Bangladesh Krishi Bank Branch Listings

There are total 1029 branches of Bangladesh Krishi Bank situated in 48 districts in Bangladesh. You may browse the branches by districts or pick your nearby branch directly from the list below. Following table of all Bangladesh Krishi Bank branches will help you to have any particular branch address with location, telephone number, routing number, SWIFT code and other related information. Clicking any district names will provide you another list of branches in that particular district and so on any branch names will show you total branch information directly. We have arranged the list firstly by district names and secondly by branch names alphabetically.

Branches by Districts

All Branches by Names

Branch NameDistrictAddress
Badhal Bazar Bagerhat Badhal, Kachua, Bagerhat
Bagerhat Bagerhat Saroi, Rail Road, Bagerhat
C&B Bazar Bagerhat Korori, Rakhalgasi, Bagerhat
Chacksree Bazar Bagerhat Chacksree, Bayentola, Rampal, Bagerhat
Chhitalmari Bazar Bagerhat Chitalmari, Bagerhat
Daibaghati Bagerhat Daibaghati, Morrelganj, Bagerhat
Dargah Bagerhat Ronobijoypur, Satgumboj, Bagerhat
Fakirhat Bagerhat Kathaltala, Fakirhat, Bagerhat
Faltita Bazar Bagerhat Faltita Baniakhali, Mulghar, Fakirhat, Bagerhat
Fulhata Bazar Bagerhat Bohurbunia, Morrelganj, Bagerhat
Gazalia Bazar Bagerhat Gazalia, Kachua, Bagerhat
Kachua Bagerhat Kachua Bazar, Kachua, Bagerhat
Kalatola Bagerhat Kalatola, Chitalmari, Bagerhat
Mollahat Bagerhat Garpha, Udaypur, Mollahat, Bagerhat
Mongla Port Bagerhat Madrasha Road, Mongla, Bagerhat
Morrelganj Bagerhat
Mukkhait Bagerhat
Rampal Bagerhat
Rayenda Bazar Bagerhat
Sonnashi Bazar Bagerhat
Town Noapara Bagerhat
Alikadam Bandarban
Aziznagar Bandarban
Baichari Bandarban
Bandarban Bandarban
Lama Bandarban
Naikkhangchhari Bandarban
Roangchhari Bandarban
Ruma Bandarban
Thanchi Bandarban
Amtali Barguna
Ayla Bazar Barguna
Bamna Barguna
Barguna Barguna
Betagi Barguna
Chandokhali Barguna
Charduani Bazar Barguna
Dowatala Barguna
Fuljhuri Bazar Barguna
Gourichanna Barguna
Hasnabad Barguna
Kukua Barguna
Lemua Bazar Barguna
Mokamia Barguna
Patharghata Barguna
Taltali Barguna
Agailjhara Barisal
Babuganj Barisal
Baisari Barisal
Bakerganj Barisal
Banaripara Barisal
Barisal Barisal 0431 62193, 64501, 017 30708092
Bhashanchar Barisal
Choygram Bazar Barisal
Gournadi Barisal
Habibpur Bazar Barisal
Harta Bandar Barisal
Hizla Barisal
Karfa Bazar Barisal 017 30708995
Kazirhat Barisal
Khasherhat Barisal
Langutia Bazar Barisal
Maheshpur Bazar Barisal
Mahilara Barisal
Maulvirhat Barisal
Muladi Barisal
Patarhat Barisal
Raipasha Barisal
Ratanpur Barisal
Senerhat Barisal
Sholak Barisal
Sukhi Nilganj Barisal
Taltali Barisal
Ulania Bazar Barisal
Uzirpur Barisal
Bhola Bhola
Borhanganj Bazar Bhola
Borhanuddin Bhola
Charfasson Bhola
Dakshin Aicha Bazar Bhola 017 30708116
Daulatkhan Bhola
Dularhat Bhola
Ilishahat Bhola
Janata Bazar Bhola
Keramatganj Bazar Bhola
Kunjerhat Bhola
Lalmohan Bhola
Letra Bazar Bhola
Manpura Bhola
Mongal Sikder Bhola 017 30708125
Roychand Bhola
Tazumuddin Bhola
Akhaura Brahmanbaria
Ashuganj Brahmanbaria
Austagram Bazar Brahmanbaria
Awlia Bazar Brahmanbaria
Baishmouza Bazar Brahmanbaria
Bancharampur Brahmanbaria
Bishwaroad Bazar Brahmanbaria
Brahmanbaria Brahmanbaria
Chandura Brahmanbaria
Chargach Bazar Brahmanbaria
Chatalpar Bazar Brahmanbaria
Chayarkuri Bazar Brahmanbaria
Gopinathpur Bazar Brahmanbaria
Goshairpur Brahmanbaria
Jibanganj Bazar Brahmanbaria
Kaitala Brahmanbaria
Kalikaccha Brahmanbaria
Kasba Brahmanbaria
Kuti Bazar Brahmanbaria
Lalpur Bazar Brahmanbaria
Laurfatehpur Brahmanbaria
Nabinagar Brahmanbaria
Nasirnagar Brahmanbaria
Noorpur Bazar Brahmanbaria
Sarail Brahmanbaria
Satbarga Bazar Brahmanbaria
Satmura Bazar Brahmanbaria
Soyfullakandi Bazar Brahmanbaria
Ainatali Bazar Chandpur
Ashikhati Chandpur
Bagra Bazar Chandpur 017 30708157
Bakila Bazar Chandpur 017 30708158
Chandpur Chandpur
Chandra Bazar Chandpur
Charbhairabi Chandpur 017 30708161
Chhangerchar Chandpur
Choto Sundar Bazar Chandpur 017 30708163
Faridganj Chandpur
Gazra Bazar Chandpur 017 30708165
Gulbahar Chandpur
Haimchar Chandpur
Hajiganj Chandpur
Kachua Chandpur
Kakairtala Bazar Chandpur
Kalirbazar Chandpur
Majigacha Bazar Chandpur
Master Bazar Chandpur 017 30708172
Matlab Bazar Chandpur
Munshirhat Chandpur
Nauribazar Chandpur 017 30708175
Pirojpur Bazar Chandpur 017 30708176
Puran Bazar Chandpur
Sachar Bazar Chandpur
Saheb Bazar Chandpur 017 30708179
Shaharpar Chandpur
Shahrasti Chandpur
Abur Hat Chittagong
Abutorab Bazar Chittagong
Agrabad Corporate Chittagong 031 2520038, 2520070, 723600
Alamshapara Madrasha Chittagong
Anwara Chittagong
Ashrafali Chowdhury Hat Chittagong
Azadibazar Chittagong
Badamtali Chittagong 017 30708188
Bamansunder Darogarhat Chittagong
Banshkhali Chittagong
Baraiadhala Chittagong 017 30708190
Baraiarhat Chittagong
Boalkhali Chittagong
Bomanghat Chittagong 017 30708193
Budhpura Hat Chittagong 017 30708194
Chaitonnerhat Chittagong
Chaktai Chalpatty Chittagong
Chandanaish Chittagong
Chatori Chittagong
Chittagong Corporate Chittagong 031 2852319, 614088
College Bazar Chittagong 017 30708199
Dhoparhat Chittagong 017 30708200
Dohazari Chittagong
Fatikchhari Chittagong
Fazilkhar Hat Chittagong 017 30708203
Gachua Chittagong
Hathazari Chittagong
Heako Chittagong
Kalipur Chittagong 017 30708207
Kamal Bazar Chittagong
Katirhat Chittagong
Keranihat Chittagong
Khatunganj Chittagong
Khodarhat Chittagong 017 30708212
Kumira Chittagong
Lohagara Chittagong
Madanhat Chittagong
Mirsarai Chittagong
Nanupur Bazar Chittagong
Napora Bazar Chittagong
Narayanhat Chittagong
Nazirhat Chittagong
Nazumia Hat Chittagong
Pahartali Chowmuhani Chittagong
Panchuria Dighirpar Chittagong 017 30708223
Patherhat Chittagong
Patiya Chittagong
Pomra Chittagong
Rangunia Chittagong
Rangunia College Chittagong
Raozan Chittagong
Sandwip Chittagong
Satkania Chittagong
Shiberhat Chittagong
Sholoshahar Chittagong
Sitakunda Chittagong
Tea Board Chittagong
Wahedpur Chittagong 017 30708235
Alamdanga Chuadanga
Badarganj Bazar Chuadanga
Chuadanga Chuadanga
Damurhuda Chuadanga
Gholdari Chuadanga
Hizalgari Chuadanga
Jagannathpur Chuadanga
Jamjami Bazar Chuadanga 017 30708243
Jibannagar Chuadanga
Juranpur Chuadanga 017 30708245
Uthali Chuadanga
Adda Bazar Comilla
Alishwar Bazar Comilla
Amratali Comilla
Asmania Bazar Comilla
Baburchi Bazar Comilla
Badarpur Comilla
Bagmara Bazar Comilla
Bangodda Bazar Comilla
Barashalghar Comilla
Barura Comilla
Batisa Comilla
Baukshar Bazar Comilla 017 30708253
Bizra Bazar Comilla
Brahmanpara Comilla
Burichong Comilla
Chaliakandi Comilla 017 30708257
Chandina Comilla
Chandla Comilla
Chauddagram Comilla
Chowdhury Bazar Comilla
Comilla Comilla
Darorabazar Comilla 017 30708263
Daudkandi Comilla
Debidwar Comilla
Dhalua Comilla 017 30708266
Dhamti Madrasa Comilla
Dullai Nawabpur Dakhin Bazar Comilla
Gairbanga Bazar Comilla
Galiara Comilla 017 30708271
Hasnabad Comilla
Homna Comilla
Hyderabad Comilla
Joag Bazar Comilla
Juranpur Comilla
Kadair Bazar Comilla
Kankapaith Comilla 017 30708276
Kashinagar Comilla
Khoshbash Comilla 019 25139873
Lakhanpur Bazar Comilla 017 30708278
Laksam Comilla
Machimpur Comilla
Manoharganj Comilla
Maolana Saheber Bazar Comilla
Miabazar Comilla
Mohichail Comilla 017 30708282
Muradnagar Comilla
Naiyar Bazar Comilla 017 30708286
Nangalkot Comilla
Natherpetua Comilla
Nimsar Bazar Comilla
Police Line Comilla 02 29565848
Shidlai Comilla 017 30708289
Sonaimuri Bazar Comilla 017 30708291
Banglabazar Cox's Bazar
Bara Maheshkhali Cox's Bazar
Chiringa Cox's Bazar
Cox's Bazar Cox's Bazar
Dhurung Bazar Cox's Bazar
Dulahazra Cox's Bazar
Eidgaon Cox's Bazar
Garjania Bazar Cox's Bazar
Gorakghata Bazar Cox's Bazar
Harbang Cox's Bazar
Hnila Cox's Bazar
Hoanok Cox's Bazar
Kalarmarchara Cox's Bazar 017 30708305
Kutubdia Cox's Bazar
Matarbari Cox's Bazar
Pakua Cox's Bazar
Ramu Cox's Bazar
Teknaf Cox's Bazar
Ukhia Cox's Bazar
Ashulia Bazar Dhaka
Badda Dhaka
Balia Dhaka
Balishwar Dhaka 03791800010
Banani Corporate Dhaka 02 9888913
Bandurahat Dhaka
Chawkbazar Dhaka
Demra Bazar Dhaka
Dhamrai Dhaka
Dohar Dhaka
Farashganj Dhaka
Hazratpur Dhaka
Jurain Dhaka
Kamrangirchar Dhaka
Karwan Bazar Corporate Dhaka 02 9114962
Keraniganj Dhaka
Khamarbari Dhaka
Komarganjhat Dhaka
Mirpur Dhaka
Nandipara Bazar Dhaka
Nawabganj Dhaka
Principal Dhaka 02 9552996
Savar Dhaka
Shanirakhra Dhaka
Shaymoli Dhaka
Sholla Bazar Dhaka
Staff College Dhaka
Tajmahal Road Dhaka
Uttara Dhaka
Alfadanga Faridpur
Baburchar Faridpur
Bagat Faridpur
Baitul Aman Faridpur 017 30708344
Bakhunda Faridpur
Bhanga Faridpur
Bilgobindopur Faridpur
Boalmari Faridpur
Chandhat Faridpur 017 30708349
Charbhadrasan Faridpur
Faridpur Faridpur
Gopalpur Bazar Faridpur 017 30708352
Hajigonj Bazar Faridpur 017 30708353
Hat Krishnapur Faridpur 017 30708354
Ishan Gopalpur Faridpur 017 30708355
Kadirdi Bazar Faridpur
Kaulibera Faridpur
Khalilpur Bazar Faridpur 017 30708358
Laskardia Bazar Faridpur 017 30708359
Madhukhali Faridpur
Nagarkanda Faridpur
Pukhuria Faridpur 017 30708362
Purapara Bazar Faridpur 017 11223207
Sadarpur Faridpur
Saltha Bazar Faridpur
Talma Faridpur
Tambulkhana Bazar Faridpur 017 15030020
Aftab Bibirhat Feni 017 30708366
Amjadhat Feni 017 30708367
Box Mahmud Bazar Feni 017 30708368
Chhagalnaiya Feni
Daganbhuiyan Feni
Dudhmukha Bazar Feni
Fazilpur Bazar Feni
Feni Feni
Fulgazi Feni
GM Hat Feni 017 30708374
Joylaskar Feni
Kuhuma Santir Bazar Feni 017 30708376
Kuraish Munshi Bazar Feni 017 30708380
Kutirhat Feni 017 30708377
Mukta Bazar Feni
Parshuram Feni
Shuvapur Feni
Sonagazi Feni
Amraid Bazar Gazipur 017 30708382
Awrakhali Bazar Gazipur
Fulbaria Gazipur
Gazipur Gazipur
Jaina Bazar Gazipur 017 30708385
Kaliakair Gazipur 06822 51014
Kaliganj Gazipur
Kapasia Gazipur
Khirati Bazar Gazipur 017 20627476
Konabari Gazipur
Mirzapur Gazipur
Raniganj Bazar Gazipur
Sawraid Bazar Gazipur 017 30708393
Shafipur Gazipur
Sreepur Gazipur
Toknayan Bazar Gazipur 017 30708396
Tongi Gazipur
Banagram Gopalganj
Bashbaria Gopalganj
Batikamari Bazar Gopalganj
Bhangarhat Gopalganj
Bherarhat Gopalganj
Boiltoli Gopalganj
Chowdhuryhat Gopalganj
Goalgram Madrasa Gopalganj
Gohala Gopalganj
Gopalganj Gopalganj
Gopinathpur Gopalganj
Kajulia Gopalganj
Kashiani Gopalganj
Kathi Bazar Gopalganj
Kotalipara Gopalganj
Muksudpur Gopalganj
Nilfa Bazar Gopalganj
Radhaganj Bazar Gopalganj
Rajpat Bazar Gopalganj
Ramdia Gopalganj
Ratoil Bazar Gopalganj
Tungipara Gopalganj
Ujani Bazar Gopalganj
Ajmiriganj Habiganj
Amuroad Bazar Habiganj
Bahubal Habiganj
Baniachong Habiganj
Chowmuhani Bazar Habiganj
Chunarughat Habiganj
Dubai Hajiganj Habiganj
Goplar Bazar Habiganj
Habiganj Habiganj
Imambari Habiganj
Kakilcheo Habiganj
Kalauk Habiganj
Kashimnagar Habiganj
Kaziganj Bazar Habiganj
Lakhai Habiganj
Madhabpur Habiganj
Madna Habiganj
Mirpur Habiganj
Murakari Habiganj
Nabiganj Habiganj
Nagura Habiganj
Nalmukh Bazar Habiganj
Nandanpur Bazar Habiganj
Paharpur Bazar Habiganj
Paniumda Habiganj
Shakir Mamud Habiganj
Sujatpur Bazar Habiganj
Sundarpur Bazar Habiganj
Teliapara Habiganj
Bahadurabad Jamalpur
Bahatara Bazar Jamalpur 017 30708456
Bakshiganj Jamalpur
Baruamari Jamalpur
Bausi Bangali Jamalpur
Bhabki Bazar Jamalpur 017 30708454
Bharuakhali Bazar Jamalpur
Dewanganj Jamalpur
Guthail Bazar Jamalpur
Hazipur Bazar Jamalpur
Islampur Jamalpur
Jabbarganj Bazar Jamalpur
Jagannathganj Ghat Jamalpur
Jamalpur Jamalpur
Madarganj Jamalpur
Mahmudpur Bazar Jamalpur
Melandah Jamalpur
Milon Bazar Jamalpur
Molamganj Bazar Jamalpur
Nandina Jamalpur
Narundi Bazar Jamalpur
Natun Bazar Jamalpur 017 30708467
Sharifpur Bazar Jamalpur
Sharishabari Jamalpur
Shyamganj Kalibari Jamalpur
Sontia Bazar Jamalpur
Tarakandi Jamalpur 02 9515585
Tonki Bazar Jamalpur 02 9515585
Tulshipur Bazar Jamalpur 02 9515585
Bagharpara Jessore
Chowgacha Jessore
Gopalpur Bazar Jessore 017 30708352
Hasanpur Jessore 017 30708474
Jagadishpur Jessore
Jessore Jessore
Jhikargacha Jessore
Kayemkhola Bazar Jessore
Keshabpur Jessore
Khedapara Bazar Jessore
Kolagachi Jessore 02 9515585
Kuada Bazar Jessore 017 30708481
Lakhanpur Bazar Jessore 017 30708278
Manirampur Jessore
Moshiahati Jessore 017 30708484
Narayanpur Bazar Jessore 017 30708485
Navaron Jessore
Noapara Jessore
Rupdia Jessore
Sharsha Jessore
Shinghajhully Bazar Jessore
Telidhannyapora Jessore 017 11471651
Amua Jhalakathi
Basanda Jhalakathi
Binoykathi Jhalakathi
Chitky Bazar Jhalakathi
Galuabazar Jhalakathi
Jhalakathi Jhalakathi
Kaikhali Jhalakathi
Kathalia Bandar Jhalakathi
Mathbaria Jhalakathi
Nabagram Jhalakathi
Nalchity Jhalakathi
Nizamia Bazar Jhalakathi
Rajapur Jhalakathi
Ramachandrapur Bazar Jhalakathi
Taltala Bazar Jhalakathi
Baliadanga Bazar Jhenaidah 017 30708868
Bhairaba Bazar Jhenaidah 017 30708506
Bhalki Bazar Jhenaidah 017 30708507
Bhatoi Bazar Jhenaidah 017 30708508
Harinakunda Jhenaidah
Holidhani Jhenaidah
Jhenaidah Jhenaidah
Kachua Bazar Jhenaidah 017 30708980
Kaliganj Jhenaidah
Kastosagora Bazar Jhenaidah 017 30708515
Khulum Baria Jhenaidah
Kotchandpur Jhenaidah
Maheshpur Jhenaidah
Shailkupa Jhenaidah
Singibazar Jhenaidah
Dighinala Khagrachhari
Khagrachhari Khagrachhari 0371 61924
Lakshmichhari Khagrachhari
Manikchhari Khagrachhari 017 30708523
Matiranga Khagrachhari
Mohalchhari Khagrachhari 017 30708525
Panchhari Khagrachhari
Ramgarh Khagrachhari
Barakpur Khulna
Batiaghata Khulna
Birat Bazar Khulna 017 30708530
Chandkhali Khulna
Dacope Khulna
Daulatpur Khulna
Dumuria Khulna
Jaigirmahal Khulna
Jamira Bazar Khulna
Kazdia Khulna
KDA Bus Terminal Khulna
Khulna Corporate Khulna
Koyra Khulna
Labonchara Khulna 02 9565848
Nalian Bazar Khulna 017 30708543
New Market Khulna
Paikgachha Khulna
Phultala Khulna
Rupshaghat Khulna
Shahpur Khulna
Terokhada Khulna
Adampur Kishoreganj
Austagram Kishoreganj
Bajitpur Kishoreganj
Bhairab Bazar Kishoreganj
Chouddashoto Board Bazar Kishoreganj
Chouganga Bazar Kishoreganj
Gachihata Bazar Kishoreganj
Goshair Bazar Kishoreganj
Hilochia Kishoreganj
Hossainpur Kishoreganj
Itna Kishoreganj
Joysiddi Kishoreganj
Karimganj Kishoreganj
Katiadi Kishoreganj
Kishoreganj Kishoreganj
Kuliarchar Kishoreganj
Latifabad Kishoreganj
Marichkhali Bazar Kishoreganj
Masua Bazar Kishoreganj
Mithamain Kishoreganj
Neamatpur Kishoreganj
Nikli Kishoreganj
Pakundia Kishoreganj
Sararchar Kishoreganj
Shimulkandi Bazar Kishoreganj
Tarail Kishoreganj
Ailchara Kushtia 017 30708571
Amla Kushtia
Bahalbaria Kushtia
Bara Bazar Kushtia
Barkhada Kushtia
Bheramara Kushtia
Dangmarka Bazar Kushtia
Daulatpur Kushtia
Jhaudia Kushtia
Juniadah Kushtia
Khoksa Kushtia
Kuchiamora Bazar Kushtia
Kumarkhali Kushtia
Kushtia Kushtia
Madhupur Bazar Kushtia
Mirpur Kushtia
Char Alexandar Lakshmipur 017 30708587
Char Falcon Lakshmipur
Char Gazi Lakshmipur 017 30708589
Chowdhury Bazar Lakshmipur
Dighali Bazar Lakshmipur
Hajirpara Lakshmipur 017 30708591
Jaksin Bazar Lakshmipur 017 30708592
Kader Panditer Hat Lakshmipur 017 30708593
Karunanagar Bazar Lakshmipur 017 30708594
Lakshmipur Lakshmipur
Majhirgaon Bazar Lakshmipur 017 30708596
Mitali Bazar Lakshmipur 017 30708597
Panpara Bazar Lakshmipur 017 30708598
Poddar Bazar Lakshmipur 017 30708998
Raipur Lakshmipur
Rakhalia Bazar Lakshmipur
Ramganj Lakshmipur
Torabganj Lakshmipur
Bajitpur Madaripur
Chanderchar Madaripur
Ghatakchar Bazar Madaripur
Gopalpur Hat Madaripur
Kalir Bazar Madaripur 017 30708607
Kalkini Madaripur
Khasherhat Madaripur
Madaripur Madaripur
Mather Bazar Madaripur
Pachchar Bazar Madaripur
Rajoir Madaripur
Sahebrampur Madaripur 017 30708614
Shibchar Madaripur
Tatikanda Madaripur 017 15530246
Utrail Hat Madaripur 017 30708616
Uttar Ramjanpur Madaripur
Alamkhali Bazar Magura 017 30708617
Alokdia Magura 017 30708618
Amuria Bazar Magura 017 30708619
Arpara Magura 017 30708620
Bhabanhati Bazar Magura 017 30708621
Binodpur Magura 017 30708622
Dakkhin Mirzapur Magura 017 30708623
Jagdal Bazar Magura
Langalbad Magura
Magura Magura 02 9565848
Mohammadpur Magura
Nagra Bazar Magura
Radhanagar Magura
Sachilapur Magura 017 30708630
Satrujitpur Magura 017 30708631
Sreepur Magura
Baniajuri Manikganj
Charigram Manikganj
Daulatpur Manikganj
Ghior Manikganj
Harganj Manikganj
Harirampur Manikganj
Jagir Manikganj
Jhitka Manikganj
Joymontop Manikganj
Manikganj Manikganj
Mohadebpur Manikganj
Saturia Manikganj
Singair Manikganj
Tepra Manikganj
Baradi Meherpur 017 30708646
Dariapur Meherpur 017 30708647
Gangni Meherpur
Kathuli Meherpur 017 30708649
Meherpur Meherpur
Mujibnagar Meherpur
Ujalpur Meherpur
Baramchal Moulvibazar
Barlekha Moulvibazar
Bhatera Moulvibazar
Dighirpar Bazar Moulvibazar
Juri Moulvibazar
Kagabala Moulvibazar 017 30708658
Kamalganj Moulvibazar
Kulaura Moulvibazar
Monu Moulvibazar
Moulvibazar Moulvibazar
Mukam Bazar Moulvibazar
Rajnagar Moulvibazar
Sahidnagar Bazar Moulvibazar
Sherpur Bazar Moulvibazar 017 30708666
Sreemangal Moulvibazar
Aldi Bazar Munshiganj 017 30708668
Baraikhali Bazar Munshiganj
Betka Munshiganj
Bhaberchar Munshiganj
Charkewar Munshiganj
Gazaria Munshiganj
Gholtali Bazar Munshiganj
Hashara Munshiganj
Ichapura Munshiganj
Laohajang Munshiganj
Medinimondal Munshiganj
Munshiganj Munshiganj
Rarikhal Munshiganj
Sholaghar Munshiganj
Sirajdikhan Munshiganj
Sreenagar Munshiganj
Tongibari Munshiganj
Agricultural University Mymensingh
Ambikaganj Bazar Mymensingh
Austadhar Bazar Mymensingh
Bakta Bazar Mymensingh
Batajore Mymensingh
Bhaluka Mymensingh
Birunina Bazar Mymensingh
Chairbaria Bazar Mymensingh
Chechua Bazar Mymensingh
Dakatia Chowrasta Bazar Mymensingh
Dawhakhola Bazar Mymensingh
Dhalia Mymensingh
Dhanikhola Mymensingh
Dhobaura Mymensingh
Dhurail Bazar Mymensingh
Dohakhola Bazar Mymensingh
Fulbaria Bazar Mymensingh
Gafargaon Mymensingh
Gayeshpur Bazar Mymensingh
Gouripur Mymensingh
Haluaghat Mymensingh
Ishwarganj Mymensingh
Jail Road Mymensingh
Kandipara Mymensingh
Kashiganj Mymensingh
Kashiganj Bazar Mymensingh
Maejbagh Bazar Mymensingh
Maziali Mymensingh
Moazzempur Mymensingh
Modhupur Bazar Mymensingh
Muktagachha Mymensingh
Mymensingh Mymensingh
Nagla Bazar Mymensingh
Nandail Mymensingh
Phulpur Mymensingh
Seedstore Bazar Mymensingh
Shohagi Bazar Mymensingh
Shushuti Bazar Mymensingh
Tarakanda Mymensingh
Trishal Mymensingh
Habakhali Narail 017 30708720
Kalia Narail
Lahuria Bazar Narail 017 30708722
Lohagara Narail
Naragati Bazar Narail
Narail Narail
Sheikhhati Bazar Narail
Araihazar Narayanganj
Bandar Narayanganj
Fatulla Narayanganj
Golakandail Narayanganj
Hossainpur Narayanganj
Ichapura Bazar Narayanganj
Jangalia Bazar Narayanganj
Madanpur Narayanganj
Mahjampur Bazar Narayanganj
Narayanganj Corporate Narayanganj 02 64717
Poura Market Narayanganj
Rupganj Narayanganj
Satgaon Narayanganj
Siddhirganj Narayanganj
Sonargaon Narayanganj
Algi Bazar Narsingdi 017 33929006
Baburhat Narsingdi 017 30708741
Bannar Bazar Narsingdi 017 30708742
Baroicha Bazar Narsingdi
Belabo Narsingdi 017 30708744
Char Nagdibazar Narsingdi
Char Subuddibazar Narsingdi 017 30708745
Ghorashal Narsingdi
Hatirdia Narsingdi
Lakhpur Bazar Narsingdi 017 30708748
Manohardi Narsingdi
Morjal Bazar Narsingdi 017 30708750
Munsefer Char Narsingdi 017 17867250
Narsingdi Narsingdi
Paikan Bazar Narsingdi 02 9515585
Palash Narsingdi
Poradia Bazar Narsingdi 017 30708753
Raipura Narsingdi 017 30708754
Shahe Protap Narsingdi
Shekher Bazar Narsingdi
Shibpur Narsingdi 02 9565848
Atpara Netrokona
Barhatta Netrokona
Challisha Bazar Netrokona 017 30708759
Chesrakhali Netrokona
Duoz Netrokona 017 30708760
Durgapur Netrokona
Hironpur Bazar Netrokona 017 30708762
Jatrabari Netrokona 017 30708763
Kadamsree Netrokona 017 30708764
Kalmakanda Netrokona
Kendua Netrokona
Khaliajuri Netrokona
Khalishaur Netrokona 017 30708769
Kurpar Netrokona 017 30708765
Madan Netrokona
Mohanganj Netrokona
Nazirpur Netrokona 017 30708772
Netrokona Netrokona
Purbadhala Netrokona
Shahitpur Bazar Netrokona 017 30708775
Shyamganj Netrokona
Tatirkona Netrokona 017 30708777
Abirpara Noakhali 02 9515585
Basurhat Noakhali
Bottoly Bazar Noakhali
Char Fakira Noakhali 017 30708780
Char Ishwar Noakhali 017 30708781
Chatkhil Noakhali
Chowmuhani Noakhali
Deoti Bazar Noakhali
Hajari Hat Noakhali
Jahajmara Noakhali
Kabirhat Noakhali
Kadirpur Noakhali 017 30708787
Karmullah Bazar Noakhali
Khasherhat Noakhali 017 30708794
Kutuber Hat Noakhali 017 30708788
Maijdee Court Noakhali
Mearhat Noakhali 017 30708790
Neazpur Noakhali 017 30708791
Ramnarayanpur Noakhali 017 30708792
Sahebalir Bazar Noakhali 017 30708793
Senbagh Noakhali
Sonapur Noakhali
Yeasin Hazirhat Noakhali 02 9515585
Amkhola Patuakhali
Awliapur Patuakhali 017 30708797
Baherchar Bandar Patuakhali 017 30708798
Bauphal Patuakhali
Chandpura Bandar Patuakhali 017 30708800
Char Kajal Patuakhali 017 30708801
Chiknikandi Bazar Patuakhali 017 30708802
Chotobighai Bazar Patuakhali
Dashmina Patuakhali
Dumki Patuakhali
Gabua Bazar Patuakhali 017 30708806
Galachipa Patuakhali
Kalaia Bandar Patuakhali
Kalapara Patuakhali
Karkhana Patuakhali
Keshabpur Patuakhali
Kuakata Patuakhali
Lamna Barabazar Patuakhali
Mohipur Patuakhali 017 30708812
Muradia Patuakhali 017 30708813
Nagarer Hat Patuakhali 017 30708814
Panpatty Patuakhali
Patuakhali Patuakhali
Pukurjana Bazar Patuakhali 017 30708817
Subidkhali Patuakhali
Baitakata Pirojpur 017 30708819
Baldia Pirojpur
Bara Machua Pirojpur
Bhandaria Pirojpur
Chandipur Pirojpur 017 30708823
Chiltala Bazar Pirojpur 017 30708824
Dhanishafa Pirojpur 017 30708825
Durgapur Pirojpur
Ekri Bazar Pirojpur
Gulishakhali Pirojpur
Kalakhali Pirojpur 017 30708829
Kaukhali Pirojpur
Kawrikhara Pirojpur
Kuriana Pirojpur
Mathbaria Pirojpur
Matibhanga Pirojpur 017 30708834
Mulgramhat Pirojpur
Nazirpur Pirojpur
Pirojpur Pirojpur
Sankarpasha Pirojpur
Shapleza Bazar Pirojpur
Swarupkathi Pirojpur
Telikhali Pirojpur 017 30708841
Zianagar Pirojpur
Bagdulihat Rajbari
Bahadurpur Bazar Rajbari 017 30708844
Baliakandi Rajbari
Goalanda Rajbari
Habashpur Bazar Rajbari 017 30708847
Mrigi Bazar Rajbari 017 30708848
Mulghar Rajbari
Panchuria Bazar Rajbari 017 30708850
Pangsha Rajbari
Rajbari Rajbari
Ratandia Rajbari
Sonapur Bazar Rajbari 017 30708854
Sreepur Rajbari 017 30708632
Bagaichhari Rangamati
Barkal Rangamati
Bilaichhari Rangamati
Jurachhari Rangamati
Kaptai Rangamati
Kawkhali Rangamati
Longado Rangamati 017 30708862
Naniarchar Rangamati
Raikhali Bazar Rangamati 017 30708864
Rajasthali Rangamati 017 30708865
Rangamati Rangamati
Assasuni Satkhira
Baliadanga Bazar Satkhira 017 30708868
Bhomra Sthal Bandar Satkhira 017 30708869
Debhata Satkhira
Dhulihar Bazar Satkhira 017 30708871
Ghona Satkhira
Gunakarkati Satkhira
Kalaroa Satkhira
Kaliganj Satkhira
Khorda Bazar Satkhira 017 30708876
Krishnanagar Satkhira
Reoi Bazar Satkhira 017 30708878
Sakhipur Satkhira
Satkhira Satkhira 0471 62393
Shyamnagar Satkhira
Sonabaria Bazar Satkhira 017 30708881
Tala Satkhira
Bhedarganj Shariatpur
Burirhat Bazar Shariatpur 017 30708999
Chikondi Shariatpur
Damudya Shariatpur
DM Khali Bazar Shariatpur
Dogri Bazar Shariatpur 017 30708887
Gharishar Bazar Shariatpur
Gosairhat Shariatpur
Haturia Bazar Shariatpur 017 30708890
Kaneshwar Bazar Shariatpur 017 30708891
Kartikpur Bazar Shariatpur
Kodalpur Bazar Shariatpur 017 30708893
Lawkhola Shariatpur 017 30708894
Nagerpara Bazar Shariatpur 017 30708895
Naria Shariatpur
Sakhipur Bazar Shariatpur 017 30708897
Shariatpur Shariatpur
Zajira Shariatpur
Bazitkhila Sherpur
Bhayadanga Sherpur 017 30708901
Gazir Khamar Sherpur 017 30708902
Jhenaigati Sherpur
Kakorkandi Sherpur
Kurua Bazar Sherpur 017 30708904
Kusumhati Sherpur 017 30708905
Nakla Sherpur
Nalitabari Sherpur
Naljora Bazar Sherpur 017 30708908
Nayabil Bazar Sherpur 017 30708909
Patakata Bazar Sherpur 017 30708910
Sherpur Sherpur
Sreebordi Sherpur
Badaghat Sunamganj
Bangla Bazar Sunamganj
Bishwambarpur Sunamganj
Boalia Bazar Sunamganj
Chhatak Sunamganj
Dawrai Bazar Sunamganj
Derai Sunamganj
Dharmapasha Sunamganj
Dowarabazar Sunamganj
Dungria Sunamganj
Gobindaganj Sunamganj
Golakpur Bazar Sunamganj
Jagannathpur Sunamganj
Jawa Bazar Sunamganj
Joynagar Bazar Sunamganj
Kalkalia Sunamganj
Madhyanagar Sunamganj
Mangalkata Bazar Sunamganj
Mina Bazar Sunamganj
Moinpur Bazar Sunamganj
Patharia Bazar Sunamganj
Rafinagar Sunamganj
Rajaniganj Bazar Sunamganj
Raniganj Bazar Sunamganj
Sachna Bazar Sunamganj
Shalla Sunamganj
Shyamarchar Sunamganj
Sunamganj Sunamganj 0871 61295
Tahirpur Sunamganj
Ambarkhana Sylhet
Balaganj Sylhet
Bandar Bazar Sylhet
Beanibazar Sylhet
Bhabaniganj Bazar Sylhet
Bishwanath Sylhet
Charkhai Sylhet
Chotul Bazar Sylhet
Companiganj Sylhet
Darpa Nagar Sylhet 017 30708947
Dewan Bazar Sylhet 017 30708949
Doyar Bazar Sylhet
Dubag Bazar Sylhet 017 30708950
Fenchuganj Sylhet
Golapganj Sylhet
Gowainghat Sylhet
Hadarpar Bazar Sylhet 017 17534116
Jaintiapur Sylhet
Kanaighat Sylhet
Khajanchigaon Sylhet 017 30708956
Moglabazar Sylhet 017 30708957
Ratanganj Bazar Sylhet 017 30708958
Salutikar Sylhet
Shiber Bazar Sylhet
Sylhet Corporate Sylhet 0821 714464
Tajpur Bazar Sylhet
Zakiganj Sylhet
Alokdia Tangail 017 30708963
Awliabad Tangail 017 30708965
Balla Bazar Tangail
Bangra Tangail 017 30708967
Basail Tangail
Batholishadi Bazar Tangail
Bhabkhanda Bazar Tangail 017 30708969
Bhadra Bazar Tangail 017 30708970
Bhuapur Tangail
Charpara Bazar Tangail 017 30708972
Delduar Tangail
Dhanbari Tangail
Elenga Tangail
Ghatail Tangail 09225 56062
Gopalpur Tangail
Goyhatta Bazar Tangail 017 30708977
Hatubhanga Tangail 017 30708978
Jhawail Bazar Tangail
Kachua Bazar Tangail 017 30708513
Kakraid Tangail 017 30708981
Kalihati Tangail
Karatia Tangail 0921 62506
Madhupur Tangail
Mirzapur Tangail
Mogra Bazar Tangail
Nagarpur Tangail
Nalua Bazar Tangail 017 30708987
Porabari Tangail
Sahabatpur Bazar Tangail 017 30708989
Sajanpur Tangail 017 30708990
Sakhipur Tangail
Shimla Bazar Tangail 017 30708992
Sholakuri Bazar Tangail
Singuria Bazar Tangail
Takterchala Bazar Tangail
Tangail Tangail 0921 53043

About Bangladesh Krishi Bank

KRISHI means Agriculture. Bangladesh Krishi Bank (BKB) is a 100% Government owned specialized bank in Bangladesh. Since its inception, BKB is financing in agricultural sector remarkably. BKB also performs commercial banking. People working abroad can easily send money home through our Taka Drawing Arrangement. The major occupation of the people of Bangladesh is "Krishi". Krishi is a Bengali word which means "Agriculture". About 85% of the population depends directly or indirectly on agriculture which contributes a significant portion to GDP.


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BDT Exchange Rates
CurrencyRate (৳)
US Dollar US Dollar (USD) 84.75
Euro Euro (EUR) 101.42
British Pound British Pound (GBP) 118.24
Australian Dollar Australian Dollar (AUD) 65.95
Canadian Dollar Canadian Dollar (CAD) 67.36
Swiss Franc Swiss Franc (CHF) 91.55
Japanese Yen Japanese Yen (JPY) 0.78
Saudi Arabian Riyal Saudi Arabian Riyal (SAR) 22.60
Indian Rupee Indian Rupee (INR) 1.17
Thai Baht Thai Baht (THB) 2.78
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