Janata Bank Branch Listings

There are total 901 branches of Janata Bank PLC situated in 64 districts in Bangladesh. You may browse the branches by districts or pick your nearby branch directly from the list below. Following table of all Janata Bank branches will help you to have any particular branch address with location, telephone number, routing number, SWIFT code and other related information. Clicking any district names will provide you another list of branches in that particular district and so on any branch names will show you total branch information directly. We have arranged the list firstly by district names and secondly by branch names alphabetically.

Branches by Districts

All Branches by Names

Branch NameDistrictAddress
Bagerhat Bagerhat Bagerhat Sadar, Bagerhat 9300
Digraj Bagerhat Digraj, Mangla, Bagerhat 9350
Foylahat Bagerhat Foylahat, Rampal, Bagerhat 9341
Lokhpur Bagerhat Lokhpur, Fakirhat, Bagerhat 9370
Mongla Port Compound Bagerhat Mongla Port, Bagerhat 9351
Putikhali Bagerhat Putikhali, Morelganj, Bagerhat 9300
Rail Road Bagerhat Rail Road, Bagerhat 9300
Rampal Bagerhat Rampal, Bagerhat 9340
Sharankhola Bagerhat Rayanda Bazar, Sharankhola, Bagerhat 9330
Bandarban Bandarban Bandarban Sadar, Bandarban 4600
Lama Bandarban Lama, Bandarban 4640
Naikhangchhari Bandarban Naikhangchhari, Bandarban 4660
Amtali Barguna Amtali, Barguna 8710
Barguna Barguna Barguna Sadar, Barguna 8700
Agailjhara Barishal Agailjhara, Barisal 8240
Alekanda Bangla Bazar Barishal Alekanda Bangla Bazar, Barisal 8200
Bakerganj Barishal Rangasree, Bakerganj, Barisal 8280
Barisal Barishal Municipal Super Market, Sadar Road, Barisal 8200
Barisal Medical College Barishal Barisal Medical College, Barisal Sadar, Barisal 8200
Bazar Road Barishal Bazar Road, Barisal 8200
Bhurghata Barishal Bhurghata, Gournadi, Barisal 8231
Chawkbazar Barishal Chawkbazar, Barisal Sadar, Barisal 8200
Kakardha Barishal Kakardha, Bakerganj, Barisal 8280
Kalashkathi Barishal Kalashkathi, Bakerganj, Barisal 8284
Kashipur Barishal Goni Bhaban, Natullabad, Barisal 8205
Muladi Barishal Muladi, Barisal 8250
Natun Bazar Barishal Natun Bazar, Barisal 8200
Padrishibpur Barishal Padrishibpur, Bakerganj, Barisal 8282
Paterhat Barishal Paterhat, Mehendiganj, Barisal 8270
Port Road Barishal Port Road, Barisal 8200
Sarikal Barishal Sarikal, Gournadi, Barisal 8233
Torki Barishal Torki Bandar, Gaurnadi, Barisal 8231
Alinagar Bhola Jugirghol, College Road, Bhola 8300
Bhola Bhola Sadar Road, Bhola 8300
Borhanganj Bhola Borhanganj, Borhanuddin, Bhola 8320
Borhanuddin Bhola Sadar Road, Borhanuddin, Bhola 8320
Char Fasson Bhola Char Fasson, Bhola 8340
Darun Bazar Bhola Darun Bazar, Borhanuddin, Bhola 8320
Kunjerhat Bazar Bhola Kunjerhat, Borhanuddin, Bhola 8320
Lalmohan Bhola Alam Bhaban, Holding No. 523, Hafizuddin Avenue, Lalmohan, Bhola 8320
Adamdighi Bogura Adamdighi, Bogra 5890
Bogra Bogura Baragola, Bogra 5800
BSCIC Industrial Estate Bogura BSCIC Industrial Estate, Bogra 5800
Chandaikona Bogura Chandaikona, Sherpur, Bogra 5841
Chandan Baishya Bogura Chandan Baishya, Sariakandi, Bogra 5831
Chandni Bazar Bogura Helal Mukul Complex, Bogra 5800
Fuldighi Bogura Fuldighi, Shahjahanpur, Bogra 5800
Godarpara Bogura Godarpara, Erulia, Bogra 5800
Katnarpara Bogura Katnarpara, Bogra 5800
Kundagram Bogura Kundagram, Adamdighi, Bogra 5881
Palli Unnayan Academy Bogura Palli Unnayan Academy, Sherpur, Bogra 5842
Ranirhat Bogura Ranirhat, Shahjahanpur, Bogra 5801
Santahar Bogura Shantahar, Adamdighi, Bogra 5891
Shatabdi Market Bogura Arafat Complex, BRTC Market, Satmatha, Bogra 5800
Sherpur Bogura Sherpur, Bogra 5840
Shibganj Bogura Shibganj, Bogra 5810
Sonatola Bogura Sonatola, Bogra 5826
Akhauara Brahmanbaria Akhauara, Brahmanbaria 3450
Aruail Brahmanbaria Aruail, Sarail, Brahmanbaria 3430
Ashuganj Brahmanbaria Ashuganj, Brahmanbaria 3402
Ashuganj Sar Karkhana Brahmanbaria Asuganj Shar Karkhana, Ashuganj, Brahmanbaria 3403
Banchharampur Brahmanbaria Banchharampur, Brahmanbaria 3420
Bayek Brahmanbaria Saldanadi, Kasba, Brahmanbaria 3460
Bholachang Bazar Brahmanbaria Bholachang, Nabinagar, Brahmanbaria 3410
Biddyakut Brahmanbaria Biddyakut, Nabinagar, Brahmanbaria 3410
Brahmanbaria Brahmanbaria Brahmanbaria Sadar, Brahmanbaria 3400
Brahmanbaria Cooperative Brahmanbaria Brahmanbaria Sadar, Brahmanbaria 3400
Chinair Bazar Brahmanbaria Masihata, Bhatshala, Brahmanbaria 3450
Chunta Brahmanbaria Chunta, Sarail, Brahmanbaria 3430
Kasba Brahmanbaria Kasba, Brahmanbaria 3260
Krishna Nagar Brahmanbaria Krishna Nagar, Nabinagar, Brahmanbaria 3410
Kuti Brahmanbaria Kuti, Kasba, Brahmanbaria 3461
Mogra Bazar Brahmanbaria Gongasagar, Akhaura, Brahmanbaria 3452
Moinpur Bazar Brahmanbaria Moinpur, Kaimpur, Kasba, Brahmanbaria
Nabinagar Brahmanbaria Nabinagar, Brahmanbaria 3410
Niaz Park Brahmanbaria Niaz Park, Brahmanbaria 3400
Rupashdi Brahmanbaria Dakshin Rupashdi, Banchharampur, Brahmanbaria 3420
Sarail Cooperative Brahmanbaria Kuttapara, Sarail, Brahmanbaria 3430
Shuhilpur Brahmanbaria Shuhilpur, Brahmanbaria 3400
Tanbazar Brahmanbaria Tanbazar, Brahmanbaria 3400
Ujanchar Bazar Brahmanbaria Ujanchar Bazar, Banchharampur, Brahmanbaria 3420
Balithoba Bazar Chandpur Balithoba Bazar, East Balithoba, Faridgang, Chandpur
Bepanibagh Chandpur Bepanibag, Chandpur 3600
Chandpur Cooperative Chandpur Chairman Ghat, Sholaghar, Chandpur 3600
Chandpur Puran Bazar Chandpur Puran Bazar, Chandpur 3601
Faridganj Chandpur Faridganj, Chandpur 3650
Gallak Bazar Chandpur Gallak Bazar, Faridganj, Chandpur 3611
Hajiganj Chandpur Hajiganj, Chandpur 3610
Kachua Chandpur Kachua, Chandpur 3630
Kalipur Bazar Chandpur Kalipur Bazar, Matlab North, Chandpur 3642
Matlab Chandpur Matlabganj, Matlab South, Chandpur 3640
Mohanpur Chandpur Mohanpur, Matlab North, Chandpur 3641
Natun Bazar Chandpur JM Sengupta Road, Chandpur 3600
Palakhal Chandpur Palakhal, Kachua, Chandpur 3633
Satbaria Chandpur Rahima Nagar, Kachua, Chandpur 3632
Sengarchar Chandpur Sengarchar, Matlab North, Chandpur 3643
Suchipara Chandpur Suchipara, Shahrasti, Chandpur 3620
Sujatpur Bazar Chandpur Sujatpur Bazar, Matlab North, Chandpur 3640
Chapai Nawabganj Chapai Nawabganj Godagari Road, Chapai Nawabganj 6300
Chatra Chapai Nawabganj Chatra, Shibganj, Chapai Nawabganj 6341
Dewpara Chapai Nawabganj Dewpura, Gomastapur, Chapai Nawabganj 6320
Kansat Chapai Nawabganj Kansat, Shibganj, Chapai Nawabganj 6341
Mallikpur Chapai Nawabganj Mallikpur, Nachole, Chapai Nawabganj 6310
Nachole Chapai Nawabganj Nachole, Chapai Nawabganj 6310
Ranihati Chapai Nawabganj Ranihati, Shibganj, Chapai Nawabganj 6340
Rohanpur Chapai Nawabganj Rohanpur, Gomastapur, Chapai Nawabganj 6320
Shibganj Chapai Nawabganj Shibganj, Chapai Nawabganj 6340
Ambagan Chattogram Tigerpass Road, Ambagan, Khulsi, Chittagong 4000
Amir Market Chattogram Khatunganj, Lama Bazar, Kotwali, Chittagong 4000
Asadganj Chattogram NGS Chambar, Kotwali, Chittagong 4000
Ashraf Ali Road Chattogram Marium Market, 1 Ashraf Ali Road, Kotwali, Chittagong 4000
Aturar Depo Chattogram Aturar Depo, Hathazari Road, Amin Jute Mills, Panchlaish, Chittagong 4211
Bakalia Chattogram Hazi Tower, Kalameah Bazar, Bakalia, Chittagong 4000
Baluchara Chattogram Jalalabad, Bayazid Bostami, Chittagong 4214
Barabkunda Chattogram Barabkunda Bazar, Sitakunda, Chittagong 4312
Bayazid Bostami Chattogram Bangladesh Oxygen, Hathazari Road, Bayazid Bostami, Chittagong 4210
Bomanghat Chattogram Bazalia, Satkania, Chittagong 4388
Burishchar Chattogram Nuralibari, Hathazari, Chittagong 4337
Chaktai Chattogram 62/263 Nutun Chaktai, Bakalia, Chittagong 4000
Chawkbazar Chattogram Rahman Market, Chawkbazar, Kotwali, Chittagong 4203
Chittagong Cantonment Chattogram Chittagong Cantonment, Bayazid Bostami, Chittagong 4210
Chittagong CPZ Chattogram 6606(P) Islam Mansion, Airport Road, Bandar, Chittagong 4223
Chittagong Foreign Exchange Chattogram CDA Annex Building, Kotwali, Chittagong 4000
Chittagong Ladies Chattogram 943 OR Nizam Road, Panchlaish, Chittagong 4000
Chittagong Port Chattogram BSC Bhaban, Bandar, Chittagong 4100
Chittagong University Chattogram Chittagong University Campus, Hathazari, Chittagong 4331
Chittagong WASA Chattogram WASA Building, CDA Avenue, Dampara, Chittagong 4000
Chottagong New Market Chattogram 38 CDA New Market, Kotwali, Chittagong 4000
Chowdhuryhat Chattogram Fatehabad, Hathazari Road, Hathazari, Chittagong 4330
City Corporation Chattogram City Corporation Bhaban, Kotwali, Chittagong 4000
Colonelhat Chattogram Colonelhat, Uttar Kattali, Pahartali, Chittagong 4217
CUFL Chattogram CUFL, Anwara, Chittagong 4376
Dewanhat Chattogram Fazia Market, Dewanhat, Sheik Mujib Road, Pathantuli, Double Mooring, Chittagong 4000
Dohazari Chattogram Dohazari, Chandanaish, Chittagong 4382
Dry Dock Chattogram Biman Bandar Road, East Potenga, Chittagong 4205
Faizia Bazar Chattogram Faizia Bazar, Rahimpur, Hathazari, Chittagong 4330
Fatikchhari Chattogram Fatikchhari, Chittagong 4350
Firingi Bazar Chattogram 800 Firingi Bazar, Bridge Ghat, Kotwali, Chittagong
Gohira Chattogram Gohira, Raozan, Chittagong 4343
Hathazari Chattogram Hathazari, Chittagong 4330
Jalilnagar Chattogram Jalil Nagar, Raozan, Chittagong 4340
Jorarganj Chattogram Jorarganj, Mirsharai, Chittagong 4324
Jubilee Road Chattogram Taz Machinery Market, 234 Jubilee Road, Chittagong 4000
Kadamtali Chattogram Baitul Sharaf Market, Kadamtali, Double Mooring, Chittagong 4204
Kalurghat Chattogram Mohara, Chandgaon, Chittagong 4208
Kamar Ali Bazar Chattogram Kamar Ali, Mirsharai, Chittagong 4320
Karerhat Chattogram Karerhat, Mirersharai, Chittagong 4327
Katghar Chattogram Potenga, Chittagong 4204
Kazir Dewri Chattogram 120 Nur Ahmed Road, Kazir Dewri, Chittagong 4000
Khatunganj Chattogram 265 Khatunganj, Kotwali, Chittagong 4000
Kumira Chattogram Kumira, Sitakunda, Chittagong 4314
Laldighi East Chattogram Bank Square, Laldighi East, Chittagong 4000
Lohagara Chattogram Lohagara, Chittagong 4396
Mimi Super Market Chattogram Mimi Super Market, 1/B Bayazid Bostami Road, Panchlaish, Chittagong 4210
Mirsharai Chattogram Mirsharai, Chittagong 4320
Mohammadpur Chattogram Siraj Shopping Complex, 85 Muradpur, Pachlaish, Chittagong 4203
Muradpur Chattogram Sk Farid Market, Muradpur, Panchlaish, Chittagong 4203
Nazirhat Chattogram Nazirhat, Hathazari, Chittagong 4353
Padua Chattogram Padua, Lohagara, Chittagong 4397
Pahartali Chattogram 2192/3008 DT Road, Pahartali, Chittagong 4202
Paroma Chattogram NT Madrasa, Rangunia, Chittagong 4360
Patenga Road Chattogram Patenga Road, Patenga, Chittagong 4204
Patiya Chattogram Patiya, Chittagong 4370
Reazuddin Bazar Chattogram Rahman Centre, 582-587 Reaz Uddin Bazar, Chittagong 4000
Sadarghat Road Chattogram Azim Plaza, 45 Darogahat Road, Kotwali, Chittagong 4000
Sadharan Bima Bhaban Chattogram Sadharan Bima Bhaban, Pathantuly, Double Mooring, Chittagong 4000
Salimpur Chattogram Jafrabad, Sitakunda, Chittagong 4317
Sarkerhat Chattogram Mirzapur, Hathazari, Chittagong 4334
Satkania Chattogram Satkania, Chittagong 4386
Shaherkhali Chattogram Shaherkhali, Mirsharai, Chittagong 4321
Sitakunda Chattogram Sitakunda, Chittagong 4310
Sk Mujib Road Chattogram 27 Sk. Mujib Road, Agrabad C/A, Chittagong 4000
Sohrawardi Road Chattogram 7/A HS Sohrawardi Road, Kotwali, Chittagong 4000
Strand Road Chattogram Kulsuma Building, 100 Strand Road, Bangla Bazar, Double Mooring, Chittagong 4000
Terri Bazar Chattogram Syed Ahmed Chowdhury Market, Terri Bazar, Kotwali, Chittagong 4000
Alamdanga Chuadanga Alamdanga, Chuadanga 7210
Chuadanga Chuadanga Chuadanga Sadar, Chuadanga 7200
Darshana Chuadanga Darshana, Damurhuda, Chuadanga 7221
Hashadah Chuadanga Hashadah Jiban Nagar, Chuadanga 7330
Jibannagar Chuadanga Daulatganj, Jiban Nagar, Chuadanga 7230
Kapashdanga Chuadanga Kapashdanga, Damurhuda, Chuadanga 7221
Rail Bazar Chuadanga Chuadanga Sadar, Chuadanga 7200
Chakaria Cox's Bazar Chiringa, Chakaria, Cox's Bazar 4741
Cox's Bazar Cox's Bazar Cox's Bazar Sadar, Cox's Bazar 4700
Kutubdia Cox's Bazar Kutubdia, Cox's Bazar 4720
Pekua Cox's Bazar Pekua, Cox's Bazar 4641
Ramu Cox's Bazar Ramu, Cox's Bazar 4730
Teknaf Cox's Bazar Teknaf, Cox's Bazar 4760
AK Fazlul Haque Road Cumilla AK Fazlul Haque Road, Manoharpur, Comilla 3500
Alkara Cumilla Alkara, Chauddagram, Comilla 3583
Baira Cumilla Baira, Muradnagar, Comilla 3542
Barura Cumilla Barura, Comilla 3560
Batakandi Bazar Cumilla Batakandi, Titas, Comilla 3547
Bharashar Bazar Cumilla Isapura, Burichang, Comilla 3520
Bhowksher Bazar Cumilla Bhowksher Bazar, Barura, Comilla 3561
Bhulain Bazar Cumilla Bhulain Bazar, Nangalkot, Comilla 3580
Burichang Cumilla Burichang, Comilla 3520
Chandina Samabay Cumilla Chandina, Comilla 3510
Chauddagram Cumilla Chauddagram, Comilla 3550
Chawkbazar Cumilla Chawkbazar, Comilla Adarsha Sadar, Comilla 3500
Comilla Cumilla Chhatipotti, Rajganj Road, Comilla 3500
Comilla Cadet College Cumilla Kotbari, Comilla Sadar South, Comilla 3503
Comilla Cooperative Cumilla House No. 9, Block A, Section 1, Housing State, Comilla 3500
Comilla EPZ Cumilla EPZ, Comilla Sadar South, Comilla 3500
Comilla University Cumilla Kotbari, Comilla University Campus, Comilla Sadar South, Comilla 3503
Companiganj Cumilla Companiganj, Muradnagar, Comilla 3542
Daudkandi Cumilla Daudkandi, Comilla 3516
Debidwar New Market Cumilla Debidwar, Comilla 3530
Dharmapur Cumilla Dharmapur, Comilla Adarsha Sadar, Comilla 3500
Dulalpur Bazar Cumilla Dulalpur, Homna, Comilla 3546
Elahabad Bazar Cumilla Elahabad Bazar, Debidwar, Comilla
Fakirbazar Cumilla Fakir Bazar, Burichang, Comilla 3520
Gandamati Bazar Cumilla Kotbari, Comilla Sadar South, Comilla 3503
Gouripur Bazar Cumilla Gouripur Bazar, Daudkandi, Comilla 3517
Gunabati Cumilla Gunabati, Chauddagram, Comilla 3583
Homna Cumilla Homna, Comilla 3546
Jafarganj Cumilla Gangamandal, Debidwar, Comilla 3531
Kamalla Cumilla Kamalla, Muradnagar, Comilla 3540
Kandirpar Cumilla Kandirpar, Comilla 3500
Laksam Cumilla Laksam, Comilla 3570
Mohanpur Bazar Cumilla Mohanpur Bazar, Debidwar, Comilla 3510
Nalghar Bazar Cumilla Nalghar Bazar, Chauddagram, Comilla 3550
Nangalkot Cumilla Nangalkot, Comilla 3580
Payerkhola Cumilla Bardain, Chauddagram, Comilla 3583
Ramchandrapur Cumilla Ramchandrapur, Muradnagar, Comilla 3541
Ramkrishnapur Cumilla Ramkrishnapur, Homna, Comilla 3546
Shahebabad Bazar Cumilla Shahebabad Bazar, Brahmanpara, Comilla 3526
Shasangachha Cumilla Shashangachha, Comilla Adarsha Sadar, Comilla 3500
Shashidal Bazar Cumilla Shashidal Bazar, Brahmanpara, Comilla 3526
Shuaganj Bazar Cumilla Shuaganj Bazar, Comilla Sadar South, Comilla
Sundalpur Cumilla Dashpara, Daudkandi, Comilla 3518
Abdul Gani Road Dhaka Biddut Bhaban, 1 Abdul Gani Road, Shantinagar, Dhaka 1217
Abul Hasnat Road Dhaka 17 NCC Road, Mahuthtuly, Bangshal, Dhaka 1100
Alubazar Dhaka 32 Siddik Bazar, North South Road, Bangshal, Dhaka
Aminbazar Dhaka Parbat Cinema Complex, Gabtali, Mirpur, Dhaka 1216
Arambagh Dhaka Hotel Al-Helal Building, 186 Innar Circular Road, Motijheel, Dhaka 1000
Armanitola Dhaka 10-11 Syed Hasan Ali Lane, Armanitola, Kotwali, Dhaka 1100
Ashrafabad Road Dhaka Sultanganj, Kamrangir Char, Dhaka
Badda Dhaka Cha-74 Hossain Market, Badda, Dhaka 1212
Balughat Bazar Dhaka 1/1 Barontek, Balughat, Pallabi, Dhaka 1206
Banani Dhaka House 79/1, Block 1, Bir Uttam Ziaur Rahman Sarak, Chairman Bari, Banani, Dhaka 1213
Bangla Motor Dhaka 110 Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Bangla Motor, Dhaka 1215
Bangshal Road Dhaka 215 Bangshal Road, Bangshal, Dhaka 1000
Begum Rokeya Sarani Dhaka 218 Begum Rokeya Sarani, West Kafrul, Mohammadpur Housing, Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka 1207
Champatali Lane Dhaka 11 Champatali Lane, Chawk Bazar, Dhaka 1100
Chawakbazar Dhaka 200-201 Water Works Road, Chawakbazar, Dhaka 1100
Dakshinkhan Dhaka AD Plaza, Dakshinkhan, Dhaka 1230
Dhaka College Gate Dhaka 30 Mirpur Road, New Market, Dhaka 1205
Dhaka Foreign Exchange Dhaka 57 Purana Paltan, Dhaka 1000
Dhaka New Market Dhaka 55/2-55/3 New Market, Dhaka 1205
Dhaka University Campus Dhaka TSC Bhaban, Dhaka University Campus, Shahbagh, Dhaka 1000
Dhakeshwari Road Dhaka 22/6 Dhakeshwari Road, Chawkbazar, Dhaka 1205
Dhamrai Dhaka Holding No. B/250, Ward 3, Dhamrai, Dhaka 1350
Dhanmondi Dhaka ENA Tower DE-OLIO, 57/3/4/5 Panthapath, Kalabagan, Dhaka 1205
Dilkusha Dhaka Raj Bhaban, 29 Dilkusha C/A, Motijheel, Dhaka 1223
DMCH Dhaka Dhaka Medical College Hospital, Shahbagh, Dhaka 1000
Elephant Road Dhaka 272 Elephant Road, Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1205
English Road Dhaka 32/Ka Johnnson Road, Sutrapur, Dhaka 1100
Fakirapool Dhaka 4 Inner Circular Road, Motijheel, Dhaka 1000
Farashganj Dhaka 17/B Farashganj, Sutrapur, Dhaka 1100
Farmgate Dhaka 14 Tejkuni Para, Farmgate,Dhaka 1215
Fulbaria Dhaka 178-179 Siddique Bazar, Fulbaria, Bangshal, Dhaka 1000
Galimpur Dhaka Galimpur Bazar, Agla, Nawabganj, Dhaka 1323
Ganashastha Kendra Dhaka Ganashastha Bhaban, Mirzanagar, Ashulia, Dhaka 1344
Gandaria Dhaka 110 Distillery Road, Gandaria, Sutrapur, Dhaka 1204
Green Road Dhaka Green Super Market, 139-140 Green Road, Dhaka 1215
Gulshan Circle 1 Dhaka Habib Super Market, 50 South Gulshan, Gulshan 1, Dhaka 1212
Gulshan Circle 2 Dhaka Barun Bhaban, 15 North Gulshan C/A, Dhaka 1212
Hatkhola Road Ladies Dhaka 42/4 Hatkhola Road, Tikatuli, Wari, Dhaka 1203
Hazaribagh Dhaka Gaz Mahal, Plot 1, Ward 48, Hazaribagh, Dhaka 1209
ICMH Dhaka Tusher Dhara, ICMH Bhaban, Matuail, Kadamtali, Dhaka 1362
Imamganj Dhaka 20 Imamganj, Chawakbazar, Dhaka 1211
Islampur Road Dhaka Sharfuddin Mansion, 74-75 Islampur Road, Kotwali, Dhaka 1100
IWTA Dhaka IWTA Terminal Building, Sadarghat, Kotwali, Dhaka 1100
Jamuna Future Park Dhaka Store No. 6, Block C, Ka-244, Pragrati Sarani, Badda, Dhaka
Janata Bhaban Dhaka 110 Motijheel C/A, Dhaka 1000
Jatrabari Dhaka Haji Abdur Rahim Bhuiyan Bhaban, Holding No. 80/C/2, Bibir Bagicha, Jatrabari, Dhaka
Jurain Dhaka 34-35 DIT Indistrial Area, Gandaria, Shyampur, Dhaka 1204
Kakrail Dhaka 70/E VIP Road, Kakrail, Dhaka 1000
Kamalapur Bazar Dhaka Razzaq Tower, 22 Kamalapur Bazar, Motijheel, Dhaka 1217
Kaptan Bazar Dhaka Hamidunessa Electric Market, Holding No. 144/2/A, Nawabpur Road, Sutrapur, Dhaka 1203
Karwan Bazar Dhaka Wasa Bhaban, 98 Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Karwan Bazar, Tejgaon, Dhaka 1215
Kemal Ataturk Avenue Dhaka Sofura Tower, 20 Kemal Ataturk Avenue, Banani, Dhaka 1213
Khilgaon Road Dhaka 62/B Khilgaon, Dhaka 1219
Lakshmibazar Dhaka 15 Lakshmi Bazar, Sutrapur, Dhaka 1100
Local Office Dhaka 1 Dilkusha C/A, Motijheel, Dhaka 1000
Mirpur 1 Dhaka Plot No. 333/35, Road 9, Block D, Mirpur Section 1, Shah Ali, Dhaka 1218
Mirpur 10 Dhaka Plot 34, Block Kha, Circle 10, Mirpur, Dhaka 1218
Mitford Road Dhaka 162/A Biren Bosh Street, Mitford Road, Chawakbazar, Dhaka 1100
Moghbazar Dhaka 63/A Bara Moghbazar, Dhaka 1217
Mohakhali Dhaka 19 Mohakhali C/A, Dhaka 1213
Mohammadpur Dhaka 77/C Asad Avenue, Mohammadpur, Dhaka 1207
Mokimkatra Dhaka 48 Mokimkatra, Moulvibazar, Chawakbazar, Dhaka 1100
Motijheel Dhaka 48 Motijheel C/A, Dhaka 1000
Mouchak Market Dhaka Golden Plaza, 95 Siddhshwari Road, Dhaka 1217
Mugdapara Dhaka Sky View Plaza, Holding No. 3/2, South Mugdapara, Dhaka
Nagar Bhaban Dhaka 5 Phoenix Road, Fulbaria, Dhaka 1000
Narinda Road Dhaka 73/A Lalmohan Saha Street, Wari, Dhaka 1203
Nawabganj Dhaka 49-51 Nawabganj Road, Posta, Lalbagh, Dhaka 1211
Nawabpur Road Dhaka 90 Nawabpur Road, Wari, Dhaka 1100
Nayarhat Dhaka Nayarhat Bus stand, Ashulia, Dhaka 1350
Nazimuddin Road Dhaka 137 Abul Hasnat Road, Bangshal, Dhaka 1100
NRB Corporate Dhaka 48 Motijheel C/A, Motijheel, Dhaka 1000
Posta Dhaka 93 Water Works Road, Posta, Chawkbazar, Dhaka 1211
Postagola Dhaka 54/1 Nabin Chandra Goshwami Road, Faridabad, Shyampur, Dhaka 1204
Purana Paltan Dhaka HBFC Building, 22 Purana Paltan, Dhaka 1000
Rajanigandha Super Market Dhaka Kochukhet, Dhaka Cantonment, Kafrul, Dhaka 1206
Rajarbagh Dhaka 12 Outer Circular Road, Rajarbagh, Dhaka 1217
Rajfulbaria Dhaka 723 Nagarchar, Rajfulbaria Bazar, Savar, Dhaka 1347
Rajuk Bhaban Dhaka Rajuk Bhaban, Motijheel, Dhaka 1223
Ramna Dhaka 15 Bangabandhu Avenue, Dhaka 1000
Rampura Dhaka 1 Hazipara, DIT Road, Rampura, Dhaka 1219
Rayerbazar Dhaka 112/H East Rayer Bazar, Zigatala, Dhaka 1209
REB Corporate Dhaka Palli Biddutayan Board, Head Quarter, Nikunja 2, Khilkhet, Dhaka 1229
Rupnagar Dhaka Plot 36, Road 18, Rupnagar R/A, Mirpur, Pallabi, Dhaka 1218
Ruposhi Bangla Hotel Dhaka 1 Minto Road, Ramna, Dhaka 1000
Sadarghat Dhaka 71-72 Patuatuly, Kotwali, Dhaka 1100
Sarulia Dhaka Rani Mohal Complex, Sarulia, Demra, Dhaka 1361
Satmasjid Road Dhaka 21/B Zigatala, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka 1209
Savar Dhaka A/143 Savar Bazar, Dhaka 1340
Shantinagar Dhaka 14/1 Kakrail Road, Shantinagar, Dhaka 1217
Sher-e-Bangla Nagar Dhaka Planning Commission, Block 13, Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka 1215
Shyamoli Dhaka 24 Shyamoli, Mirpur Road, Mohammadpur Housing, Mohammadpur, Dhaka 1207
Shyampur Dhaka Faridabad, Shyampur, Dhaka 1204
Sonargaon Road Dhaka DK Tower, 94 Bir Uttam CR Datta Road, Shahbagh, Dhaka 1205
Tejgaon Industrial Area Dhaka 7/I-A BFDC Road, Tejgaon Industrial Area, Tejgaon Shilpanchal, Dhaka 1208
Thatari Bazar Dhaka Zakaria Complex, 11-12 Thatari Bazar, Wari, Dhaka 1203
Tipu Sultan Road Dhaka 59/1 Tipu Sultan Road, Wari, Dhaka 1100
Topkhana Road Dhaka Meherba Plaza, 33 Topkhana Road, Dhaka 1000
UGC Bhaban Dhaka University Grants Commission Bhaban, Plot E-18, Agargaon, Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka 1206
Urdu Road Dhaka 26 Urdu Road, Posta, Chawkbazar, Dhaka 1211
Uttara Model Town Dhaka House No. 23, Road 7, Sector 4, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka 1230
Uttarkhan Dhaka Kanchkura, Uttarkhan, Dhaka 1230
Victoria Park Dhaka Mannan Manson, 50 North Brook Hall Road, Ward 43, Sutrapur, Dhaka 1100
WAPDA Corporate Dhaka WAPDA Bhaban, 9 Motijheel C/A, Dhaka 1000
Zero Point Dhaka 38 Bangabandhu Avenue, Dhaka GPO, Paltan, Dhaka 1000
Zinzira Dhaka Tin Patty, Zinzira Bazar, Keraniganj, Dhaka 1310
Aftabganj Dinajpur Kushdoh, Nababganj, Dinajpur
Ambari Dinajpur Ambari, Parbatipur, Dinajpur 5261
Bahadur Bazar Dinajpur Bahadur Bazar, Dinajpur Sadar, Dinajpur 5200
Bara Bandar Dinajpur Bara Bandar, Dinajpur Sadar, Dinajpur 5200
Birampur Dinajpur Birampur, Dinajpur 5266
Chirir Bandar Dinajpur Chirir Bandar, Dinajpur 5240
Dashmail More Dinajpur Dashmail More, Kaharul, Dinajpur 5200
Dinajpur Dinajpur Ganeshtala, Kotwali, Dinajpur 5200
Dinajpur Medical College Road Dinajpur Medical College Road, Dinajpur 5200
Fulbari Bazar Dinajpur Fulbari Bazar, Fulbari, Dinajpur 5260
Hili Sthala Bandar Dinajpur Hili Sthala Bandar, Bangla Hili, Hakimpur, Dinajpur 5270
Kabirajhat Dinajpur Kabiraj Hat, Bhabki, Birganj, Dinajpur 5220
Narabari Dinajpur Akargram, Biral, Dinajpur 5210
Parbatipur Dinajpur Parbatipur, Dinajpur 5250
Pulhat Dinajpur Pulhat, Dinajpur 5200
Setabganj Dinajpur Setabganj, Bochaganj, Dinajpur 5216
Bhanga Faridpur Bhanga, Faridpur 7830
Boalmari Faridpur Boalmari, Faridpur 7860
Faridpur Faridpur Mujib Sarak, Niltuly, Kotwali, Faridpur 7800
Goalchamat Faridpur Bhanga Rastar More, Goalchamat, Faridpur 7800
Kalamridha Faridpur Kala Mridha, Bhanga, Faridpur 7830
Station Road Faridpur Station Road, Faridpur 7800
Titumir Market Faridpur A R Bhaban, Badam Patty, Chawkbazar, Faridpur 7800
Bakerbazar Feni Bakerbazar, Dagonbhuia, Feni 3922
Chhagalnaiya Feni Chhagalnaiya, Feni 3910
College Road Feni Rail Gate, Feni Sadar, Feni 3900
Daganbhuiyan Feni Daganbhuiyan, Feni 3920
Dudhmukha Feni Dudhmukha, Daganbhuiyan, Feni 3921
Feni Feni Trank Road, Feni Sadar, Feni 3900
Fulgazi Feni Fulgazi, Feni 3942
Hazir Bazar Feni Hazir Bazar, Feni Sadar, Feni 3900
Mohipal Feni Mohipal, Feni Sadar, Feni 3900
Mohuriganj Feni Daulatpur, Chhagalnaiya, Feni 3910
Motiganj Feni Motiganj, Sonagazi, Feni 3931
Munshirhat Feni Munshirhat, Fulgazi, Feni 3943
Olama Bazar Feni Olama Bazar, Sonagazi, Feni 3930
Parshuram Feni Parshuram, Feni 3940
Rajapur Feni Rajapur, Daganbhuiyan, Feni 3923
Sonagazi Feni Sonagazi, Feni 3930
Bamandanga Gaibandha Bamandanga, Sundarganj, Gaibandha 5721
Bridge Road Gaibandha Bridge Road, Gaibandha Sadar, Gaibandha 5700
Gaibandha Gaibandha DB Road, Gaibandha 5700
Gobindaganj Gaibandha Gobindaganj, Gaibandha 5740
Hat Lakshmipur Gaibandha Hat Lakshmipur, Gaibandha 5700
Kalir Bazar Gaibandha Salua, Udakhali, Fulchhari, Gaibandha
Mirganj Bazar Gaibandha Sundarganj, Gaibandha 5720
Palashbari Gaibandha Palashbari, Gaibandha 5730
Tulshighat Gaibandha Tulshighat, Gaibandha 5700
BOU Campus Gazipur Bangladesh Open University Campus, National University, Gazipur 1704
Gazipur Gazipur Tanvir Plaza, Bus Stand Road, Joydebpur, Gazipur 1700
Kaliakoir Gazipur Kaliakoir Bazar, Gazipur 1750
Mouchak Scout Camp Gazipur Mouchak Scout Camp, Kaliakoir, Gazipur 1750
Porabari Bazar Gazipur Ipsha, Gazipur Sadar, Gazipur 1706
Tongi Gazipur 172 Mymensingh Road, Tongi, Gazipur 1710
Gopalganj Gopalganj Fatema Plaza, 119 Chowrangi Road, Gopalganj 8100
Kotalipara Gopalganj Kotalipara, Gopalganj 8110
Muksudpur Gopalganj Gopinathpur, Muksudpur, Gopalganj
Ragdhi Gopalganj Khaliya, Muksudpur, Gopalganj 8140
Satpar Gopalganj Satpar, Gopalganj 8100
Tungipara Gopalganj Tungipara, Gopalganj 8120
Bahubal Habiganj Bahubal, Habiganj 3310
Bulla Bazar Habiganj Bulla Bazar, Lakhai, Habiganj 3340
Chhatian Bazar Habiganj Chhatian Bazar, Madhabpur, Habiganj 3332
Chunarughat Habiganj Chunarughat, Habiganj 3320
Goplar Bazar Habiganj Goplar Bazar, Nabiganj, Habiganj 3371
Habiganj Habiganj Habiganj Sadar, Habiganj 3300
Madhabpur Habiganj Madhabpur, Habiganj 3330
Markuli Habiganj Kadirganj, Baniachang, Habiganj 3352
Montala Habiganj Montala, Madhabpur, Habiganj 3330
Nabiganj Habiganj Nabiganj, Habiganj 3370
Nayapara Habiganj Nayapara, Madhabpur, Habiganj 3333
Shayestaganj Habiganj Shaistaganj, Habiganj 3301
Bakshiganj Bazar Jamalpur Bakshiganj, Jamalpur 2140
Baliajuri Bazar Jamalpur Balijuri, Madarganj, Jamalpur 2041
Dewanganj Bazar Jamalpur Dewanganj, Jamalpur 2030
Dhanua Kamalpur Jamalpur Dhanua Kamalpur, Bakshiganj, Jamalpur 2140
Islampur Jamalpur Islampur, Jamalpur 2020
Jamalpur Jamalpur Jamalpur Sadar, Jamalpur 2000
Jamuna Sar Karkhana Jamalpur Tarakandi, Sharishabari, Jamalpur 2055
Mahmudpur Bazar Jamalpur Mahmudpur, Melandah, Jamalpur 2013
Melandah Jamalpur High School Road, Melandah, Jamalpur 2010
Nandina Jamalpur Nandina, Jamalpur 2001
Sarishabari Jamalpur Sarishabari, Jamalpur 2050
Station Road Jamalpur Station Road, Jamalpur 2000
Zonail Bazar Jamalpur Ward 9, Zonail, Madarganj, Jamalpur
Bakra Jessore Bakra, Jhikargachaa, Jessore 7420
Benapole Jessore Benapole, Sarsha, Jessore 7431
Chanchra Jessore Chanchra, Jessore Sadar, Jessore 7402
Chatiantola Jessore Chatiantola, Bagharpara, Jessore 7470
HMM Road Jessore H M M Road, Jessore Sadar, Jessore 7400
Jhikargachha Jessore Jhikargachha, Jessore 7420
Keshabpur Jessore Keshabpur, Jessore 7450
Ladies Jessore 4 RN Road, Jessore 7400
Mahakal Jessore Changutia Bazar, Abhaynagar, Jessore 7460
MK Road Jessore Jes Tower, MK Road, Jessore 7400
Monirampur Jessore Monirampur, Jessore 7440
Navaran Jessore Jadabpur, Jhikargachha, Jessore 7432
Noapara Jessore Yasin Plaza, Noapara Bazar, Abhaynagar, Jessore 7460
Upashahar Jessore Upashahar, Jessore 7401
Jhalakathi Jhalakathi Jhalakathi Sadar, Jhalakathi 8400
Station Road Jhalakathi Station Road,  Jhalakathi 8400
Bhatai Bazar Jhenaidah Bhatai, Shailakupa, Jhenaidah 7320
Bhawanipur Jhenaidah Sadhuganj, Harinakunda, Jhenaidah 7310
Bishaykhali Jhenaidah Kharikhali, Jhenaidah 7300
Ganna Bazar Jhenaidah Ganna Bazar, Jenaidah Sadar, Jhenaidah 7300
Harinakundu Jhenaidah Harinakundu, Jhenaidah 7310
Hatfazilpur Jhenaidah Kumiradaha, Shailkupa, Jhenaidah 7321
Jhenaidah Jhenaidah Jhenaidah Sadar, Jhenaidah 7300
Joradah Jhenaidah Joradah, Harinakunda, Jhenaidah 7310
Kaliganj Jhenaidah Naldanga, Kaliganj, Jhenaidah 7350
Katlagari Bazar Jhenaidah Katlagari, Shailkupa, Jhenaidah 7320
Kotchandpur Jhenaidah Kotchandpur, Jhenaidah 7330
Maheshpur Jhenaidah Maheshpur, Jhenaidah
Shailkupa Jhenaidah Shailkupa, Jhenaidah 7320
Jamalganj Joypurhat Jamalganj, Akkelpur, Joypurhat 5941
Joypurhat Joypurhat Joypurhat Sadar, Joypurhat 5900
Panchbibi Joypurhat Panchbibi, Joypurhat 5910
Tilakpur Joypurhat Tilakpur, Akkelpur, Joypurhat 5942
Khagrachhari Khagrachhari Khagrachhari Sadar, Khagrachhari 4400
Alamnagar Khulna Khalishpur, Khulna 9000
BISIC Industrial Estate Khulna Phultala, Shiromoni, Khan Jahan Ali, Khulna 9204
Daulatpur Khulna Daulatpur, Khulna 9202
Fultala Khulna Damadar, Fultala, Khulna
Gallamari Khulna Sher-e-Bangla Road, Nirala More, Khulna 9100
Hazi Mohsin Road Khulna 98 Hazi Mohsin Road, Khulna 9100
Helatala Road Khulna Helatala Road, Khulna 9100
Kapilmuni Bazar Khulna Kapilmuni, Paikgachha, Khulna 9282
KDA Building Khulna KDA Building, Khulna 9100
Khalishpur Khulna BIDC Road, Khalishpur, Khulna 9000
Khan A Sabur Road Khulna Janata Bank Bhaban, 8 KDA C/A, Khulna 9100
Khan Jahan Ali Road Khulna Khan Jahan Ali Road, Khulna 9100
Khulna Khulna 76 Lower Jessore Road, Khulna 9100
KUET Khulna KUET, Bit, Khan Jahan Ali, Khulna 9203
Mirerdanga Khulna Mirerdanga, Fulbari Gate, Khan Jahan Ali, Khulna 9206
Noornagar Khulna Khalishpur, Khulna 9000
Paikgachha Khulna Paikgachha, Khulna 9280
Roosevelt Jetty Khulna Roosvelt Jetty, Custom House, Khalishpur, Khulna 9000
Rupsha Khulna Rupsha, Nutun Bazar, Khulna 9100
Rupsha East Khulna Rupsha East, Rupsa, Khulna 9241
Shalua Bazar Khulna Shalua Bazar, Rangpur Kali Bari, Domuria, Khulna 9202
Sheikpara Bazar Khulna Sheik Para Bazar, BK Roy Road, Khulna 9100
Bajitpur Kishoreganj Bajitpur, Kishoreganj 2336
Bangalpara Kishoreganj Bangal Para, Austagram, Kishoreganj 2380
Bhairab Bazar Kishoreganj Puran Thana Road, Bhairab Bazar, Kishoreganj 2350
Bhairab Bus Stand Kishoreganj Ward 2, Bhairab, Kishoreganj
Ghagra Bazar Kishoreganj Ghagra, Mithamoin, Kishoreganj 2370
Itna Kishoreganj Itna, Kishoreganj 2390
Katiadi Kishoreganj Katiadi, Kishoreganj 2330
Katkhal Bazar Kishoreganj Katkhal Bazar, Mithamoin, Kishoreganj 2371
Kishoreganj Kishoreganj Station Road, Kishoreganj 2300
Kuliarchar Kishoreganj Kuliarchar, Kishoreganj 2340
Laxmipur Bazar Kishoreganj Laxmipur Bazar, Gobria Abdullapur, Kuliarchar, Kishoreganj 2338
Manikhali Bazar Kishoreganj Manikhali Bazar, Katiadi, Kishoreganj 2331
Mithamoin Kishoreganj Mithamoin, Kishoreganj 2370
Pakundia Kishoreganj Nurjahan Plaza, 556 Hossenpur Road, Ward 5, Pakundia, Kishoreganj
Sararchar Kishoreganj Sararchar, Bajitpur, Kishoreganj 2337
Bhurungamari Kurigram Bhurungamari, Kurigram 5670
Durgapur Kurigram Durgapur High School, Durgapur, Ulipur, Kurigram
Kurigram Kurigram Dadamore, Kurigram 5600
Nageshwari Kurigram West Nageshwari, Nageshwari, Kurigram 5660
Raiganj Kurigram Nagar Bandh, Nageshwari, Kurigram 5660
Trimohani Bazar Kurigram Belgachha, Khalilganj, Kurigram Sadar, Kurigram 5600
Ulipur Kurigram Ulipur, Kurigram 5620
Allardargah Kushtia Allardargah, Daulathpur, Kushtia 7042
Bagulat Kushtia Durbachara, Kumarkhali, Kushtia 7010
Barakhada Kushtia Barakhada, Kushtia Sadar, Kushtia 7000
Bheramara Kushtia Bheramara, Kushtia 7040
Chowrhas Bazar Kushtia Chowrhas Bazar, Jagati, Kushtia 7002
Dangmarka Bazar Kushtia Khashmathurapur, Daulatpur, Kushtia 7052
Khajanagar Kushtia Khaja Nagar Bazar, Jagati, Kushtia 7002
Khoksa Kushtia Khoksa Bazar, Khoksa, Kushtia 7021
Kumarkhali Kushtia Kumarkhali, Kushtia 7010
Kushtia Kushtia 146 NS Road, Kushtia 7000
Rajarhat Kushtia Rajar Hat, Mohini Mills, Kushtia 7001
Ramcandra Roy Street Kushtia Ram Chandra Roy Street, Kushtia Sadar, Kushtia 7000
Sukanta Bipani Kushtia Sukanta Bipani, Kushtia 7000
Bhatra Bazar Lakshmipur Bhatra Bazar, Ramganj, Lakshmipur 3720
Char Alexander Lakshmipur Char Alexander, Ramgati, Lakshmipur 3730
Charshahi Basurhat Lakshmipur Motin Super Market, Charshahi, Lakshmipur Sadar, Lakshmipur
Dalal Bazar Lakshmipur Dalal Bazar, Lakshipur Sadar, Lakshmipur 3701
Haiderganj Lakshmipur Haiderganj, Raipur, Lakshmipur 3713
Lakshmipur Lakshmipur Lakshmipur Sadar, Lakshmipur 3700
Mandari Bazar Lakshmipur Mandari Bazar, Lakshmipur 3703
Raipur Lakshmipur Raipur, Lakshmipur 3710
Ramganj Lakshmipur Ramganj, Lakshmipur 3720
Aditmari Lalmonirhat Aditmari, Lalmonirhat 5510
Baura Lalmonirhat Baura, Patgram, Lalmonirhat 5541
Bhotemari Lalmonirhat Bhotemari, Kaliganj, Lalmonirhat 5520
Burimari Lalmonirhat Burimari, Patgram, Lalmonirhat 5542
Hatibanda Lalmonirhat Hatibanda, Lalmonirhat 5530
Kaliganj Lalmonirhat Karimpur, Kaliganj, Lalmonirhat 5520
Lalmonirhat Lalmonirhat Goshala Road, Lalmonirhat 5500
Patgram Lalmonirhat Patgram, Lalmonirhat 5540
Charmuguria Madaripur Charmuguria, Madaripur Sadar, Madaripur 7901
Kalkini Madaripur Kalkini, Madaripur 7920
Madaripur Madaripur Nutun Shahar, Main Sarak, Madaripur 7900
Mostafapur Madaripur Mostafapur, Madaripur 7904
Puran Bazar Madaripur Puran Bazar, Madaripur Sadar, Madaripur 7900
Shibchar Madaripur Hakim Plaza, Shibchar, Madaripur 7930
Arpara Magura Arpara, Shalikha, Magura 7620
Binodpur Magura Binodpur, Mohammadpur, Magura 7631
Gangarampur Magura Haritala, Shalikha, Magura 7620
Khamarpara Magura Khamarpara, Sreepur, Magura 7610
Langalbandh Magura Langalbandh, Sreepur, Magura 7611
Magura Magura Magura Sadar, Magura 7600
Mohammadpur Magura Mohammadpur, Magura 7630
Nakole Magura Nakole, Sreepur, Magura 7612
Naohata Magura Naohata, Mohammadpur, Magura 7632
Rajapur Magura Rajbangram, Mohammadpur, Magura 7632
Shimakhali Magura Shimakhali, Shalikha, Magura 7620
Singra Bazar Magura Singra Bazar, Shalikha, Magura 7620
Manikganj Manikganj 76-77 Shahid Rafiq Sarak, Manikganj 1800
South Jamshahat Manikganj South Jamsha High School Bhaban, Singair, Manikganj 1820
Bamundi Bazar Meherpur Bamundi, Gangni, Meherpur 7110
Meherpur Meherpur Meherpur Sadar, Meherpur 7100
Akatona Moulvibazar Barakapan, Moulvibazar Sadar, Moulvibazar 3201
Baralekha Moulvibazar Baralekha, Moulvibazar 3250
Bhanugach Moulvibazar Karamatnagar, Kamalganj, Moulvibazar 2321
Gararai Bazar Moulvibazar Gararai Bazar, Moulvibazar 3200
Jaifarnagar Moulvibazar Jaifar Nagar, Juri, Moulvibazar 3251
Juri Moulvibazar Juri, Moulvibazar 3251
Kazir Bazar Moulvibazar Kazir Bazar, Moulvibazar 3200
Kulaura Moulvibazar Kulaura, Moulvibazar 3230
Moulvibazar Moulvibazar Moulvibazar Sadar, Moulvibazar 3200
Rajnagar Moulvibazar Rajnagar, Moulvibazar 3240
Sreemangal Moulvibazar Sreemangal, Moulvibazar 3210
Abdullahpur Munshiganj Mirkadim, Tongibari, Munshiganj 1502
Betka Munshiganj Betkahat, Tongibari, Munshiganj 1521
Bhagyakul Munshiganj Bhagyakul, Sreenagar, Munshiganj 1556
Kamalaghat Munshiganj Mir Kadim, Munshiganj 1500
Munshiganj Munshiganj Munshiganj Sadar, Munshiganj
Subachani Bazar Munshiganj Salimpur, Tongibari, Munshiganj 1543
Tongibari Munshiganj Tongibari, Munshiganj 1520
Bhaluka Mymensingh Shahid Nazimuddin Road, Bhaluka, Mymensingh 2240
Charpara Mymensingh Albaraka Convension Center, Holding No 20/1, Charpara, Kotwali, Mymensingh 2200
Dhala Mymensingh Dhala, Trishal, Mymensingh 2223
Dhobaura Mymensingh Dhobaura, Mymensingh 2416
Gouripur Academy Centre Mymensingh Gouripur, Mymensingh 2270
Haluaghat Mymensingh Haluaghat, Mymensingh 2260
Ladies Mymensingh Mymensingh Sadar, Mymensingh 2200
Mukhi Mymensingh Mukhi, Moshakhali, Muktagachha, Mymensingh
Muktagachha Mymensingh Muktagachha, Mymensingh 2210
Munshirhat Mymensingh Munshir Hat, Dhoubaura, Mymensingh 2262
Mymensingh Mymensingh Durgabari Road, Mymensingh 2200
Mymensingh Cantonment Mymensingh Mymensingh Cantonment, Mymensingh 2200
Nandail Road Bazar Mymensingh Gangail, Nandail, Mymensingh 2291
Natun Bazar Mymensingh Nutun Bazar, Mymensingh Sadar, Mymensingh 2200
Shyamganj Mymensingh Shyamganj, Gouripur, Mymensingh 2411
Tarakanda Mymensingh Tarakanda, Mymensingh 2252
Agradigun Naogaon Agradigun, Dhamoirhat, Naogaon 6580
Atrai Naogaon Ahsanganj, Atrai, Naogaon 6596
Baidyapur Naogaon Baidyapur, Manda, Naogaon 6511
Bandaikhara Naogaon Bandaikhara, Atrai, Naogaon 6597
Chowmashia Bazar Naogaon Shahrastipur, Mahadebpur, Naogaon 6530
Deluabarihat Naogaon Kaligram, Manda, Naogaon 6511
Dhamoirhat Naogaon Dhamoir Hat, Naogaon 6580
Gaganpur Naogaon Gaganpur, Patnitala, Naogaon 6540
Gobarchapahat Naogaon Jabaripur, Badalgachhi, Naogaon 6570
Hapania Naogaon Chakathitha, Naogaon 6500
Jotebazar Naogaon Jotebazar, Manda, Naogaon 6511
Kazir More Naogaon Kazir More, Naogaon Sadar, Naogaon 6500
Madhuil Naogaon Madhuil, Patnitala, Naogaon 6561
Manda Naogaon Prasadpur, Manda, Naogaon 6510
Mangalbari Naogaon Mangalbari, Dhamairhat, Naogaon 6580
Naogaon Naogaon Naogaon Sadar, Naogaon 6500
Nazipur Naogaon Nazipur, Pathnitala, Naogaon 6540
Niamatpur Naogaon Niamatpur, Naogaon 6520
Nischintapur Naogaon Nischintapur, Sapahar, Naogaon 6560
Nithpur Naogaon Nithpur, Porsha, Naogaon 6550
Pattakata Naogaon Pattakata, Mahadebpur, Naogaon 6530
Sharashwatipur Naogaon Sharashwatipur, Mahadebpur, Naogaon 6530
Shibpur Naogaon Rasulpur, Patnitala, Naogaon 6540
Tilna Naogaon Tilna, Sapahar, Naogaon 6560
Bordia Narail Bordia, Kalia, Narail 7514
Lohagara Narail Lohagara, Narail 7511
Maizpara Narail Maddhya Palli, Narail 7500
Naldi Narail Naldi, Lohagara, Narail 7513
Narail Narail Narail Sadar, Narail 7500
Rupganj Bazar Narail Rupganj Bazar, Ratanganj, Narail 7501
Bandar Narayanganj Bandar, Narayanganj 1410
Bangabandhu Road Narayanganj GBB Bhaban, 40 Shayestakhan Road, Narayanganj 1400
BK Road Narayanganj B K Road, Narayanganj Sadar, Narayanganj 1400
Chowdhurygaon Bazar Narayanganj Chowdhury Bazar, Shambupara, Sonargoan, Narayanganj
Deobhoug Narayanganj 259 DP Road, Narayanganj 1400
Dharmatola Road Narayanganj 1 Nabab Salimullah Road, Narayanganj Sadar, Narayanganj 1400
Dredger Sangstha Narayanganj Dredger Organization, Narayanganj 1400
Fatulla Narayanganj Fatullah, Narayanganj 1420
Godnail Narayanganj LNC Mills, Siddhirganj, Narayanganj 1432
Gopaldi Bazar Narayanganj Gopaldi, Araihazar, Narayanganj 1451
Jalkuri Narayanganj 23/B TC Road, Siddhirganj, Narayanganj 1430
Kalir Bazar Narayanganj 69 AC Dhar Road, Kalir Bazar, Narayanganj 1400
Kanchpur Narayanganj Kanchpur, Sonargaon, Narayanganj 1430
Langal Bandha Narayanganj Madanpur, Bandar, Narayanganj 1410
Madanganj Narayanganj Madanganj, Bandar, Narayanganj 1414
Murapara Narayanganj Murapara, Rupganj, Narayanganj 1464
Nabiganj Narayanganj Nabiganj, Bandar, Narayanganj 1412
Netaiganj Narayanganj 23 RK Das Road, Netaiganj, Narayanganj 1400
Pagla Bazar Narayanganj Pagla, Fatullah, Narayanganj 1400
Panamnagar Narayanganj Bara Nagar, Sonargaon, Narayanganj 1441
Sonamia Market Narayanganj Adamjee Nagar, Siddhirganj, Narayanganj 1431
Sonargaon Narayanganj Uddabganj Bazar, Sonargaon, Narayanganj 1440
Syed Ali Chamber Narayanganj Narayanganj Sadar, Narayanganj 1400
Tanbazar Narayanganj Tanbazar, Narayanganj 1400
Atashali Bazar Narsingdi Nilokha Bazar, Raipura, Narsingdi 1630
Bashgari Bazar Narsingdi Bashgari Bazar, Raipura, Narsingdi 1630
Belabo Bazar Narsingdi Belabo Bazar, Belabo, Narsinghdi 1640
C&B Road Narsingdi Narsingdi Sadar, Narsingdi 1600
Ghorashal Narsingdi Ghorashal, Palash, Narsingdi 1613
Hasnabad Bazar Narsingdi Hasnabad Bazar, Raipura, Narsingdi 1631
Hatirdia Narsingdi Hatirdia, Manohardi, Narsingdi 1651
Joshar Bazar Narsingdi Joshar Bazar, Shibpur, Narsingdi 1630
Manohardi Narsingdi Manohardi, Narsingdi 1650
Narsingdi Narsingdi Narsingdi Sadar, Narsingdi 1600
Palash Narsingdi Palash, Narsingdi 1610
Shekherchar Narsingdi Shekher Char, Narsingdi 1603
Shibpur Narsingdi Shibpur, Narsingdi 1620
Sreerampur Bazar Narsingdi Sreerampur Bazar, Raipura, Narsingdi 1630
Velanagar Narsingdi Narsingdi Govt. College, Narsingdi 1602
Alaipur Natore Alaipur, Natore 6400
Bagatipara Natore Laxmanhati, Bagatipara, Natore 6410
Basudebpur Natore Baidyabelghoria, Natore Sadar, Natore 6402
Bildahar Natore Bildahar, Singra, Natore 6450
Bonpara Bazar Natore Kaikaur, Haroa, Baraigram, Natorea6430
Dayarampur Natore Dayarampur, Bagatipara, Natore 6431
Dhanaidaha Natore Panchbaria, Baraigram, Natore 6430
Dighapatia Natore Dighapatia, Natore 6401
Gurudaspur Natore Hat Gurudaspur, Gurudaspur, Natore 6440
Hatiandha Natore Lalor, Singra, Natore 6450
Jonail Natore Jonail, Baraigram, Natore 6430
Kachhikata Natore Kachhikata, Gurudaspur, Natore 6440
Kalam Natore Kalam, Singra, Natore 6450
Madhnagar Natore Madhnagar, Naldanga, Natore 6403
Moukhara Natore Nowparahat, Baraigram, Natore 6430
Natore Natore Natore Sadar, Natore 6400
Natore Academy Natore Natore Sadar, Natore 6400
Patuapara Natore Patuapara, Natore Sadar, Natore 6400
Rajapur Bazar Natore Rajapur Bazar, Baraigram, Natore 6430
Salampur Natore Salampur, Lalpur, Natore 6420
Singra Bazar Natore Singra Bazar, Singra, Natore 6450
Station Bazar Natore Station Bazar, Natore Sadar, Natore 6400
Jaria Janjail Netrokona Jaria Jhanjail, Purbadhala, Netrokona
Joynagar Netrokona Joynagar, Netrokona 2400
Mohanganj Netrokona Mohanganj, Netrokona 2446
Netrokona Netrokona Netrokona Sadar, Netrokona 2400
Satpai Netrokona Satpai, Netrokona Sadar, Netrokona 2400
Teligati Bazar Netrokona Teligati, Atpara, Netrokona 2470
Charaikhola Nilphamari Daroani Sotakal, Nilphamari 5300
Chilahati Nilphamari Chilahati, Domar, Nilphamari 5341
Domar Nilphamari Domar, Nilphamari 5340
Jaldhaka Nilphamari Rangpur-Dalia Road, Jaldhaka, Nilphamari 5330
Kaimari Nilphamari Kaimari, Jaldhaka, Nilphamari 5330
Nilphamari Nilphamari Nilphamari Sadar, Nilphamari 5300
Ramganj Nilphamari Ramganj, Nilphamari Sadar, Nilphamari 5300
Saidpur Nilphamari Saidpur, Nilphamari 5310
Basurhat Noakhali Bashurhat, Companyganj, Noakhali 3850
Chatarpaiya Noakhali Chatterpaiya, Senbagh, Noakhali 3864
Chatkhil Noakhali Chatkhil, Noakhali 3870
Chowmuhani Noakhali Chowmuhani, Begumganj, Noakhali 3821
Eidghah Aminbazar Noakhali Eidghah Amin Bazar, Sonaimuri, Noakhali 3836
Fakirhat Noakhali Fakirhat, Bizbagh, Senbag, Noakhali 3862
Golabaria Noakhali Chowmuhani, Begumganj, Noakhali 3821
Jamiderhat Noakhali Rahman Plaza, Jamidarhat Purbo Bazar, Begumganj, Noakhali 3825
Khilpara Noakhali Khilpara, Chatkhil, Noakhali 3872
Maijdee Court Noakhali Maijdee Court, Noakhali 3800
Oskhali Noakhali Oskhali, Hatiya, Noakhali 3890
Peshkerhat Noakhali Peskerhat, Companyganj, Noakhali 3850
Sebarhat Noakhali Sheberhat, Senbagh, Noakhali 3821
Senbagh Noakhali Senbagh, Noakhali 3860
Sonapur Noakhali Sonapur, Noakhali Sadar, Noakhali 3802
Ataikula Bazar Pabna Ataikula, Pabna 6600
Atua Pabna Atua, Pabna Sadar, Pabna 6600
Banagram Bazar Pabna Banagram Bazar, Ataikula, Pabna 6600
Bangladesh Ikkhu Gabeshana Institute Pabna Holding No. 550/540, Pabna Sarak, Ishwardi, Pabna
Bera Pabna Bera, Pabna 6680
Chatmohar Pabna Chatmohar, Pabna 6630
Dashuria Bazar Pabna Dashuria Bazar, Ishwardi, Pabna 6620
Demra Bazar Pabna Demra Bazar, Faridpur, Pabna 6650
Dulai Pabna Dulai, Sujanagar, Pabna 6660
Ishwardi Pabna Ishwardi, Pabna 6620
Kashinathpur Pabna Kashinathpur, Shathia, Pabna 6682
Mashundia Pabna Kalika Bari, Bera, Pabna 6682
Nurpur Pabna Nurpur, Pabna Sadar, Pabna 6600
Pabna Pabna Abdul Hamid Road, Pabna 6600
Pabna Bazar Pabna Hazi Md Mohsin Road, Pabna 6600
Pabna Municipality Pabna Court Road, Pabna 6600
Pakshi Pabna Pakshi, Ishwardi, Pabna 6622
Ruppur Pabna Shahapur, Ishwardi, Pabna 6622
Tebunia Pabna Tebunia, Pabna Sadar, Pabna 6600
Atwari Panchagarh Choto Dap Bazar, Atwari, Panchagarh 5040
Balarampur Panchagarh Boda, Atwari, Panchagarh 5010
Debiganj Panchagarh Debiganj, Panchagarh 5020
Fulbari Panchagarh Sundardighi, Debiganj, Panchagarh 5020
Panchagarh Panchagarh Panchagarh Sadar, Panchagarh 5000
Bauphal Patuakhali Bauphal, Patuakhali 8620
Dashmina Patuakhali Dashmina, Patuakhali 8630
Daspara Patuakhali Kalaya, Bauphal, Patuakhali 8624
Galachipa Patuakhali Galachipa, Patuakhali 8640
Khepupara Patuakhali Khepupara, Patuakhali 8650
Natun Bazar Patuakhali Natun Bazar, Patuakhali 8600
Patuakhali Patuakhali Karim Chamber, Puran Bazar, Patuakhali 8600
Subidkhali Patuakhali Subidkhali, Mirzaganj, Patuakhali 8610
Thanapara Patuakhali Thanapara, Patuakhali Sadar, Patuakhali 8600
Kawrikhara Pirojpur Kawrikhara, Nesarabad, Pirojpur 8522
Pirojpur Pirojpur Pirojpur Sadar, Pirojpur 8500
Baliakandi Rajbari Baliakandi, Rajbari 7730
Court Road Rajbari Rajbari Central Cooperative Super Market, Rajbari
Khankhanapur Rajbari Khankhanapur, Rajbari 7711
Naria Rajbari Narua Bazar, Baliakandi, Rajbari 7730
Pangsha Rajbari Pangsha, Rajbari 7720
Rajbari Rajbari Rajbari Sadar, Rajbari 7700
Arani Rajshahi Arani, Bagha, Rajshahi 6281
Baneshwar Rajshahi Baneshwar, Putia, Rajshahi 6260
Basudebpur Rajshahi Basudebpur, Godagari, Rajshahi 6290
Bhawaniganj Rajshahi Bhawaniganj, Bagmara, Rajshahi 6250
Birkutsha Rajshahi Birkutsha, Baghmara, Rajshahi 6250
Damkurahat Rajshahi Damkura Hat, Paba, Rajshahi 6210
Durgapur Rajshahi Durgapur, Rajshahi 6240
Godagari Rajshahi Godagari, Rajshahi 6290
Halidagachi Rajshahi Halidagachi, Charghat, Rajshahi 6271
Haragram Rajshahi Rajshahi Court, Rajpara, Rajshahi 6201
Hat Gangopara Rajshahi Hat Gangopara, Bagmara, Rajshahi 6250
Hetemkhan Rajshahi Boalia, Rajshahi 6000
Kadirganj Rajshahi Boalia, Rajshahi 6000
Kakanhat Rajshahi Kakonhat, Godagari, Rajshahi 6290
Katakhali Bazar Rajshahi Katakhali Bazar, Shyampur, Matihar, Rajshahi 6212
Lakshmipur Rajshahi Rajpara, Rajshahi 6000
Mohanganj Rajshahi Aliabad, Bagmara, Rajshahi 6251
Mohanpur Rajshahi Kardha Mohanpur, Mohanpur, Rajshahi 6220
Naohata Rajshahi Naohata, Paba, Rajshahi 6240
Nowdapara Rajshahi Sapura, Shah Makhdum, Rajshahi 6203
Premtali Rajshahi Premtali, Godagari, Rajshahi 6291
Puthia Rajshahi Puthia, Rajshahi 6260
Rajabarihat Rajshahi Rajabari Hat, Godagari, Rajshahi 6290
Rajshahi Rajshahi Monichattar, Saheb Bazar, Ghoramara, Boalia, Rajshahi 6100
Rajshahi Ladies Rajshahi Ghoramara, Boalia, Rajshahi 6100
Ranibazar Rajshahi Ghoramara, Boalia, Rajshahi 6100
Taherpur Rajshahi Taherpur, Baghmara, Rajshahi 6251
Tanore Rajshahi Tanore, Rajshahi 6230
Kaptai Rangamati Nutun Bazar, Kaptai, Rangamati 4530
Rangamati Rangamati Rangamati Sadar, Rangamati 4500
Alamnagar Rangpur Alamnagar, Rangpur 5402
Betgari Rangpur Betgari, Gongachara, Rangpur 5410
Chowdhurani Rangpur Chowdhurani, Pirgachha, Rangpur 5450
Gangachhara Rangpur Gangachhara, Rangpur 5410
Haragach Rangpur Haque Plaza, Haragach, Kaunia, Rangpur 5441
Kaunia Rangpur Kaunia, Rangpur 5440
Lalbagh Bazar Rangpur Alamnagar, Kotwali, Rangpur 5402
Madarganj Rangpur Gopigram, Pirganj, Rangpur 5470
Paglapir Bazar Rangpur Paglapir, Kotwali, Rangpur 5400
Pirganj Rangpur Pirganj, Rangpur 5470
Rangpur Rangpur Betpatty, Kotwali, Rangpur 5400
Shatibari Rangpur Shatibari, Mithapukur, Rangpur 5460
Shilpanagari Rangpur Upashahar, Rangpur 5401
Shyampur Rangpur Shyampur, Badarganj, Rangpur 5431
Agardari Satkhira Agardari, Satkhira 9400
Ashashuni Satkhira Ashashuni, Satkhira 9460
Bakal Satkhira Bakal, Satkhira Sadar, Satkhira 9400
Banshtala Bazar Satkhira Fatehpur, Kaliganj, Satkhira 9440
Brahmarajpur Satkhira Brahmarajpur, Satkhira 9400
Kaliganj Satkhira Kaliganj, Satkhira 9440
Patkelghata Satkhira Patkelghata, Tala, Satkhira 9421
Satkhira Satkhira Shahid Nazmul Sarani, Satkhira 9400
Satkhira Upazilla Complex Satkhira Satkhira Sadar, Satkhira 9400
Senergati Satkhira Senergati, Tala, Satkhira 9421
Shyamnagar Satkhira Nakipur, Shyamnagar, Satkhira 9450
Sultanpur Bazar Satkhira Sultanpur Bazar, Satkhira 9400
Tala Satkhira Barouihati, Tala, Satkhira
Uzirpur Bazar Satkhira Champaful, Kaliganj, Satkhira 9460
Bhedarganj Shariatpur Zaker Super Market, Bhedarganj Bazar, Shariatpur 8030
Bhojeshwar Shariatpur Bhojeshwar, Naria, Shariatpur 8021
Damudya Shariatpur Damudya, Shariatpur 8040
Gharishar Shariatpur Gharishar, Naria, Shariatpur 8022
Shariatpur Shariatpur Shariatpur Sadar, Shariatpur 8000
Chandrakona Sherpur Chandrakona, Nakla, Sherpur 2151
Jhagrarchar Sherpur Jhagrarchar, Sreebardi, Sherpur 2130
Jhenaigati Sherpur Jhenaigati, Sherpur 2120
Kamarerchar Sherpur Kamarer Char, Sherpur 2100
Nakla Sherpur Nakla, Sherpur 2150
Sherpur Sherpur Shahid Bulbul Sarak, Munshibazar, Sherpur 2100
Ajugara Sirajganj Gaberpara, Belkuchi, Sirajganj 6740
Bagbati Sirajganj Bagbati, Sirajganj 6700
Baghabarighat Sirajganj Baghabari Ghat, Shahzadpur, Sirajganj 6770
Baruhash Sirajganj Baruhash, Tarash, Sirajganj 6780
Daulatpur Sirajganj Shernagar, Belkuchi, Sirajganj 6740
Dhamaiz Sirajganj Dhamaiz, Tarash, Sirajganj 6780
Dhangara Sirajganj Dhangara, Raiganj, Sirajganj 6720
Dharail Hat Sirajganj Dharail Hat, Ullapara, Sirajganj 6760
Dhukuria Bera Sirajganj Dhukuria Bera, Belkuchi, Sirajganj 6740
Dubila Sirajganj Dubila, Tarash, Sirajganj 6780
Hatikumrul Sirajganj Rashidabad, Salanga, Sirajganj 6760
Jamtoil Bazar Sirajganj Baiddya Jamtoil, Kamarkhand, Sirajganj 6730
Kaijurihat Sirajganj Kaijurihat, Enyetpur, Sirajganj 6773
Khukni Sirajganj Khukni, Enayetpur, Sirajganj 6770
Masimpur Sirajganj Masimpur, Sirajganj Sadar, Sirajganj 6700
Randhunibari Sirajganj Randhunibari, Belkuchi, Sirajganj 6740
Salanga Sirajganj Salanga, Sirajganj 6721
SB Fazlul Haque Road Sirajganj S B Fazlul Haque Road, Sirajganj Sadar, Sirajganj 6700
Shahzadpur Sirajganj Shahzadpur, Sirajganj 6770
Shohagpur Sirajganj Shohagpur, Belkuchi, Sirajganj 6740
Sirajganj Sirajganj Sirajganj Sadar, Sirajganj 6700
Tamai Sirajganj Tamai, Belkuchi, Sirajganj 6740
Tarash Sirajganj Tarash, Sirajganj 6780
Ullapara Sirajganj Ullapara, Sirajganj 6760
Barafechi Bazar Sunamganj Barafechi Bazar, Jagannathpur, Sunamganj 3203
Chhatak Sunamganj Chhatak, Sunamganj 3080
Derai Sunamganj Derai, Sunamganj 3040
Gobindaganj Bazar Sunamganj Gobindaganj Bazar, Chhatak, Sunamganj 3083
Jagannathpur Sunamganj Jagannathpur, Sunamganj 3060
Jowabazar Sunamganj Jowabazar, Chhatak, Sunamganj 3084
Naya Bandar Sunamganj Zahirpur, Jagannathpur, Sunamganj 3127
Raniganj Bazar Sunamganj Raniganj Bazar, Jagannathpur, Sunamganj 3060
Sachna Bazar Sunamganj Sachna, Jamalganj, Sunamganj 3020
Shibganj Bazar Sunamganj Kubajpur, Jagannathpur, Sunamganj 3060
Sunamganj Sunamganj Sunamganj Sadar, Sunamganj 3000
Beanibazar Sylhet Beanibazar, Sylhet 3170
Bhadeswer Sylhet Mokam Bazar, Dakhin Bhadeswer, Golapganj, Sylhet 3162
Bishwanath Sylhet Hazi Abdul Gani Plaza, Rampasha Road, Bishwanath, Sylhet 3130
Burunga Bazar Sylhet Nizburunga, Osmani Nagar, Sylhet 3124
Companiganj Sylhet Companiganj, Sylhet 3140
Dhakadakshin Sylhet Dhakadakshin, Golapganj, Sylhet 3161
Fenchuganj Sylhet Fenchuganj, Sylhet 3116
Foreign Exchange Sylhet Dewan Complex, Airport Road, Ambarkhana, Sylhet 3100
Gangadia Kazir Bazar Sylhet Beanibazar, Sylhet 3170
Golapganj Sylhet A Wahab Plaza, Golapganj, Sylhet 3160
Jalalabad Sylhet Chamber Building, Jail Road, Sylhet 3100
Kalibari Bazar Sylhet Bahadurpur, Beanibazar, Sylhet 3171
Kanaighat Sylhet Kanaighat, Sylhet 3180
Kazitula Sylhet Manik Pir Road, Sylhet 3100
Kumargaon Sylhet Tuker Bazar, Jalalabad, Sylhet 3100
Sadipur Sylhet Begumpur, Osmani Nagar, Sylhet 3112
Shahjalal Upashahar Sylhet Sobhanighat, Sylhet 3100
Sheikhghat Sylhet Sylhet Sadar, Sylhet 3100
Sherpur Nutan Bazar Sylhet Aurangapur, Osmani Nagar, Sylhet 3203
Station Road Sylhet Station Road, South Surma, Sylhet 3100
Sylhet Sylhet Laldighirpar, Sylhet 3100
Tajpur Sylhet Tajpur, Osmani Nagar, Sylhet 3123
West Amura Sylhet Amniabazar, Golapganj, Sylhet 3160
Zakiganj Sylhet Madina Market, Ma Haque Chattar, Zakiganj, Sylhet 3190
Zinda Bazar Sylhet Jalalabad House, Zinda Bazar, Sylhet 3100
Ashekpur Tangail Ashekpur, Tangail Sadar, Tangail 1900
Aushnara Tangail Kakraid, Madhupur, Tangail 1996
Bhuapur Tangail Mourin Super Market, Bhuapur, Tangail 1960
Bus Terminal Tangail Bus Terminal, Bau Madrasha, Tangail 1900
Deopara Tangail Deopara, Ghatail, Tangail 1983
Dhalapara Tangail Dhalapara, Ghatail, Tangail 1983
Digor Tangail Kadamtoli Bazar, Ghatail, Tangail 1980
Durgapur Tangail Patal, Kalihati, Tangail 1970
Elenga Tangail Elenga, Kalihati, Tangail 1974
Ghatail Tangail Ghatail, Tangail 1980
Hamidpur Tangail Hamidpur, Ghatail, Tangail 1970
Kadimdhalla Tangail Kadimdhalla, Jamurki, Mirzapur, Tangail
Madhupur Tangail Madhupur, Tangail 1996
Nagarpur Tangail Nagarpur, Tangail 1936
Narandia Tangail Chairman Plaza, Narandia, Kalihati, Tangail 1977
Paiska Tangail Dhanbari, Tangail 1997
Patharghata Tangail Khaliajani, Mirzapur, Tangail 1940
Rasulpur Tangail Lohani Sagar Dighi, Ghatail, Tangail 1984
Tangail Tangail Main Road, Tangail 1900
Lahirihat Thakurgaon Lahiri, Baliadangi, Thakurgaon 5141
Pirganj Bazar Thakurgaon Pirganj, Thakurgaon 5110
Ranisankail Thakurgaon Ranisankail, Thakurgaon 5120
Ruhia Thakurgaon Ruhia, Thakurgaon Sadar, Thakurgaon 5103
Station Bazar Thakurgaon Station Bazar, Thakurgaon Road, Thakurgaon 5101
Thakurgaon Thakurgaon Thakurgaon Sadar, Thakurgaon 5100

About Janata Bank

After the liberation war of 1971, in order to rebuild the country's economy, measures had been taken to merge a number of banks previously operated in this region and make new banks and this initiatives led to formation of Janata Bank in 1972 by combining the erstwhile United Bank Limited and Union Bank Limited under the Banks Nationalization Order of 1972. In 15 November, 2007 Janata Bank got registered with the Joint Stock of Registrars and restructured it as a public limited company with the name Janata Bank Limited. Including 4 overseas branches in United Arab Emirates, Janata Bank runs its business with 904 branches across the country.


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BDT Exchange Rates
CurrencyRate (৳)
US Dollar US Dollar (USD) 109.75
Euro Euro (EUR) 118.40
British Pound British Pound (GBP) 138.61
Australian Dollar Australian Dollar (AUD) 71.57
Canadian Dollar Canadian Dollar (CAD) 81.04
Swiss Franc Swiss Franc (CHF) 121.66
Japanese Yen Japanese Yen (JPY) 0.73
Saudi Arabian Riyal Saudi Arabian Riyal (SAR) 29.24
Indian Rupee Indian Rupee (INR) 1.32
Thai Baht Thai Baht (THB) 3.02
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