Agrani Bank Branch Listings

There are total 921 branches of Agrani Bank PLC situated in 64 districts in Bangladesh. You may browse the branches by districts or pick your nearby branch directly from the list below. Following table of all Agrani Bank branches will help you to have any particular branch address with location, telephone number, routing number, SWIFT code and other related information. Clicking any district names will provide you another list of branches in that particular district and so on any branch names will show you total branch information directly. We have arranged the list firstly by district names and secondly by branch names alphabetically.

Branches by Districts

All Branches by Names

Branch NameDistrictAddress
Bagerhat Bagerhat K. Ali Road, Bagerhat 9300
Bagerhat Bagerhat Bonik Patti, Bagerhat 9300
Chitalmari Bagerhat Chitalmari Bazar, Bagerhat 9360
Chulkathi Bagerhat Chulkathi Bazar, Bagerhat 9370
Deypara Bagerhat Deypara Bazar, Bagerhat 9300
Goalmath Bagerhat Goalmath, Solarkola, Bagerhat 9311
Gobindapur Bagerhat Badhal Bazar, Kachua, Bagerhat 9310
Jatrapur Bazar Bagerhat Jatrapur Bazar, Rangdia, Bagerhat 9302
Mongla Port Bagerhat 54 Shaikh Abdul Hai Road, Mongla Port, Bagerhat 9350
Morrelganj Bazar Bagerhat Morrelganj Bazar, Bagerhat 9320
Muniganj Bagerhat Muniganj, Puratan Bazar, Bagerhat 9300
Polerhat Bazar Bagerhat Polerhat Bazar, Morrelganj, Bagerhat 9320
Sannashi Bazar Bagerhat Sannashi Bazar, Morrelganj, Bagerhat 9321
Vaga Bazar Bagerhat Vaga Bazar, Bagerhat
Aziz Nagar Bandarban Aziz Nagar, Lama, Bandarban
Bandarban Bazar Bandarban Bandarban Bazar, Bandarban Sadar, Bandarban
Amtali Barguna Amtali, Sadar, Barguna 8710
Barguna Barguna Sadar Road, Barguna 8700
Betagi Barguna Betagi Bandar, Barguna 8740
Gazipurhat Barguna Gazipur Bazar, Amtali, Barguna 8710
Kakchira Barguna Kakchira Bandar, Patharghata, Barguna 8721
Patharghata Barguna Patharghata Bandar, Patharghata, Barguna 8720
Taltali Bazar Barguna Taltali Bazar, Amtali, Barguna 8710
Amua Bazar Barishal DC Road, Amua Bazar, Kathalia, Barisal 8431
Banaripara Barishal Agrani Bank Road, Banaripara, Barisal 8530
Batajore Barishal Batajore Bandar, Gournadi, Barisal 8233
Battala Barishal Battala, Kotowali, Barisal 8200
Boalia Bazar Barishal Boalia Bazar, Nalchity, Barisal 8420
Bukhainagar Barishal Kashipur Bazar, Kotowali, Barisal 8201
Chawkbazar Barishal Enaetur Rahman Sarak, Kotwali, Barisal 8200
Dhamuna Bandar Barishal Dhamuna Bandar, Barisal
Gournadi Barishal Gournadi Bandar, Gournadi, Barisal 8220
Lebubunia Hat Barishal Lebubunia Hat, Barisal
Motherkathi Barishal Motherkathi, Barisal
Muladi Barishal Khan Bhaban, Sadar Road, Muladi, Barisal
Paisharhat Barishal Paishar Hat, Barisal
Puran Bazar Barishal Hatkhola Road, Kotwali, Barisal 8200
Rahutkathi Bandar Barishal Rahutkathi Bandar, Barisal
Ranirhat Barishal Ranirhat Bazar, Bakerganj, Barisal
Rupatoli Barishal Mollah Market, Kotwali, Barisal 8200
Sadar Road Barishal Sadar Road, Kotwali, Barisal 8200
Shekherhat Barishal Shekherhat Bazar, Barisal 8404
Tarki Bandar Barishal Tarki Bandar, Gournadi, Barisal
Ulania Barishal Ulania Bandar, Ulania, Mehendiganj, Barisal 8272
Banglabazar Bhola Banglabazar, Bhola
Bhola Bhola Sadar Road, Bhola 8300
Borhanuddin Bhola Sadar Road, Borhanuddin, Bhola 8320
Char Fasson Bazar Bhola Main Road, Char Fasson, Bhola 8340
Char Shashibushan Bhola Adarsha Road, Char Shashibushan, Bhola 8340
Daulatkhan Bhola Sadar Road, Daulatkhan, Bhola 8310
Kalinath Rayer Bazar Bhola Kalinath Rayer Bazar, Bhola, Bhola 8300
Khaiyerhat Bhola Main Road, Khaiyerhat, Borhanuddin, Bhola 8301
Lalmohan Bhola Agrani Bank Road, Lalmohan, Bhola 8330
WAPDA Bhola Jugirghol, Bhola Sadar, Bhola 8300
Badurtala Bogura Badurtola, Bogra 5800
Bagbari Bogura Bagbari, Bogra 5800
Bhatra Bogura Bhatra, Nandigram, Bogra 5860
Bogra Garison Bogura Bogra Cantonment, Shajahanpur, Bogra 5801
Chamrul Bogura Chamrul, Dupchanchia, Bogra 5880
Chelopara Bogura Chelopara, Bogra 5800
Dhunat Bogura Dhunat, Bogra 5850
Dupchanchia Bogura Dupchanchia, Bogra 5880
Goradhap Hat Bogura Goradhap Hat, Hajradighi, Bogra
Khandar Bogura Khandar, Bogra 5800
Madla Bogura Madla, Bogra 5800
Mahasthangarh Bogura Mahasthangarh, Bogra 5800
Majhira Bogura Majhira, Shajahanpur, Bogra 5800
Mirzapur Bogura Mirzapur, Sherpur, Bogra 5840
Namazghar Bogura Namazghar, Bogra 5800
Nandigram Bogura Nandigram, Bogra 5860
Nishindara Bogura Nishindara, Bogra Sadar, Bogra 5800
Noymile Hat Bogura Demajanee, Sherpur, Bogra 5800
Poradah Hat Bogura Poradah Hat, Mohishaban, Gabtoli, Bogra 5800
Rajabazar Bogura Rajabazar, Bogra 5800
Saptapadi Market Bogura Satmatha, Bogra 5800
Shankha Bogura Shankha, Sherpur, Bogra 5840
Sherpur Bogura Sherpur, Bogra 5840
Shibbati Bogura Shibbati, Bogra 5800
Sonatala Bogura Sonatala, Bogra 5826
Sultanganj Bogura Sultanganj, Bogra 5800
Talora Bogura Talora, Dupchanchia, Bogra 5881
Taranihat Bogura Taranihat, Baliadighi, Gabtoli, Bogra 5800
Thana Road Bogura Thana Road, Sathmatha, Bogra 5800
Zianagar Bogura Zianagar, Dupchanchia, Bogra 5880
Akhaura Brahmanbaria Sarak Bazar, Akhaura, Brahmanbaria 3450
Ashuganj Brahmanbaria Ashugaj Bazar, Brahmanbaria 3402
Bancharampur Brahmanbaria Bancharampur, Brahmanbaria 3420
Bangora Bazar Brahmanbaria Bangora Bazar, Nabinagar, Brahmanbaria 3410
Bitghar Brahmanbaria Bitghar, Nabinagar, Brahmanbaria 3417
Brahmanbaria Brahmanbaria Court Road, Brahmanbaria 3400
Chandua Bazar Brahmanbaria Chandura Bazar, Brahmanbaria 3432
Jagath Bazar Brahmanbaria Jagath Bazar, Brahmanbaria 3400
Kasba Brahmanbaria Kasba, Brahmanbaria 3460
Lalpur Bazar Brahmanbaria Lalpur Bazar, Ashuganj, Brahmanbaria 3402
Nabinagar Brahmanbaria Nabinagar, Brahmanbaria 3410
Salimganj Brahmanbaria Salimganj, Banchharampur, Brahmanbaria 3413
Shahpur Brahmanbaria Shahpur, Nabinagar, Brahmanbaria
Shibpur Brahmanbaria Shibpur, Brahmanbaria
TA Road Brahmanbaria TA Road, Brahmanbaria 3400
Algi Bazar Chandpur Algi Bazar, Chandpur
Baburhat Chandpur Baburhat Bazar, Chandpur 3602
Balithuba Chandpur Balithuba, Candra Bazar, Foridganj, Chandpur 3651
Beltali Bazar Chandpur Badarpur, Beltali Bazar Matlab North, Chandpur 3640
Chandra Bazar Chandpur South Balia, Bakharpur, Chandpur 3651
Changarchar Bazar Chandpur College Road, Changarchar, Matlab North, Chandpur 3641
Forrokabad Chandpur Forrokabad, Chandpur
Hajiganj Chandpur Hajiganj East Bazar, Hajiganj, Chandpur 3610
Kachua Chandpur Kachua, Chandpur
Khajuria Bazar Chandpur Khajuria, Singhargoan, Faridganj, Chandpur 3650
Matlab Bazar Chandpur Agrani Bank Road, Matlab, Matlab South, Chandpur 3640
Munshirhat Chandpur Degaldi, Munshirhat Bazar, Matlab South, Chandpur 3640
Nandalalpur Chandpur Nandalalpur, Matlab North, Chandpur 3640
Narayanpur Chandpur Sarpar, Narayanpur Bazar, Matlab South, Chandpur 3640
NB Chandpur Chandpur Comilla Road, Chandpur 3600
Ramchandrapur Bazar Chandpur Ramchandrapur, Kashemabad, Hajiganj, Chandpur 3611
Rupsha Bazar Chandpur Rupsha Bazar, Faridganj, Chandpur 3652
Shahrasti Chandpur Niz Maher, Shahrasti, Chandpur 3620
Sree Ramdee Chandpur Nitaiganj Road, Puran Bazar, Chandpur 3601
Station Road Chandpur JM Sengupta Road, Chandpur 3600
Amnura Chapai Nawabganj Amnura, Chapai Nawabganj 6303
Baroghoria Chapai Nawabganj Baroghoria, Chapai Nawabganj 6300
Binodpur Chapai Nawabganj Binodpur, Shibgonj, Chapai Nawabganj 6342
Chapai Nawabganj Chapai Nawabganj Huzrapur, Chapai Nawabganj 6300
Chowdala Chapai Nawabganj Chowdala, Gomastapur, Chapai Nawabganj 6321
Gobratola Chapai Nawabganj Gobratola, Chapai Nawabganj 6300
Khamar Chapai Nawabganj Octroy More, Chapai Nawabganj 6300
Manakasha Chapai Nawabganj Manakasha, Shibganj, Chapai Nawabganj 6342
Mobarakpur Chapai Nawabganj Mobarakpur, Shibganj, Chapai Nawabganj 6301
Raja Rampur Chapai Nawabganj Battalahat, Chapai Nawabganj 6300
Rohanpur Chapai Nawabganj Rohanpur, Gomostapur, Chapai Nawabganj 6320
Sadarghat Chapai Nawabganj Sadarghat, Chapai Nawabganj 6300
Shibganj Chapai Nawabganj Shibganj, Chapai Nawabganj 6340
Agrabad Chattogram Agrabad C/A, Chittagong 4100
Amanat Khan Sarak Chattogram Amanat Khan Sarak, Chittagong Port, Kotwali, Chittagong 4100
Amirabad Chattogram Amirabad, Lohagara, Chittagong 4396
Amirhat Chattogram Amirhat Bazar, Jagannath Hat, Raozan, Chittagong 4340
Anwara Chattogram Hajirhat, Jeori, Anwara, Chittagong 4376
Artilery Centre Chattogram Artillery Road, Halishahar, Chittagong 4216
Asadganj Chattogram Ram Joy Mahajan Lane, GPO, Kotwali, Chittagong 4000
Askerdighi Chattogram SS Khaled Road, GPO, Kotwali, Chittagong 4000
Azadi Bazar Chattogram Azadi Bazar, Fatikchari, Chittagong 4351
Bahaddarhat Chattogram Bahaddar Hat, Chandgaon, Chittagong 4212
Baradargar Hat Chattogram Dhaka Trunk Road, Baryadhala, Sitakunda, Chittagong 4311
Baraiyer Hat Chattogram Masjid Road, Hinguli, Mirsarai, Chittagong 4326
Boalkhali Chattogram Kanongophara, Boalkhali, Chittagong 4363
Chaktai Chattogram 70 New Chakai Road, Kotwali, Chittagong 4000
Chatteswari Road Chattogram Chatteswari Road, Kotwali, Chittagong 4000
Chaturi Chattogram Chaturi, Anwara, Chittagong
Chittagong Air Base Chattogram BAF Shaheen, Chittagong Airport, Patenga, Chittagong 4205
Chittagong Cadet College Chattogram Cadet College Road, Sitakunda, Chittagong 4316
Chittagong EPZ Chattogram Bay Shopping Centre, Chittagong
Chittagong I/A Chattogram Baizid Bostami Mazar, Chittagong 4210
Chittagong Medical College Chattogram Chittagong Medical College, Panchlaish, Chittagong 4000
Chittagong Port Chattogram BSC Bhaban, Chittagong Port, Bandar, Chittagong 4100
Chittagong University Chattogram Chittagong University, Hathazari, Chittagong 4331
Colonel Hat Chattogram Dhaka Trunk Road, Colonel Hat, Pahartali, Chittagong 4317
Dewanhat Chattogram Dewan Hat, Dohazari, Chandanaish, Chittagong 4382
Durgapur Chattogram Durgapur, Bharatvaj Hat, Mirsharai, Chittagong 4323
Firingi Bazar Chattogram Shib Bari Lane, Kotwali, Chittagong 4000
Foteabad Chattogram Chowdhury Hat Bazar, Foteabad, Hathazari, Chittagong 3225
Fouzderhat Chattogram Dhaka Trunk Road, Zafarabad, Pahartali, Chittagong 4317
Gahira FKJ Madrasha Chattogram FKJ Madrasha, Gahira, Raozan, Chittagong 4343
Gunagari Chattogram Gunagari, Banskhali, Chittagong 4392
Halishahar Chattogram Eidgah, DT Road, Halishahar, Chittagong 4228
Hathazari Chattogram Hathazari Bus Station, Hathazari, Chittagong 4330
Ishakhali Chattogram Rangunia, Chittagong 4360
Ishanagar Chattogram Ishanagar Fish Harbour, Karnafuli, Chittagong 4000
Jahan Building Chattogram Jahan Building, 24 Agrabad, Chittagong 4100
Jalalabad Chattogram Bottoli Bazar, Kulgaon, Haji Saleh Bazar, Baizid Road, Chittagong 4216
Jubilee Road Chattogram 129 Jubilee Road, Kotwali, Chittagong 4000
Kapashgola Chattogram Kapashgola, Panchlaish, Chittagong 4000
Keranirhat Chattogram Keranir Hat, Satkania, Chittagong 4387
Khatunganj Chattogram Khatunganj Road, Kotwali, Chittagong 4000
Khotakhali Chattogram Khotakhali, Chawkaria, Chittagong 4740
Khulshi Chattogram Jakir Hossain Road, Dampara, Khulshi, Chittagong 4000
Laldighi East Chattogram 1012-1013 Laldighi East Side, Kotwali, Chittagong 4000
Lalkhan Bazar Chattogram CDA Avenue, Kotwali, Chittagong 4000
Madambibirhat Chattogram Dhaka Trunk Road, Bhatiary, Sitakunda, Chittagong 4315
Maricha Chattogram Maricha, Ukhiya, Chittagong 4700
Minnatali Hat Chattogram Minnat Ali Hat, Anwara, Chittagong 4338
Mirsharai Chattogram Mirsharai, Chittagong
Mirzakhil Chattogram Mirzakhil, Satkania, Chittagong 3860
Modunaghat Chattogram Modunaghat Bazar, South Madarsha, Noor Ali Bari, Hathazari, Chittagong 4337
Nazirhat Chattogram Nazirhat Bazar, Fatikchhari, Chittagong 4353
New Market Chattogram 886/904 HS Sohrawardy Road, Kotwali, Chittagong 4000
Pahartali Chattogram DT Road, Pahartali Bazar, Chittagong 4202
Patiya Chattogram Patiya, Chittagong 4370
Press Club Chattogram Jamal Khan Road, Rahmatganj, Kotwali, Chittagong 4000
Quaish Burischar Chattogram Sk Mohammad City Corporation College, Noor Ali Bari, Hathazari, Chittagong 4337
Raozan Chattogram Fakirhat Bazar, Raozan, Chittagong 4340
Reajuddin Bazar Chattogram Reajuddin Bazar Road, Kotwali, Chittagong 4000
Sadarghat Chattogram Sadarghat Road, Kotwali, Chittagong 4000
Sandwip Chattogram Sandwip, Chittagong
Sarwatali Chattogram Sarwatali, Bengura, Boalkhali, Chittagong 4367
Sattarhat Chattogram Sattarhat, Anwara, Chittagong 4376
Shamitirhat Chattogram Shamitirhat Bazar, Fatikchhari, Chittagong 4333
Shanti Niketan Chattogram Shanti Niketan Bazar, Rangunia, Chittagong 4360
Sitakunda Chattogram Dhaka Trunk Road, Sitakunda, Chittagong 4310
Sk Mujib Sarak Chattogram Sk Mujib Sarak, Agrabad, Chittagong 4000
Steel Mills Chattogram Steel Mills, Potenga, Chittagong 4200
Strand Road Chattogram 15 Strand Road, Kotwali, Chittagong 4000
Alamdanga Chuadanga Halud Patty, Alamdanga, Chuadanga 7210
Andulbaria Chuadanga Andulbaria, Jiban Nagar, Chuadanga 7222
Asmankhali Chuadanga Asmankhali, Alamdanga, Chuadanga 7201
Chuadanga Chuadanga Chuadanga 7200
Darshana Chuadanga Darshana, Damurhudam, Chuadanga 7221
Hardi Chuadanga Hardi, Alamdanga, Chuadanga 7211
Jibannagar Chuadanga Jiban Nagar, Daulatganj, Chuadanga 7230
Kedarganj Chuadanga Kedarganj, Chuadanga 7200
Radhakantapur Bazar Chuadanga Munshiganj Bazar, Alamdanga, Chuadanga 7210
Ramdia Chuadanga Kaskorra Bazar, Alamdanga, Chuadanga 7210
Cox's Bazar Cox's Bazar Lal Dighir Par, Cox's Bazar 4800
Teknaf Cox's Bazar Teknaf, Cox's Bazar 4760
Amratali Bazar Cumilla Barura Road, Amratali, Barura, Comilla 3500
Bakshaganj Cumilla Bakshaganj, Hossamia, Nangalkot, Comilla 3583
Balutupa Cumilla Old Chittagong Road, Chapapur, Kotwali, Comilla 3500
Bataisari Bazar Cumilla Bataisari Bazar, Barura, Comilla 3560
BSCIC Cumilla Ranir Bazar Road, Sadar, Comilla 3500
Burichong Bazar Cumilla Burichong, Comilla
Chandina Cumilla Chandina, Comilla 3510
Comilla Medical College Cumilla Comilla Medical College, Comilla
Daudkandi Cumilla Daudkandi Bazar, Daudkandi, Comilla 3516
Hasanpur Cumilla Bakshaganj Road, Dhalua Bazar, Nangalkot, Comilla 3581
Homna Cumilla Homna, Comilla 3546
Housing Estate Cumilla Housing Estate, Comilla Sadar, Comilla 3500
Jagatpur Cumilla Homna Road, Jagatpur, Titas, Comilla 3570
Jahapur Cumilla Jahapur, Muradnagar, Comilla 3540
Jhalam Bazar Cumilla Jhalam Bazar, Barura, Comilla 3560
Juktikhola Bazar Cumilla Juktikhola Bazar, Nangalkot, Comilla
Kashinagar Bazar Cumilla Kashinagar Bazar, Chauddagram, Comilla 3550
Khila Bazar Cumilla Noakhali Road, Iqbal Nagar, Manoharganj, Comilla 3570
Laksam Cumilla Dawlatganj Road, Laksam, Comilla 3570
Madhabpur Bazar Cumilla Brahmanbaria Road, Madhabpur, Brahmanpara, Comilla 3461
Manoharpur Cumilla Kandirpar Road, Manoharpur, Comilla 3500
Moshikara Cumilla Brahmanbaria Road, Debidwar, Comilla 3530
Munshirhat Cumilla Munshirhat, Chauddagram, Comilla 3550
Nasratpur Cumilla Noakhali Road, Laksham, Comilla 3570
Natherpatua Cumilla Noakhali Road, Natherpatua, Manoharganj, Comilla 3570
Nimsar Cumilla Bisha Road, Nimsar, Burichang, Comilla 3500
Paduar Bazar Cumilla Bisha Road, Paduar Bazar, Ahmednagar, Sadar South, Comilla 3502
Peria Bazar Cumilla Peria Bazar, Nangalkot, Comilla 3570
Rajganj Cumilla Chawkbazar Road, Comilla 3500
Rupbabu Bazar Cumilla Bangura, Muradnagar, Comilla 3543
Shankachail Cumilla Shankachail Bazar, Burichang, Comilla 3500
Thomson Bridge Cumilla EPZ Road, Comilla Sadar, Comilla 3500
Agamashi Lane Dhaka Kazi Alauddin Road, Sutrapur, Dhaka 1100
Amin Court Dhaka 62/63 Motijheel C/A, Dhaka 1000
Anta Barrah Dhaka Raipara, Dohar, Dhaka
Babu Bazar Dhaka 3/2 Azizullah Road, Babu Bazar, Lalbagh, Dhaka 1100
Banani Dhaka 26 Kamal Attaturk Avenue, Banani, Gulshan, Dhaka 1213
Bangabandhu Avenue Dhaka 32 Bangabandhu Avenue, Ramna, Dhaka 1000
Bangla Academy Dhaka Shahbagh, Dhaka 1000
Bangladesh Air Force Dhaka Dhaka Cantonment, Kafrul, Dhaka 1206
Bank Town Dhaka Rajful Bari, Savar, Dhaka 1347
Basaboo Dhaka Basaboo, Dhaka 1214
Becharam Dewry Dhaka Becharam Dewry, Chawk Bazar, Lalbagh, Dhaka 1100
Begum Bazar Dhaka 19/25 Begum Bazar, Lalbagh, Dhaka 1100
Central Law College Dhaka Kakrail, Dhaka 1000
Chawkbazar Dhaka 2/1 Chawk Circular Road, Chawk Bazar, Lalbagh, Dhaka 1100
Chowdhury Bazar Dhaka Islam Plaza, Shahid Delwar Hossain Road, Keraniganj, Dhaka
Churain Bazar Dhaka Churain Bazar, Dhaka
Demra Dhaka Chittagoan Road, Sarulia, Demra, Dhaka 1361
Dhaka New Market Dhaka New Market, Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1205
Dhaka University Dhaka Karzon Hall, Shahbagh, Dhaka 1000
Dhamrai Dhaka Dhamrai, Dhaka 1350
Dhanmondi Dhaka House 2, Road 14, Sobhanbagh, Mirpur Road, Zigatola, Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1209
Dolairpar Dhaka 95 Dolairpar, Postagola, Jatrabari, Dhaka
Elephant Road Dhaka 123/A Elephant Road, Dhaka 1205
Farashganj Dhaka 52 BK Das Road, Sadarghat, Sutrapur, Dhaka
Faridabad Dhaka 218 Karimullarbag, Faridabad, Shyampur, Dhaka
Farm Gate Dhaka Farm Gate, Dhaka
Foreign Exchange Dhaka 1/D DIT Avenue, Motijheel, Dhaka 1000
Gabtali Dhaka Baghbari, Darus Salam, Dhaka 1216
Green Road Dhaka Green Road, Dhaka
Gulshan Dhaka Gulshan, Dhaka
Hatkhola Dhaka Hatkhola, Wari, Sutrapur, Dhaka 1203
Hotel Sheraton Dhaka Hotel Sheraton, Shahbagh, Dhaka
ICDDRB Dhaka Mohakhali, Gulshan, Dhaka 1212
Imamganj Dhaka 30 Imamganj Bazar Lane, Lalbagh, Dhaka 1211
Islampur Dhaka 8/2 Islampur Road, Katwali, Dhaka
Jagannath University Dhaka Jagannath University, Kotwali, Dhaka
Jahangirnagar University Dhaka Jahangirnagar University, Savar, Dhaka
Jatiya Press Club Dhaka Jatiya Press Club, Ramna, Dhaka 1000
Jatrabari Dhaka Jatrabari, Dhaka 1204
Joypara Dhaka 2012 Joypara Main Road, Dohar, Dhaka
Kadamtali Dhaka Dhaka Narayanpur Road, Kadamtali, Shyampur, Dhaka
Kamalapur Dhaka Kamalapur, Motijheel, Dhaka 1000
Kamrangirchar Dhaka Kamrangirchar, Dhaka
Kurmitola Dhaka Kurmitola, Dhaka
Malibagh Dhaka Malibagh, Shantinagar, Ramna, Dhaka 1217
Matuail Dhaka Matuail, Pardogair, Demra, Dhaka 1362
Mirpur Dhaka Mirpur New Market, Dhaka
Mohakhali Dhaka Mohakhali, Dhaka
Mohammadpur Dhaka 71/C Asad Avenue, Mohammadpur, Dhaka 1207
Mouchak Dhaka Mouchak, Ramna, Dhaka 1217
Moulvibazar Dhaka Al-Falah Market, 144 Mitford Road, Chawkbazar, Lalbagh, Dhaka 1100
Narinda Dhaka 113 Sharatgupta Road, Sutrapur, Dhaka
Narisha Bazar Dhaka Malikandi, Narisha, Dohar, Dhaka
National Museum Dhaka National Museum, Shahbagh, Dhaka 1000
Nawabganj Dhaka Kalakopa, Nawabganj, Dhaka
Nawabganj Road Dhaka 3 Nawabganj Road, Lalbagh, Dhaka 1211
Nawabpur Dhaka 243-244 Nawabpur Road, Nawabpur, Kotwali, Dhaka
North South Road Dhaka 121/1 Lutfor Rahman Road, Nawabpur, Kotwali, Dhaka 1200
Pallabi Dhaka Pallabi, Dhaka
Panthapath Dhaka Panthapath, Dhaka
Peari Das Road Dhaka 2/3 Paridas Road, Sadarghat, Sutrapur, Dhaka
Posta Dhaka 69/1 Water Works Road, Posta, Lalbagh, Dhaka 1211
Principal Dhaka 9/D Dilkusha, Motijheel, Dhaka 1000
Purana Paltan Dhaka 56 Purana Paltan, Dhaka 1000
Rai Shaheb Bazar Dhaka 33-34 Johnson Road, Sadarghat, Sutrapur, Dhaka
Rajuk Bhaban Dhaka Rajuk Avenue, Motijheel, Dhaka 1000
Ramna Dhaka 18 Bangabandhu Avenue, Ramna, Dhaka 1000
Rampura Dhaka Rampura, Dhaka 1219
Rayer Bazar Dhaka Rayer Bazar, Dhaka
Rayerbagh Dhaka Rayerbagh, Kadamtali, Dhaka
Sadarghat Dhaka Greatwall Shopping Complex, Sadarghat, Sutrapur, Dhaka
Satmasjid Road Dhaka Satmasjid Road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka
Savar Dhaka Savar, Dhaka
Senpara Parbata Dhaka Senpara Parbata, Kafrul, Mirpur, Dhaka
Shantinagar Dhaka Shantinagar, Dhaka 1217
Shewrapara Dhaka Shewrapara, Mirpur, Dhaka
Shimulia Dhaka Shimulia, Savar, Dhaka
Shyamoli Dhaka Shyamoli, Dhaka
Sonargoan Road Dhaka Sonargoan Road, Dhaka
South Badda Dhaka South Badda, Gulshan, Dhaka
SS College Dhaka 73 Shuvash Bose Avenue, Lakshmipur, Sutrapur, Dhaka
SSMC Mitford Hospital Dhaka SSMC Mitford Hospital Complex, Babu Bazar, Lalbagh, Dhaka 1100
Tejgaon Dhaka Tejgaon, Dhaka
Thatari Bazar Dhaka 133 BCC Road, Sutrapur, Dhaka
Uttara Model Town Dhaka Uttara Model Town, Uttara, Dhaka
WAPDA Dhaka Wapda, Motijheel, Dhaka 1000
WASA Dhaka Karwan Bazar, Dhaka
Zinzira Dhaka 36 Tinpatti, Keraniganj, Dhaka
Amtali Dinajpur Amtali Union, Chirir Bandar, Dinajpur 5240
Bhushir Bandar Dinajpur Tetulia, Bhushir Bandar, Chirirbandar, Dinajpur 5240
Birampur Dinajpur Main Road, Birampur, Dinajpur 5266
Hakimpur Dinajpur Banglahili, Hakimpur, Dinajpur 5270
Kamalpurhat Dinajpur Kamalpur Hat, Kotwali, Dinajpur 5200
Madilahat Dinajpur Chawk Enaetpur, Madilahat, Phulbari, Dinajpur 5260
Maldahpatty Dinajpur Basuniapatty, Kotwali, Dinajpur 5260
Munshipara Dinajpur Munshipara, Kotwali, Dinajpur 5200
Nawabganj Dinajpur Nawabganj, Dinajpur 5280
Parbatipur Dinajpur Parbatipur, Dinajpur 5250
Phulbari Dinajpur Katabari, Phulbari, Dinajpur 5260
Pulhat Dinajpur Pulhat, Kotwali, Dinajpur 5200
Puratan Bazar Dinajpur Puratan Bazar, Parbatipur, Dinajpur 5250
Setabganj Dinajpur Murshidhat, Setabganj, Bochaganj, Dinajpur 5216
Station Road Dinajpur Station Road, Kotwali, Dinajpur 5200
Tajpurhat Dinajpur Tajpur Hat, Khanpur, Kotwali, Dinajpur 5200
Ahladipur Faridpur Goalondo More, Rajbari, Faridpur 7711
Badarpur Faridpur Badarpur, Kotwali, Faridpur 7804
Bhanga Faridpur Bhanga Bazar, Faridpur 7830
Boalmari Faridpur Boalmari, Faridpur 7860
Bus Stand Faridpur Goalchamot, Kotwali, Faridpur 7800
Char Bhadrashan Faridpur Charbhadrashan Rd, Faridpur 7810
District Council Faridpur Court Road, Kotwali, Fardirpur 7800
Faridpur Faridpur Thana Road, Kotwali, Faridpur 7800
Gharua Faridpur Gharua, Bhanga, Faridpur 7830
Kalukhali Faridpur Kalukhali Bazar, Ratandia, Pangsha, Faridpur 7722
Maligram Faridpur Maligram Bazar, Bhanga, Faridpur 7830
Nagarkanda Faridpur Nagarkanda, Faridpur 7731
Nalia Jamalpur Faridpur Jamalpur Bazar, Baliakanda, Faridpur 7720
Sadarpur Faridpur Sadarpur, Faridpur 7820
Shariatullah Market Faridpur Shariatullah Market, Kotwali, Faridpur
Bairagirhat Feni Main Road, Bairagirhat, Dagonbhuiyan, Feni 3920
Chhagalnaiya Feni Main Road, Chhagalnaiya, Feni 3910
Daganbhuiyan Feni Basurhat Road, Daganbhuiyan, Feni 3920
Feni Feni Trunk Road, Feni 3900
Kamalapatty Feni Kamalapatty, Feni 3900
Parashuram Feni Main Road, Parashuram, Feni 3940
Sonagazi Feni Main Road, Sonagazi, Feni 3930
Subar Bazar Feni Subar Bazar, Feni
Bonarpara Gaibandha Bonarpara Bazar, Saghata, Gaibandha 5750
Dholbhanga Gaibandha Dholbhanga Bazar, Sadullapur, Gaibandha 5735
Fulchari Bazar Gaibandha Fulchari Bazar, Fulchari, Gaibandha 5760
Gaibandha Gaibandha Station Road, Gaibandha 5700
Kamarpara Gaibandha Kamarpara, Sadullapur, Gaibandha 5711
Naldanga Gaibandha Naldanga Bazar, Sadullapur, Gaibandha 5711
Panchpir Bazar Gaibandha Panchpir Bazar, Chandipur, Sundarganj, Gaibandha 5720
Rasulpur Gaibandha Rasulpur, Sandiapur, Sadullapur, Gaibandha 5711
Sadullapur Gaibandha Sadullapur, Gaibandha 5710
Saghata Gaibandha Saghata Bazar, Saghata, Gaibandha 5751
Sundarganj Gaibandha Sundarganj, Gaibandha 5720
Bakterpur Gazipur Kaliganj, Gazipur
Barmi Bazar Gazipur Barmi Bazar, Sreepur, Gazipur
Bhawal Rajabari Gazipur Rajabari, Bhawal Rajabari, Sreepur, Gazipur
Board Bazar Gazipur Board Bazar, Gazipur Sadar, Gazipur 1704
Dolan Bazar Gazipur Kolapacua, Jamalpur, Kaliganj, Gazipur 1613
DUET Gazipur 242 BIDC Road, DUET, Gazipur 1703
Gazipur Gazipur Majeda Complex, Joydebpur, Gazipur 1700
Ghagotia Chala Gazipur Ghagotia Chala, Chalar Bazar, Kapasia, Gazipur
Goshinga Gazipur Goshinga, Sreepur, Gazipur
Kaliakoir Gazipur Kaliakoir, Gazipur 1613
Kaoraid Gazipur Kaoraid Bazar, Sreepur, Gazipur
Kapasia Gazipur Kapasia, Gazipur
Kashimpur Gazipur Kashimpur, Gazipur
Mawna Bazar Gazipur Mowna Bazar, Sreepur, Gazipur
Nagari Gazipur Nagari, Kaliganj, Gazipur
Sreepur Gazipur Sreepur, Gazipur 1740
Tokenayan Bazar Gazipur Toke Nayan Bazar, Kapasia, Gazipur
Tongi Gazipur Banesa Complex, 26 Anarkali Road, Monnu Nagar, Tongi, Gazipur
Banagram Gopalganj Banagram, Gopalganj
Bangabandhu Sk Mujib Sci & Tech Gopalganj Gopalganj Sadar, Gopalganj
Bhangarhat Gopalganj Gopalganj
Gopalganj Gopalganj 120 Bangabandhu Sarak, Gopalganj 8100
Jalirpar Gopalganj Jalirpar, Mukshudpur, Gopalganj 7911
Jhutigram Gopalganj Jhutigram, Mukshudpur, Gopalganj
Kaliganj Bazar Gopalganj Kaliganj Bazar, Kotalipara, Gopalganj
Kashiani Gopalganj Kashiani, Gopalganj 8130
Kotalipara Gopalganj Kotalipara, Gopalganj 8110
Muksudpur Gopalganj Mukshudpur, Gopalganj
Poura Super Market Gopalganj Bangabandhu Sarak, Gopalganj 8100
Ramdia Gopalganj Ramdia, Gopalganj
Tungipara Gopalganj Tungipara, Gopalganj 8120
Gopaiya Habiganj Khan Mansion, Habiganj 3310
Habiganj Habiganj Ashraf Jahan Complex, Habiganj 3310
Nabiganj Habiganj Osmani Road, Nabiganj, Habiganj 3370
PB Shayestaganj Habiganj K Ali Plaza, Daudnagar, PB Shaistaganj, Habiganj 3301
Balijuri Jamalpur Balijuri, Jamalpur
Batikamari Jamalpur Jagannath Ghat, Sarisabari, Jamalpur 2053
Bus Stand Jamalpur Madhupur Road, Jamalpur 2000
Hazipur Bazar Jamalpur Hazipur Bazar, Hazipur, Jamalpur 2000
Islampur Bazar Jamalpur Islampur Bazar, Sarishabari, Jamalpur 2020
Jamalpur Jamalpur Tamaltala, Jamalpur 2000
Jamtali Bazar Jamalpur Jamtali Bazar, Kamal Khan Hat, Jamalpur 2000
Jamuna Fertilizer Company Jamalpur Market Complex, Jamuna Fertilizer Company, Sarisabari, Jamalpur 2050
Lahirikanda Jamalpur Lahirikanda, Jamalpur 2000
Peyarpur Jamalpur Peyarpur, Jamalpur 2205
Pigna Jamalpur Pigna, Sarisabari, Jamalpur 2054
Sarishabari Jamalpur Simultala Bazar, Sarishabari, Jamalpur 2050
Shahbazpur Jamalpur Shahbazpur, Jamalpur 2000
Station Bazar Jamalpur Station Bazar, Jamalpur 2000
BAF Jessore Jessore BAF, Jessore Sadar, Jessore 7404
Bazar Jessore HMM Road, Jessore Sadar, Jessore 7400
Benapole Bazar Jessore Benapole Bazar, Benapole Port, Jessore 7431
Daratana Road Jessore Garikhana Road, Jessore Sadar, Jessore 7400
Ganga Nandanpur Jessore Ganga Nandanpur, Jhikargachha, Jessore 7420
Gazirhat Jessore Gazirhat, Kalia, Jessore 7520
Godkhali Bazar Jessore Godkhali, Jhikargachha, Jessore 7420
Hashimpur Jessore Hashimpur, Jessore Sadar, Jessore 7400
Jessore Jessore Shahid Road, Jessore 7400
Jhikargachha Jessore Jhikargachha, Jessore 7420
Jhumjhumpur Jessore Jhumjhumpur, Narail Road, Jessore 7400
JSTU Jessore Jessore University of Science & Technology, Churamonkathi,Chaugachha Rd, Jessore 7408
Keshabpur Jessore Keshabpur, Jessore 7450
Noapara Jessore Noapara Bazar, Abhaynagar, Jessore 7460
Pratappur Jessore Pratap Pur, Shikarpur, Keshabpur, Jessore 7450
Pulerhat Jessore Pulerhat, Chanchra, Jessore 7402
Rail Bazar Jessore Rail Road, Jessore Sadar, Jessore 7400
Rajarhat Jessore Rajarhat, Ramnagar, Jessore 7400
Shaikh Hati Jessore Jail Road, Upashahar, Jessore 7401
Jhalakathi Jhalakathi Baher Road, Jhalakathi 8400
Bazar Gopalpur Jhenaidah Bazar Gopalpur, Jhenaidah Sadar, Jhenaidah 7300
Bhainar Moor Jhenaidah Bhainar Road, Jhenaidah 7600
Chaprail Jhenaidah Chaprail, Kaliganj, Jhenaidah 7300
Haldhani Bazar Jhenaidah Haldhani Bazar, Jhenaidah Sadar, Jhenaidah 7300
Hamdah Bus Stand Jhenaidah Hamdah Bus Stand, Jhenaidah Sadar, Jhenaidah 7300
Jhenaidah Jhenaidah Jhenaidah 7300
Kabirpur Jhenaidah Kabirpur, Shailakupa, Jhenaidah 7300
Kaliganj Jhenaidah Naldanga Bazar, Kaliganj, Jhenaidah 7300
Kannadah Jhenaidah Kannadah, Harina Kundu, Jhenaidah 7300
Kotchandpur Jhenaidah Kotchandpur, Jhenaidah
Sadhuhati Jhenaidah Sadhuhati, Jhenaidah Sadar, Jhenaidah 7300
Akkelpur Joypurhat Rail Gate, Akkelpur, Joypurhat 5940
Awlai Joypurhat Awlai Union, Panchbibi, Joypurhat 5910
Chak Barket Joypurhat Chak Barket, Joypurhat 5900
Joypurhat Joypurhat Sader Road, Joypurhat 5900
Joypurhat Girls' Cadet College Joypurhat Joypurhat Girls Cadet College, Joypurhat
Kalai Joypurhat Kalai, Joypurhat 5930
Kushumba Joypurhat Kushumba, Panchbibi, Joypurhat 5910
Matrai Joypurhat Matrai, Kalai, Joypurhat 5930
Panchbibi Joypurhat Panchbibi, Joypurhat 5910
Khagrachhari Khagrachhari Khagrachhari Sadar, Khagrachhari
Ramgarh Khagrachhari Ramgarh, Khagrachhari
Baikali Khulna Baikali Bazar, Khalispur, Khulna 9000
Bandargati Khulna Haji Islami Link Road, Sonadanga, Khulna 9100
Banka Bazar Khulna Banka Bazar, Paikgacha, Khulna 9281
Batbuina Bazar Khulna Batbunia Bazar, Dacop, Khulna 9270
Bazua Bazar Khulna Union Council Building, Bazua, Dacop, Khulna 9272
Chuknagar Khulna Khulna-Jessore-Satkira Road, Chuknagar, Dumuria, Khulna 9250
Clay Road Khulna Khan A Sobur Road, Kotwali, Khulna 9100
Daulatpur Khulna Khan A Sobur Road, Daulatpur, Khulna 9202
Farazipara Khulna Sher-e-Bangla Road, Kotwali, Khulna 9100
Goalpara Khulna Goalpara Station Road, Khalishpur, Khulna 9000
Jaigir Mohal Khulna Jaigir Mohal, Amadi, Koyra, Khulna 9291
Jessore Road Khulna Khan A Sobur Road, Sonadanga, Khulna 9100
Kapilmuni Khulna Jafar Aulia Sarak, Kapilmuni Bazar, Paikgachha, Khulna 9282
Kazdia Khulna Kazdia Bazar, Alaipur, Rupsa, Khulna 9240
Khalishpur Khulna BIDC Road, Khalishpur, Khulna 9000
Khan Jahan Ali Road Khulna Khan Jahan Ali Road, Kotwali, Khulna 9100
Khulna Medical College Khulna Medical College, Boyra, Sonadanga, Khulna 9100
Khulna New Market Khulna KDA New Market, Sonadanga, Khulna 9100
Khulna University Khulna University Campus, Khulna University, Batiagata, Khulna 9208
Liakatnagar Khulna Rupsa Stand Road, Khulna Shipyard, Kotwali, Khulna 9201
Maheshwarpasha Khulna Maheshwar Pasha Bazar, Daulatpur, Khulna 9203
Neval Base Khulna Wireless Approch Road, Khalispur, Khulna 9000
Phulbari Gate Khulna Phulbari Gate, Daulatpur, Khan Jahan Ali, Khulna 9202
Phultala Khulna Khulna-Jessore Road, Phultala, Khulna 9210
Rupsa Khulna Rupsa Stand Road, Kotwali, Khulna 9100
Shaikpura Khulna Shaikpura Bazar, Sheali, Terokhada, Khulna 9230
SI Road Khulna 15 Sir Iqbal Road, Khulna 9100
SR Road Khulna Shamsur Rahman Road, Kotwali, Khulna 9100
Terokhada Khulna Fazlul Haque Pilot School, Terokhada, Khulna 9230
Bazitpur Kishoreganj Bazitpur, Kishoreganj 2336
Bhairab Bazar Kishoreganj Tin Patty, Bhairab Bazar, Kishoreganj 2350
Charpamdi Kishoreganj Charpamdi Bazar, Pamdi, Hossainpur, Kishoreganj 2300
Hossainpur Kishoreganj Hossainpur, Kishoreganj 2320
Karimganj Kishoreganj Karimganj, Kishoreganj 2310
Katiadi Bazar Kishoreganj Katiadi Bazar, Katiadi, Kishoreganj 2330
Kishoreganj Kishoreganj Station Road, Kishoreganj 2300
Kuliarchar Kishoreganj Kuliar Char, Kishoreganj 2340
Mirzapur Kishoreganj Mirzapur Bazar, Pankachair, Pakundia, Kishoreganj 2326
Mothkhola Kishoreganj Mothkhola, Pakundia, Kishoreganj 2326
Nikli Kishoreganj Nikli, Kishoreganj 2360
Pakundia Kishoreganj Pakundia, Kishoreganj 2326
Bhitorbond Kurigram Bhabanipur, Bhitorbond, Nageswari, Kurigram 5600
Bhurungamari Kurigram Dewaner Khamer, Bhurungamari, Kurigram 5600
Chilmari Kurigram Chilmari, Kurigram 5630
Fulpur Kurigram Fulpur, Kurigram
Kurigram Kurigram Dadamore, Kurigram 5600
Nageshwari Kurigram Pashchim Nageshwari, Nageshwari, Kurigram 5660
Nazim Khan Kurigram Mallick Beg, Nazim Khan, Rajarhat, Kurigram 5611
Rajarhat Kurigram Mekurtari, Rajarhat, Kurigram 5600
Ulipur Kurigram KC Road, Ulipur, Kurigram 5620
Allardargah Kushtia Allardarga, Daulatpur, Kushtia 7042
Bara Bazar Kushtia NS Road, Bara Bazar, Kushtia 7000
Bara Gangdia Kushtia Bara Gangdia, Daulatpur, Kushtia 7050
Bheramara Kushtia Bheramara, Kushtia 7040
Daulatpur Kushtia Daulatpur, Kushtia 7050
Golapnagar Kushtia Golapnagar, Bheramara, Kushtia 7040
Islamic University Kushtia Islamic University, Santidanga, Kushtia 7003
Khalisha Kundi Kushtia Khalisha Kundi, Daulatpur, Kushtia 7030
Kumarkhali Kushtia Kumarkhali, Kushtia 7010
Kushtia New Market Kushtia NS Road, New Market, Kushtia 7000
Mathurapur Kushtia Mathurapur, Daulatpur, Kushtia 7052
Mazampur Kushtia Mazampur, Kushtia Sadar, Kushtia 7000
Mirpur Kushtia Mirpur, Kushtia 7030
Panti Kushtia Panti, Kumarkhali, Kushtia 7011
Paragpur Kushtia Paragpur, Charpragpur, Daulatpur, Kushtia 7052
Patikabari Kushtia Patikabari, Kushtia 7031
SC Benarjee Road Kushtia SC Benarjee Road, Bara Bazar, Kushtia 7000
Selaidah Kushtia Selaidah, Kumarkhali, Kushtia 7000
Station Road Kushtia Station Road, Kushita 7000
Thanapara Kushtia NS Road, Thanapara, Kushtia 7000
Ujangram Kushtia Ujangram, Kushtia 7002
Bhabaniganj Lakshmipur Bhabaniganj Bazar, Laxmipur 3702
Chandraganj Lakshmipur Chandraganj, Lakshmipur 3708
Dalal Bazar Lakshmipur Dalal Bazar, Lakshmipur 3701
Dasherhat Lakshmipur Dasher Hat, Rupa Chara, Lakshmipur 3705
Joyag Bazar Lakshmipur Joyag Bazar, Sonaimuri, Lakshmipur 3844
Lakshmipur Lakshmipur Lakshmipur Sadar, Lakshmipur 3700
Mandari Bazar Lakshmipur Mandari Bazar, Lakshmipur 3703
Nagmud Bazar Lakshmipur KI Fazil Madrasha Market, Ramganj, Lakshmipur
Panpara Bazar Lakshmipur Panpara Bazar, Ramganj, Lakshmipur 3722
Raipur Lakshmipur Raipur, Lakshmipur 3710
Ramganj Lakshmipur Ramganj, Lakshmipur 3720
Ramgati Lakshmipur Alexander, Ramgati, Lakshmipur 3730
Lalmonirhat Lalmonirhat Goshala Road, Lalmonirhat 5500
Mission More Lalmonirhat Mission More, Lalmonirhat
Barhamganj Madaripur Main Road, Shibchar, Madaripur 7930
Dikrirchar Hat Madaripur Dikrirchar Hat, Madaripur
Kalkini Madaripur Kalkini Bazar, Kalkini, Madaripur 7920
Madaripur Madaripur Puran Bazar, Madaripur 7900
New Market Madaripur Dr Tota Sarak, Madaripur 7900
Takerhat Madaripur Takerhat Bazar, Khalia, Rajoir, Madaripur 7911
Zajira Madaripur Moinul Sarak, Zajira, Madaripur 8010
Beroil Palita Magura Beroil Palita, Magura Sadar, Magura 7600
Hazipur Magura Hazipur, Magura Sadar, Magura 7600
Ichakhada Magura Ichakhada, Magura 7600
Magura Magura Magura Sadar, Magura 7600
Arichaghat Manikganj Arichaghat, Shibalay, Manikganj 1850
Bangladesh Hat Manikganj Gharpara, Manikganj
Boyra Manikganj Andharmanik, Horirampur, Manikganj 1830
Charigram Manikganj Charigram Bazar, Singair, Manikganj 1820
Dhalla Manikganj Dhalla Bazar, Singair, Manikganj 1340
Jhitka Bazar Manikganj Bashudevpur, Jhitka, Harirampur, Manikganj 1831
Krishnapur Manikganj Krishnapur, Katigram, Manikganj 1820
Manikganj Manikganj 108 Shahid Rafique Sarak, Manikganj 1800
Maniknagar Manikganj Maniknagar Bazar, Chndhore, Singair, Manikganj 1822
Saturia Manikganj Janna Bazar, Saturia, Manikganj 1800
Singair Manikganj Shahid Rafique Sarani, Singair, Manikganj 1820
Wireless Gate Manikganj 22 Shahid Sarani, Manikganj 1800
Bamanpara Meherpur Bamanpara, Meherpur 7100
Bamundi Bazar Meherpur Bamundi, Gangni, Meherpur 7100
Gangni Meherpur Hatboalia Road, Gangni, Meherpur
Meherpur Meherpur Meherpur Sadar, Meherpur 7100
Mujibnagar Meherpur Mujib Nagar, Kedarganj, Meherpur 7100
Bhanugacha Bazar Moulvibazar Bhanugacha Bazar, Karamatnagar, Kamalganj, Moulvibazar 3220
Bhukshimoil Moulvibazar Bhukshimoil, Kularua, Moulvibazar 3230
Fultala Moulvibazar Fultola Bazar, Juri, Moulvibazar 3251
Kailashganj Bazar Moulvibazar Kailashganj Bazar, Gulduba, Nabiganj, Moulvibazar 3372
Karmadha Moulvibazar Karmadha, Kulaura, Moulvibazar 3233
Katarkona Moulvibazar Hajipur, Kulaura, Moulvibazar 3223
Kulaura Moulvibazar Shahjalal Market, Kulaura, Moulvibazar 3230
Mostafapur Moulvibazar Mostafapur, Moulvibazar 3200
Moulvibazar Moulvibazar Choumohana, M Saifur Rahman Road, Moulvibazar 3200
Munshi Bazar Moulvibazar Kholagram, Karimpur Tea Garden, Rajnagar, Moulvibazar 3235
Rabir Bazar Moulvibazar Rabir Bazar, Prithimpasha, Kulaura, Moulvibazar 3233
Sindurkhan Bazar Moulvibazar Sindurkhan Bazar, Janaura, Sreemongal, Moulvibazar 3210
Sreemangal Moulvibazar Choumohana, Station Road, Sreemangal, Moulvibazar 3210
Baligaon Munshiganj Baligaon Bazar, Tangibari, Munshiganj 1522
Dighirpar Munshiganj Dighirpar Bazar, Tangibari, Munshiganj 1525
Hasail Bazar Munshiganj Shiddeshwari Bazar, Panchgaon, Tangibari, Munshiganj 1524
Hashara Bazar Munshiganj Hashara Bazar, Sreenagar, Munshiganj 1553
Hossandi Bazar Munshiganj Hossendi Bazar, Gazaria, Munshiganj 1521
Kalapara Bazar Munshiganj Kalapara Bazar, Sreenagar, Munshiganj 1550
Kalma Munshiganj Kalma Bazar, Lauhajang, Munshiganj 1530
Mirkadim Munshiganj Mirkadim, Munshiganj 1502
Muktarpur Munshiganj Mukterpur, Panchasar, Munshiganj 1500
Munshiganj Munshiganj Sadar Road, Munshiganj 1500
Munshirhat Munshiganj Munshir Hat Bazar, Munshiganj 1500
Ramgopalpur Munshiganj Rikabi Bazar, Munshiganj 1501
Simpara Munshiganj Simpara Bazar, Kola, Sreenagar, Munshiganj 1541
Sreenagar Munshiganj Srinagar Bazar, Srinagar, Munshiganj 1550
Atharabari Mymensingh Roy Bazar, Iswarganj, Mymensingh 2282
Bhaitkandi Mymensingh Bhaitkandi Bazar, Phulpur, Mymensingh 2250
Bhaluka Mymensingh Haque Market, Bhaluka, Mymensingh 2240
Bidyaganj Mymensingh Bidyaganj, Mymensingh
Chotobazar Mymensingh GKMC Shaha Road, Mymensingh 2200
CK Ghose Road Mymensingh CK Ghose Road, Mymensingh 2200
Dhara Bazar Mymensingh Dhara Bazar, Haluaghat, Mymensingh 2261
Gafargaon Mymensingh Madhya Bazar, Gafargaon, Mymensingh 2230
Kaliganj Bazar Mymensingh Kaliganj Bazar, Chang Bhadera, Nandail, Mymensingh 2291
Kashiganj Mymensingh Kashiganj Bazar, Khicha, Tarakanda, Mymensingh 2200
Mechua Bazar Mymensingh Station Road, Mymensingh 2200
Muktagachha Mymensingh Maharaja Road, Muktagachha, Mymensingh 2210
Mymensingh Mymensingh GKMC Shaha Road, Mymensingh 2200
Mymensingh Girls Cadet College Mymensingh Sahara-Chamragodam Road, Mymensingh 2200
Mymensingh Medical College Mymensingh Dhaka-Mymensingh Road, Mymensingh 2200
Pagla Bazar Mymensingh Pagla Bazar, Mymensingh
Phulpur Mymensingh Bus Stand Road, Phulpur, Mymensingh 2250
Trishal Mymensingh Trishal, Mymensingh
Ahsanganj Naogaon Ahsangonj Hat Road, Atrai, Naogaon 6596
Aihai Naogaon Asarandro Bazar, Sapahar, Naogaon 6560
Boalia Naogaon Santahar Road, Santahar, Naogaon 5891
Bus Stand Naogaon Mohadevpur Road, Naogaon 6500
Keshab Naogaon Keshab, Panjarbhanga, Manda, Naogaon 6510
Mainamhat Naogaon Panjarbhanga Road, Mainamhat, Manda, Naogaon 5600
Matajeehat Naogaon Badalgachhi Road, Raigaon, Mohadebpur, Naogaon 6530
Naogaon Naogaon Main Road, Naogaon 6500
Nithpur Naogaon Sadar Road, Nithpur, Porsha, Naogaon 6550
Parsha Naogaon Sadar Road, Parsha, Naogaon 6551
Patnitala Naogaon Najipur Road, Patnitala, Naogaon 6540
Sapahar Naogaon Sadar Road, Sapahar, Naogaon 6560
Auria Narail Auria, Narail Sadar, Narail 7500
Bagherpara Narail Bagherpara, Narail 7470
Bhangura Bazar Narail Bhangura Bazar, Bagherpara, Narail 7470
Jugania Narail Jugania, Naragati, Narail 7514
Kalabaria Narail Kalabaria, Noragati, Narail 7520
Kalia Narail Kalia, Narail 7520
Lohagara Narail Kalia Road, Lohagara, Narail 7511
Narail Narail Rupganj Bazar, Narail
Ratandanga Narail Ratandanga, Gorakhali, Narail 7500
Araihazar Narayanganj Arai Hazar Bazar, Narayanganj 1450
Bangabandhu Road Narayanganj 32 Bangabandhu Road, Narayanganj 1400
BK Road Narayanganj 129 B.K. Road, Narayanganj 1400
Court Road Narayanganj 52/1 Court Road, Narayanganj 1400
Kalir Bazar Narayanganj 47 Sirajudullah Road, Narayanganj 1400
Kanchan Narayanganj Kanchan Bazar, Kanchan, Rupganj, Narayanganj 1461
Mirjumla Road Narayanganj 27/1 SK Road, Narayanganj 1400
Sastapur Narayanganj Shibu Market, Fatullah, Narayanganj 1420
Siddhirganj Power Station Narayanganj Power Station Complex, Siddhirganj, Narayanganj 1430
Sonargaon Narayanganj Mograpara More, Sonargaon, Narayanganj 1440
Tanbazar Narayanganj SA Maleh Road, Narayanganj 1400
Amirganj Narsingdi Hasnabad Bazar, Raipura, Narsingdi 1631
Baburhat Narsingdi Bank Road, Madhabdi, Narsingdi 1604
C&B Bazar Narsingdi C & B Bazar, Narsindi Sadar, Narsingdi
Chalakchar Bazar Narsingdi Chalakchar Bazar, Manahardi, Narsingdi 1650
Manohardi Narsingdi Sadar Road, Monohardi, Narsingdi 1650
Musapur Bazar Narsingdi Musapur Bazar, Raipura, Narsingdi 1630
Narsingdi Narsingdi Sadar Road, Narsingdi 1600
Palash Bazar Narsingdi Palash Bazar, Palash, Narsingdi 1610
Radhaganj Narsingdi Radhaganj Bazar, Raipura, Narsingdi 1632
Shibpur Narsingdi Shibpur, Narsingdi
Station Road Narsingdi Sadar Road, Narsingdi 1600
Bagatipara Natore Bagatipara, Laxmanhati, Natore 6410
Chanchkair Bazar Natore Chanchkair Bazar, Natore
Gopalpur Natore Gopalpur, Lalpur, Natore 6420
Halsha Natore Halsha, Biparhalsha, Natore 6400
Laxmikole Natore Laxmikole, Baraigram Natore 6430
Lokmanpur Natore Lokmanpur, Natore
Natore Natore Kanaikhali, Natore 6400
Natore Sugar Mills Natore Lenguria, Natore Sadar, Natore 6400
Nazirpur Natore Nazirpur, Guruduspur, Natore 6440
North Bengal Sugar Mills Natore Gopalpur, Lalpur, Natore 6420
Quadirabad Cantonment Natore Dayarampur, Bagatipara, Natore 6431
Rajapurhat Natore Rajapur, Rajapurhat, Baraigram, Natore 6623
Singra Natore Singra, Natore 6450
Station Road Natore Station Road, Natore
Barhatta Netrokona Barhatta Bazar, Netrokona
Birisiri Netrokona Birishiri, Durgapur, Netrokona
Durgapur Netrokona Nazipur Road, Durgapur, Netrokona
Fakirer Bazar Netrokona Fakirer Bazar, Barhatta, Netrokona
Jhanjail Netrokona Jhanjail Bazar, Jaria, Durgapur, Netrokona
Kendua Netrokona Kendua Bazar, Netrokona
Mohanganj Netrokona Mohanganj Bazar, Mohanganj, Netrokona
Netrokona Netrokona Malni Road, Netrokona 2400
Purbadhala Netrokona Purbadhala Bazar, Purbadhala, Netrokona
Rupganj Bazar Netrokona Baushi Bazar, Rupganj, Barhatta, Netrokona
Teasree Bazar Netrokona Teasree Bazar, Madan, Netrokona
Nilphamari Nilphamari Station Road, Nilphamari Sadar, Nilphamari 5300
Saidpur Nilphamari Dinajpur Road, Saidpur, Nilphamari 5310
Saidpur Cantonment Nilphamari Cantonment, Saidpur, Nilphamari 5310
Badalkot Noakhali Badalkot Bazar, Chatkhil, Noakhali 3873
Badamtoli Noakhali Badamtoli Road, Chowmohani, Begumganj, Noakhali 3821
Basurhat Noakhali Main Road, Bashurhat, Companiganj, Noakhali 3850
Bazra Bazar Noakhali Main Road, Bazra Bazar, Sonaimuri, Noakhali 3824
Brojergaon Road Noakhali Brojergao Road, Amishapara, Sonaimuri, Noakhali 3836
Chatkhil Noakhali Chatkhil, Noakhali 3870
Chowmuhani Noakhali DB Road,Chowmuhani, Begumganj, Noakhali 3821
Dashgaria Noakhali Dashgaria, Chatkhil, Noakhali 3878
Datterhat Noakhali Datterhat, Noakhali Sadar, Noakhali 3800
Delta Gate Noakhali Karimpur Road, Chowmuhani, Begumganj, Noakhali 3821
Gopalpur Noakhali Gopalpur, Begumganj, Noakhali 3828
Hatiya Noakhali Surjamukhi, Hatiya, Noakhali 3890
Kashipur Bazar Noakhali Main Road, Moheshganj Bazar, Sonaimuri, Noakhali 3838
Khilpara Bazar Noakhali Khilpara Bazar, Chatkhil, Noakhali 3872
Maijdee Court Noakhali Maijdee Court, Noakhali 3800
Nadana Bazar Noakhali Nadana Bazar, Sonaimuri, Noakhali 3839
NSTU Noakhali Noakhali Sci & Tech University, Sonapur, Noakhali 3802
Senbagh Noakhali Main Road, Senbag, Noakhali 3860
Sompara Noakhali Sompara Bazar, Chatkhil, Noakhali 3882
Sonaimuri Noakhali Sonaimuri Bazar, Sonaimuri, Noakhali 3827
Zilla Board Noakhali Sonapur, Sadar, Noakhali 3802
Abdul Hamid Road Pabna Abdul Hamid Road, Pabna 6600
Atghoria Pabna Atghoria Bazar, Pabna 6610
Banogram Pabna Bera Bazar, Bonogram, Pabna 6680
Baral Bridge Pabna Baral Bridge, Vangura, Pabna 6640
College Gate Pabna College Gate, Ishwardi Road, Pabna 6600
Court Road Pabna Court Road, Pabna 6600
Dashuria Pabna Rail Bazar, Dashuria, Ishwardi, Pabna 6622
Dublia Bazar Pabna Dublia Bazar, Pabna 6600
HMM Road Pabna HMM Road, Pabna 6600
Ishwardi Pabna Station Road, Ishwardi, Pabna 6620
Kashinathpur Pabna Kashinathpur, Bera, Pabna 6680
Mirzapur Hat Pabna Mirzapur Hat, Austomnisha, Chatmohar, Pabna 6640
Muladuli Pabna Muladuli, Ishwardi, Pabna 6623
Nalkhola Pabna Nalkhola Bazar, Puran Varenga, Bera, Pabna 6683
Narikelpara Pabna Narikel Para, Chatmohar, Pabna 6630
Nazirganj Pabna Nazirganj Bazar, Sujanagar, Pabna 6661
Pushpapara Pabna Pushpapara, Pabna 6600
Raghunathpur Pabna Raghunathpur, Pabna 6600
Rail Bazar Pabna Rail Bazar, Chatmohar, Pabna 6630
Ruppur Pabna Joynagar Bazar, Ishwardi, Pabna 6620
Satbaria Pabna Satbaria, Pabna
Shibrampur Pabna Hazi Abdul Gani Road, Pabna 6600
Shyamganj Hat Pabna Trimohani Bazar, Natun Mirpur, Bera, Pabna 6682
Sujanagar Pabna Sujanagar, Pabna 6660
Trimohani Pabna Trimohani, Pabna
Chaklahat Panchagarh Chaklahat, Panchagarh 5000
Jagdalhat Panchagarh Jagdalhat, Panchagarh 5000
Mirzapur Panchagarh Mirzapur, Atwari, Panchagarh 5041
Panchagarh Panchagarh Panchagarh Bazar, Panchagarh 5000
Shalbahanhat Panchagarh Shalbahanhat, Tetulia, Panchagarh 5030
Tunirhat Panchagarh Tunirhat, Panchagarh Sadar, Panchagarh 5000
Alipur Bandar Patuakhali Mohepur Bazar, Kalapara, Patuakhali 8651
Bauphal Patuakhali Bazar Road, Bauphal, Patuakhali 8620
Dashmina Bazar Patuakhali Sadar Road, Dashmina, Patuakhali 8630
Galachipa Patuakhali Sadar Road, Galachipa, Patuakhali 8640
Kanakdia Patuakhali Kanakdia Bazar, Kanakdia, Bauphal, Patuakhali 8620
Khepupara Patuakhali Sadar Road, Khepupara, Kalapara, Patuakhali 8650
Kuakata Patuakhali Parjatan, Kuakata, Kalapara, Patuakhali 8651
Mirzaganj Patuakhali Mirzaganj Bazar, Patuakhali 8610
Natun Bazar Patuakhali Sadar Road, Natun Bazar, Patuakhali 8600
Patuakhali New Marker Patuakhali New Marker, Patuakhali 8600
PSTU Patuakhali Patuakhali Sci & Tech University, Dumki, Patuakhali 8602
Puran Bazar Patuakhali Puran Bazar, Patuakhali 8600
Bhandaria Pirojpur Bhandaria, Pirojpur 8550
Kaukhali Pirojpur Kaukhali, Pirojpur 3510
Mathbaria Pirojpur Mathbaria, Pirojpur 8560
Mirukhali Pirojpur Mirukhali, Mathbaria, Pirojpur 8431
Parerhat Pirojpur Parerhat, Zianagar, Pirojpur 8502
Pirojpur Pirojpur Pirojpur Sadar, Pirojpur 8500
Thana Comp Pirojpur Pirojpur Sadar, Pirojpur 8500
Pangsha Rajbari Pangsha, Rajbari 7700
Rajbari Rajbari Puran Bazar, Rajbari 7700
Bajubagha Rajshahi Narayanpur Bazar, Bagha, Rajshahi 6280
Baliaghata Rajshahi High School Building, Chowhodditola, Godagari, Rajshahi 6290
Baneshwar Bazar Rajshahi Dhaka Road, Baneshwar, Puthia, Rajshahi 6260
Bhadra Rajshahi Ananda Tower, Padma Abashik, Boalia, Rajshahi 6207
Charghat Rajshahi Charghat Bazar, Charghat, Rajshahi 6270
Court Bazar Rajshahi Court Bazar, Rajshahi Sadar, Rajshahi
Harian Rajshahi Rajshahi Sugar Mills, Paba, Rajshahi 6211
Lakshmipur Rajshahi Lakshmipur, Rajpara, Rajshahi 6000
Malopara Rajshahi Malopara, Ghoramara, Boalia, Rajshahi 6100
Nagar Bhaban Rajshahi Ranibazar, Ghoramara, Boalia, Rajshahi 6100
Nawhata Rajshahi Nawhata, Lalitganj, Paba, Rajshahi 6210
Puthia Rajshahi Dhaka Road, Puthia, Rajshahi 6260
Raighati Rajshahi Keshorhat, Mohanpur, Rajshahi 6220
Rajshahi Cantonment Rajshahi Upashahar, Rajshahi Cantonment, Boalia, Rajshahi 6202
Rajshahi New Market Rajshahi Gorhanga, Ghoramara, Boalia, Rajshahi 6100
Rajshahi University Rajshahi Rajshahi University, Motihar, Rajshahi 6205
Shaheb Bazar Rajshahi Shaheb Bazar, Ghoramara, Boalia, Rajshahi 6100
WAPDA Sopura Rajshahi BWDB Office Building, Sopura, Boalia, Rajshahi 6203
Banorupa Rangamati Bonorupa, Rangamati
Chandraghona Rangamati Chandraghona KPM, Chandraghona, Rangamati
Kaptai Rangamati Kaptai, Rangamati
Rangamati Rangamati Rangamati Sadar, Rangamati
Alamnagar Rangpur Station Approach Road, Alamnagar, Kotwali, Rangpur 5402
Badarganj Rangpur Parbatipur Raod, Badarganj, Rangpur 5430
Central Road Rangpur Central Road, Kotwali, Rangpur 5400
Kachukata Rangpur Kachukata, Rangpur 5330
Nek Mamudhat Rangpur Tambulpur Road, Pirgachha, Rangpur 5450
Pawtana Rangpur Pawtana, Pirgachha, Rangpur 5450
Pirgachha Rangpur Pirgachha Market, Pirgachha, Rangpur 5450
Rangpur Rangpur Station Road, Kotwali, Rangpur 5400
Rangpur Cadet College Rangpur Modern More, Cadet College, Kotwali, Rangpur 5404
Rangpur Medical College Rangpur College Campus, Dhaap, Kotwali, Rangpur 5400
Shakerhat Rangpur Badarganj Road, Upashahar, Kotwali, Rangpur 5400
Shanerhat Rangpur Shadullahpur Road, Shanerhat, Pirganj, Rangpur 5420
Taraganj Rangpur Taraganj Market, Taraganj, Rangpur 5420
Bangshipur Bus Stand Satkhira Satkhira-Munshiganj Sarak, Iswaripur, Shyamnagar, Satkhira 9450
Bhetkhali Satkhira Bhetkhali-Bangshipur Sarak, Bhetkhali, Shyamnagar, Satkhira 9450
Debhatta Satkhira Sakhipur Bazar Road, Debhatta, Satkhira 9430
Gazirhat Satkhira Satkhira-Munshiganj Sarak, Shimulia, Debhata, Satkhira 9430
Mautala Satkhira Mautala Bazar Road, Mautala, Kaliganj, Satkhira 9440
Nurnagar Satkhira Nurnagar Bazar, Shyamnagar, Satkhira 6451
Patkelghata Satkhira Patkelghata, Tala, Satkhira 9421
Satkhira Satkhira Bara Bazar Sarak, Satkhira 9400
Shyamnagar Satkhira Satkhira-Munshiganj Sarak, Nakipur, Shyamnagar, Satkhira 9450
Sundarban Satkhira Sundarban, Kalinagar, Shyamnagar, Satkhira 9455
Damudya Shariatpur Damuddya Bazar, Damuddya, Shariatpur 8040
Mulfatganj Shariatpur Mulfatganj Bazar, Naria, Shariatpur 8020
Naria Shariatpur Naria Bazar, Naria, Shariatpur 8020
Shariatpur Shariatpur Hazi Shariatullah Road, Palang, Shariatpur 8000
Kakarkandi Sherpur Nalitabari Bazar, Nalitabari, Sherpur 2110
Nalitabari Sherpur Taraganj Bazar, Nalitabari, Sherpur 2110
Nandir Bazar Sherpur Nandir Bazar, Moksudpur, Sherpur 2110
Nanni Bazar Sherpur Nanni, Nalitabari, Sherpur 2111
Sherpur Sherpur Sherpur Sadar, Sherpur 2100
Sreebardi Sherpur Mollah Market, Sreebardi, Sherpur
Tinani Bazar Sherpur Tinani Bazar, Hatibanda, Jhinaigati, Sherpur 2111
Vimganj Bazar Sherpur Vimganj Bazar, Sherpur
Bahuli Sirajganj Bahuli, Sirajganj 6700
Belkuchi Sirajganj Belkuchi, Sirajganj 6740
Beltail Sirajganj Betkandi Bazar, Betkandi, Shahjadpur, Sirajganj 6770
Brahmangacha Sirajganj Brahmangacha, Raiganj, Sirajganj 6720
Chandaikona Sirajganj Chandaikona, Raiganj, Sirajganj 6720
Dhubil Sirajganj Dhubil Bazzar, Raiganj, Sirajganj 6720
Enayetpur Sirajganj Enayetpur Bazar, Sirajganj 6751
Ghurka Sirajganj Salonga Bazar, Salonga, Sirajganj 6723
Kalibari Road Sirajganj Kalibari Road, Sirajganj, Sirajganj 6700
New Market Sirajganj New Market, Sirajganj 6700
Nimgachhi Sirajganj Nimgachhi Bazar, Raiganj, Sirajganj 6720
Pangashiahat Sirajganj Hatpangashi, Raiganj, Sirajganj 6720
Parjana Vatpara Sirajganj Zamirta Bazar, Shahjadpur, Sirajganj 6770
Raiganj Sirajganj Dhangara Bazar, Dhangara, Raiganj, Sirajganj 6720
Shahzadpur Sirajganj Monirampur Bazar, Shahzadpur, Sirajganj 6770
Somespur Sirajganj Somespur Bazar, Belkuchi, Sirajganj 6740
SS Road Sirajganj SS Road, Sirajganj 6700
Station Road Sirajganj Station Road, Sirajganj 6700
Talgachi Bazar Sirajganj Talgachi Bazar, Garadah, Shahjadpur, Sirajganj 6770
Ullapara Sirajganj Ullapara, Sirajganj 6761
Ambari Bazar Sunamganj Ambari Bazar, Duara Bazar, Sunamganj 8710
Chhatak Sunamganj Chhatak Bazar, Sunamganj 3080
Derai Sunamganj Dhirai Chandpur, Derai, Sunamganj 3040
Duara Bazar Sunamganj Duara Bazar, Sunamganj 3070
Sunamganj Sunamganj Sunamganj Sadar, Sunamganj 3000
Amberkhana Sylhet Ambarkhana, Sylhet Sadar, Sylhet 3100
Bairagir Bazar Sylhet Bairagir Bazar, Biswanath, Sylhet 3130
Balaganj Sylhet Balaganj, Sylhet 3120
Bandar Bazar Sylhet Bandar Bazar, Sylhet 3100
Beanibazar Sylhet Beani Bazar, Sylhet 3170
Biswanath Sylhet Biswanath, Sylhet 3130
Boaljur Bazar Sylhet Boaljur Bazar, Balaganj, Sylhet 3120
Chagli Bazar Sylhet Chagli Bazar, Jakiganj, Sylhet 3190
Chawkbazar Sylhet Chawkbazar, Silam, South Surma, Sylhet 3105
Dewalgram Sylhet Dewalgram, Beani Bazar, Sylhet 3160
Dhakadakshin Sylhet Dhakadakshin, Golapganj, Sylhet 3161
Fenchuganj Sylhet Fenchuganj, Sylhet 3116
Gasbari Bazar Sylhet Gasbari Bazar, Kanaigahat, Sylhet 3183
Goalabazar Sylhet Goalabazar, Osmnainagar, Sylhet 3124
Godown Bazar Sylhet Godown Bazar, Paton, Beanibazar, Sylhet 3170
Golapganj Sylhet Golapganj, Sylhet 3160
Haripur Gas Field Sylhet Haripur Gas Field, Chiknagul, Jaintapur, Sylhet 3152
Hatimganj Sylhet Hatimganj, Golapganj, Sylhet 3160
Jaflong Sylhet Jaflong Tea State, Gowainghat, Sylhet 3151
Jalalpur Bazar Sylhet Jalalpur Bazar, South Surma, Sylhet 3107
Kakardi Bazar Sylhet Kakardi Bazar, Teradal, Beanibazar, Sylhet 3170
Kaliginj Bazar Sylhet Kaliginj Bazar, Biswanath, Sylhet 3130
Kazir Bazar Sylhet Kazir Bazar, Sylhet 3100
Kuchai Sylhet Kuchai, Kadamtali, Sylhet 3111
Lala Bazar Sylhet Lala Bazar, South Surma, Sylhet 3113
Laldighirpar Sylhet Laldighir Par, Sylhet Sadar, Sylhet 3100
Mathiura Eidgah Sylhet Mathiura Iddgah, Beani Bazar, Sylhet 3172
Ramdah Bazar Sylhet Ramdah Bazar, Beanibazar, Sylhet 3170
Salutikar Bazar Sylhet Salutikar Bazar, Sylhet Sadar, Sylhet 3100
Saraker Bazar Sylhet Saraker Bazar, Kanaigahat, Sylhet 3180
Shibganj Sylhet Shibganj, Sylhet Sadar, Sylhet 3100
Station Road Sylhet Station Road, South Surma, Sylhet 3100
Subid Bazar Sylhet Subid Bazar, Sylhet Sadar, Sylhet 3100
Umarpur Bazar Sylhet Umarpur Bazar, Osmaninagar, Sylhet 3126
Zindabazar Sylhet Zinda Bazar, Sylhet 3100
Aishora Tangail Aishora, Basail, Tangail 1920
Basail Tangail Bashail Bus Stand, Tangail 1920
Bhuapur Tangail Pouroshava Road, Bhuapur, Tangail
Chapri Bazar Tangail Chapri Bazar, Tangail
Dhuburia Tangail Dhuburia, Nagarpur, Tangail 1937
Ghatail Tangail Ghatail, Tangail 1980
Gopalpur Tangail Gopalpur, Tangail 1990
Hemnagar Tangail Hemnagar, Gopalpur, Tangail 1992
Jamurki Tangail Jamurki Bazar, Mirzapur, Tangail 1944
Kanchanpur Tangail Kanchanpur, Bilpara Bazar, Basail, Tangail 1945
Karatia Tangail Karatia Bus Stand, Karatia, Tangail 1903
Kawaljani Tangail Kawaljani Baord Bazar, Kawaljani, Basail, Tangail 1973
Madhupur Tangail Madhupur Bus Stand, Madhupur, Tangail 1996
Mirzapur Tangail Mirzapur, Tangail 1940
Mirzapur Cadet College Tangail Mirzapur Cadet College, Mirzapur, Tangail 1941
Mohera Tangail Mohera, Mirzapur, Tangail 1945
Mymensingh Road Tangail Old Bus Stand, Mymensingh Road, Tangail 1900
Nagarpur Tangail Nagarpur, Tangail 1936
Nalua Bazar Tangail Nalua Bazar, Shakhipur, Tangail 1950
Sakhipur Tangail Sakhipur Bazar, Tangail 1950
Shalimabad Tangail Shalimabad, Nagarpur, Tangail 1938
Suruj Bazar Tangail Suruj Bazar, Gosai Jowair, Tangail 1900
Tangail Tangail Khan Plaza, Main Road, Tangail 1900
Warshi Tangail Warshi, Mirzapur, Tangail 1943
Begunbari Thakurgaon Pirgonj Bazar, Pirganj, Thakurgaon 5110
Haripur Thakurgaon Jibanpur, Haripur, Thakurgaon 5130
Munshirhat Thakurgaon Munshirhat, Khalishakuri, Thakurgaon 5100
Thakurgaon Thakurgaon Bangabandhu Road, Thakurgaon 5100

About Agrani Bank

Agrani Bank PLC is a leading commercial bank with 922 outlets strategically located in almost all the commercial areas throughout Bangladesh, overseas Exchange Houses and hundreds of overseas Correspondents. This bank came into being as a Public Limited Company on May 17, 2007 with a view to take over the business, assets, liabilities, rights and obligations. Agrani Bank Limited is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of 12 members headed by a Chairman. The bank has 11 Circle offices, 34 Divisions in head office, 62 zonal offices and 922 branches including 27 corporate and 40 authorized dealer branches.


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BDT Exchange Rates
CurrencyRate (৳)
US Dollar US Dollar (USD) 117.45
Euro Euro (EUR) 128.47
British Pound British Pound (GBP) 152.81
Australian Dollar Australian Dollar (AUD) 79.03
Canadian Dollar Canadian Dollar (CAD) 81.04
Swiss Franc Swiss Franc (CHF) 132.94
Japanese Yen Japanese Yen (JPY) 0.75
Saudi Arabian Riyal Saudi Arabian Riyal (SAR) 31.31
Indian Rupee Indian Rupee (INR) 1.41
Thai Baht Thai Baht (THB) 3.27
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