elenga Tangail Elenga Bus Stand, Kalihati, Tangail
Ghatail Tangail Ghatail, Tangail
Kalihati Tangail Kalihati, Tangail
Natiapara Tangail Natiapara, Tangail
Pakulla Tangail Pakulla, Mirzapur, Tangail
Pathrail Bazar Tangail Pathrail Bazar, Tangail
Ratanganj Bazar Tangail Ratanganj Bazar, Kalihati, Tangail
Sokhipur Tangail Sokhipur, Tangail
Tangail Tangail Tangail Sadar, Tangail
Baliadangi Thakurgaon Baliadangi, Thakurgaon
Bhulli Thakurgaon Bhulli, Kamarpur, Thakurgaon
Thakurgaon Thakurgaon Thakurgaon Sadar, Thakurgaon

About Rupali Bank

Rupali Bank Limited was constituted with the merger of three erstwhile commercial banks, i.e., Muslim Commercial Bank Limited, Australasia Bank Limitdd and Standard Bank Limited operated in then Pakistan on March 26, 1972 under the Bangladesh Banks Nationalization Order 1972, with all their assets, benefits, rights, powers, authorities, privileges, liabilities, borrowings and obligations. Rupali Bank worked as a nationalized commercial bank till December 13, 1986. Rupali Bank Ltd. emerged as the largest Public Limited Banking Company of the country on December 14, 1986. The vision of the bank is to expand our loyal customer base by being known as the financial partner of choice that constantly exceeds customer expectations.


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BDT Exchange Rates
CurrencyRate (৳)
US Dollar US Dollar (USD) 109.73
Euro Euro (EUR) 116.71
British Pound British Pound (GBP) 134.49
Australian Dollar Australian Dollar (AUD) 70.79
Canadian Dollar Canadian Dollar (CAD) 81.67
Swiss Franc Swiss Franc (CHF) 121.10
Japanese Yen Japanese Yen (JPY) 0.74
Saudi Arabian Riyal Saudi Arabian Riyal (SAR) 29.25
Indian Rupee Indian Rupee (INR) 1.32
Thai Baht Thai Baht (THB) 3.05
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